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Plasma Tube
This tube contains Sodium Heparin / Lithium Heparin -- used for collection of heparinized plasma or whole blood for special tests.
BrandTUDTagsPlasma, Heparin, blood collection tube
Plain Tube
This tube is a plain containing no anticoagulant -- used for collection of serum for selected chemistry tests as well as clotted blood for immuno-hematology.
BrandTUDTagsSerum, No additive, blood collection tube
EDTA Tubes
This tube contains K2EDTA / K3EDTA as an anticoagulant -- used for most hematological procedures.
BrandTUDTagsEDTA blood collection tube
Glucose Tube
This tube contains potassium oxalate / Sodium Fluoride as an anticoagulant and sodium fluoride as a preservative -- used to preserve glucose in whole blood and for some special chemistry tests.
BrandTUDTagsNaF, Blood Collection Tube, glucose
Resulting from a collaboration with a top Malaysian architect, our Accura Collection combines the timeless beauty of Teak Wood with the strength and resiliency of Stainless Steel to produce stunning designs and high performance furniture. Perfect for heavy duty outdoor use in a residential or a comm...
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Our Eiffel Collection combines the strength, durability, elegance qualities of Stainless Steel with the high performance Batyline® Textile. Batyline® textiles offers optimal lounging comfort and exceptional resistance to dirt, mould, mildew and is quick drying - making it suitable both for the bea...
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Our marina collection is inspired by the seafaring culture of Southeast Asia and boat building - one of the oldest branches of engineering. This multipurpose desk is based on a keel sailboat design with plank on frame construction. Ample storage available with sliding doors. Crafted by master crafts...
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