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Pure PTFE Packing
Pure PTFE Packing HEROO-550 Braided from pure PTFE yarn without any lubrication. It is soft, mainly for static sealing. HEROO-550P=HEROO-550 + PTFE Impregnation APPLICATION: Designed for valves and lower shaft speed applications under medial pressure in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper mills,...
BrandHEROOSTagsPure PTFE Packing
DZ260D Single Chamber Food Vacuum Packing Machine
china coal 0001 Introduction of DZ260D single chamber food vaccum packing machine DZ260D single chamber food vaccum packing machine are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods such as food products like cheese and meat whose extension of shelf life is desired. It remove the air from...
Brandchina coalTagsvacuum packing machine,single chamber vacuum packing machine
Pickled food packing filing sealing machine with high accuracy
Scope of application: This packing system is fit for the pickle food packaging such as mustard, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, dried radish, ginger, jellyfish, fish sauce, and other quantitative packaging of other preserved vegetables. Technical data: Working station: 6 working stations Bag opening ---do...
BrandBETATagssliced vegetable packing machine, pickled packaging machinery, pickles packing design, dried radish packing equipment.
Food Weighing Packing System
1.The units: *large vertical automatic packaging machine. *mulithead weigher *working platform *z type material conveyer *vibration feeder *finished products conveyer+ check weigher 2.Features: *Fully-automatically complete all the process from feeding,weighing,filling and bag-making,date-printing t...
BrandhitecpackTagspackaging machine,vertical packer,multihead weigher,food packaging machine
Vertical forming filling and sealing machinery snack food packing equipment
...r, etc. Equiped with multi head weigher----multi head weighing,filling and packing system,suitable to pack granule material and snack food Equiped with auger filler------automatic powder filling and packing system, suitable to pack powder material. Equiped with volumetric cup-----automatic packing s...
BrandBETATagsbagging machine,vertical packing machine,vertical packaging machine,form fill seal machine,forming filling sealing machine,food packaging machine,food pack machine,food package machine
Automatic snack food packaging machinery filling sealing equipment
APPLICATION: the automatic packing machine is quite suitable for the package of snack food such as potato chips, pet food, small biscuits, cake, candy, chocolate, etc. it is a multifunction type packing equipment with high accuracy and easy to operate. Very common and widely used in food industrial ...
BrandBETATagspotato chips packing design, pet food plastic bag making equipment, snack food packing machine, automatic foodstuff filling sealing machine
food metal detector
Metal Safe” metal detector is two channels high sensitive metal detector designed with advanced technology and signal processing method, using latest DDS(direct digital synthesizer) and DSP(digital signal processor) in hardware, combined with advanced detecting algorithm, self-study and full digit...
BrandfsTagspacking machinery parts
Granular Packing Solution
...chine fully cooperation with each other through signal cable connection 3. Packing line wide application to different kind of products weighting and packing process 4. All machines in solid design , stalbe electrical component , friendly operation interface . Granular Products Packaging Line . The t...
BrandWISPACTagschips packing machine, food products weighting and packing machine, food packing line
Automatic beans nuts bag forming filling sealing packing machine
Application: This packing machine is automatic bag forming filling sealing machine, widely used for the automatic big pouch package of granular like material such as sugar, beans, nuts, rice, activated carbon,etc. Flowing Process: Bag forming-->Dosage-->filling-->sealing -->cutting and output Main p...
BrandBetaTagsautomatic beans nuts packing design system, snack food packing equipment, granule food stuff packing machinery
Sachet Feeder
...ght : 85kg Single phase: 50HZ Power: 220VAC 800W Dimension: 535*560*1600mm Packing: Wooden Case
BrandfsTagsinstant noodle packing machine,seasoning packets dispenser,automatic dispensing machine for noodle line
DZ1000C continuous vacuum packing machine
...0V, 380-460v / 50-60hz Vacuum density < -0.00094mpa Seal rod size 1000x8mm Packing speed is 6 times/min The pumping frequency is 15/s Machine size (mm)1740 * 1360 * 1300 The machine weighs about 500 kilograms
Brandchina coalTagscontinuous vacuum packing machine
packing machine for chips/granuals/partilces
The packing machine is controlled digital display panel with senser connceted to the machine, is able to work with Synchronization for bags length, air-filling, Cursor-check and self-diagnosis for faults. Performance: The machine combines bags-filling, packing, sealing, air-attaching and volumic-met...
BrandhwlTagspacking machine
Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
... Guarantee: 1 year gurantee Delivery time: 5-10 days Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Introduction Double chamber vacuum packing machine is specially designed for packaging & sealing not only food, fruit, vegetable, medicine, but also silver jewelry, antiques etc. Double chamber vacuum machine ...
BrandAmisyTagsDouble chamber vacuum packaging machine,food packaging machines,vacuum packing machine,automatic vacuum packing machine
acking  Nomex Fiber Packing
Nomex Fiber Packing HEROOS-520N Braided from high quality Dupont spun Nomex yarns with PTFE-Impregnation and lubricant additive. High cross-sectional density and structural strength, good sliding characteristic, gentle on shaft surfaces. Compared to Kevlar, it do not hurt shaft, also ideal for food ...
BrandHEROOSTagsacking Nomex Fiber Packing
Graphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing
Graphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing HEROOS-520G Spun Aramid packing impregnated with graphite. No harm to shaft, still wearable, good heat conduction. APPLICATION: It is a universal packing which can be used for pumps in all types of industry such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and...
BrandHEROOSTagsGraphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing
ps food container machine
... Through vacuum hot forming , PS foam sheet can be made into many kinds of packing container , like tray of fish,vegetable,fruit and meat, fast meal box,bowl ,plate and so on.skype:jenny198467
BrandGRANDPLASTagsps foam food container machine,ps food container machine,disposable food container machine, foam food box machine
Nuts packing machine filling sealing equipment
APPLICATIONS Be used for packing grain material in field of food, medicine and chemical such as oatmeal, beans, nuts, sugar, salt, rice, dates, walnuts, almond, and so on, FEATURES 1 Bag form method: 3 side seal, 4 side seal, back side seal 2 All the works of bag-making,measring,filling,sealing,cutt...
BrandBETATagsnuts packing machine, grains packaging machinery, snack packing machines, food pack machines
Carbonized Fiber Packing
Carbonized Fiber Packing HEROOS-510 Description:Braided from shrink-proof synthetic fiber impregnated with PTFE, silicon-oil-free, which is oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber. Compared to traditional carbon fiber packing, it is not brittle, can suited for high peripheral speeds and food industries. Ox...
BrandHEROOSTagsCarbonized Fiber Packing
Automatic potato chips packing machine snack foodstuff packing machinery
...(4,10,14 heads)weigher, a support platform with staircase, a vertical type packing machine, a discharge conveyor. The line features stainless steel versions of critical components and is ideally suitable fro packing dry, non-fragile products into a wide range of pack styles, using many different kin...
BrandBETATagssnack food packing system, snack packaging system,snack food packing machines, snack food pack machine,potato chips packing machine
White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners
White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners HEROOS-526 Description:Multi-yarn packing, the corners of packing are made of aramid yarns impregnated with PTFE, while the friction faces are made of pure PTFE yarns. This structure enhances the lubrication ability of aramid fiber and improves the strength of ...
BrandHEROOSTagsWhite PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners