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Productswet strength paper chemicals

wet strength paper chemicals
Wet strength paper chemicals Wet strength paper chemicals is a cationic, water-soluble, and heat convertible polyamide Polyamine Epichlorhydrin resin. It doesn’t contain methanal. The result of the detection by the National Light Industry Institute of paper quality supervision and detection center...
BrandjiayunTagspaper chemicals,wet strength,pae wet strength agent,water treatment

Productssurface sizing agent

surface sizing agent
Surface sizing agent Product feature 1. It can completely or partly replace interinal sizing agent,clean paper making environment,reduce the production cost. 2. It can greatly reduce the paper powder production,improve the printing adaptability and surface strength. 1. Excellent mechanical stability...
BrandjiayunTagspaper chemicals

ProductsDry Strength agent 26590-05-6

Dry Strength agent 26590-05-6
...ce sizing agent,rosin sizing agent,release,defoamer,and other paper making chemicals.
BrandjiayunTagsDry Strength agent,26590-05-6,paper chemicals

Productsdefond defoamer

defond defoamer
High alcohol defoaming agent used in paper making industry: production process of box board paper, whiteboard paper, corrugated paper, newsprint paper and various cultural paper;Other processes that can not use organic silicon. It is better performance and lower prices, suitable for below 40 ℃ tem...

ProductsAKD Emulsion TKJ-001

AKD Emulsion TKJ-001
AKD Emulsion TKJ-001 Product description: AKD emulsion TKJ-001 is a kind of alkyl ketene dimmers emulsion with positive charge. It is a fiber reactive sizing agent used in alkaline paper making. Applicable scope: It is widely used in neutral sizing for art base paper, electrostatic printing base pap...
BrandTiankaiTagspapermaking chemical, AKD emulsion

ProductsCobalt free six dots humidity indicator card

Cobalt free six dots humidity indicator card
...ace of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Type:Indicator Usage:Electronics Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Industrial Packing, Electronic Components, Instrumentation Packing Brand Name:Topcod Name:Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card, Paper, Sheet, Label, Sticker(HIC) Indicator value:Depend on The Dot Th...
BrandTopcodTagshumidity indicator card

ProductsAKD WAX for paper sizing agent

AKD WAX for paper sizing agent
Our AKD WAX is pale yellow waxy flake solid which is widely used in the paper industry as sizing agent. Assay: 85% min. Iodine Value: 43.0 min. Acid Value: 3.5 max. Melting Point: 47degree celsius min.

ProductsMicrosilica Grade NR95

Microsilica Grade NR95
Newreach Microsilica Grade NR95 is dry silica fume available in two main forms: g Undensified -NR95U,with a typical bulk density of 200350kg/m3 g Densified-NR95D, with a typical bulk density of 500-700kg/m3 (1)Undensified-NR95Dpackage is: 550kg Jumbo bags 25kg paper or plastic bags (2)Densified-NR95...
BrandNewreachTagsmicrosilica, silica fume, nanosilica

ProductsBentonite Montmorillonite Container Desiccant

Bentonite Montmorillonite Container Desiccant
Composition: Bentonite Clay (95% Montmorillonite) Appearance:Grey or grey red Irregular granules Formula: 2Al2O3·8SiO2·2H2O Material: compound paper , also can be packed with non-woven paper , filter paper, tyvek paper, OPP paper, etc. Weight: 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 50g,80g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1000g ...
BrandGophinTagsbentonite desiccant, Montmorillonite Desiccant , bentonite, clay desiccant, container desiccant

ProductsPPE wet strength agent

PPE wet strength agent
...riate. 3. The adding point is generally pulp tank. Do not add with anionic chemicals simultaneously. Package, transportation and storage 1.Wet strengthen agent for high polymer, is suitable for indoor storage, not near a heat source or sunlight exposure.And it could not be stored for a long time aft...
BrandjiayunTagsPPE wet strength agent,ppe resin,paper chemicals,strenght agent,dry,water treatment

ProductsHot melt adhesive glue for hand paper bag

Hot melt adhesive glue for hand paper bag
Adhesive for handle bag, Plastic Bag, box packing, label, paper, wood, plastic and non-woven good and so on. Appearance: white granule Softening point (R&B): 85±2℃ Open time: 15—20s Setting time: 10—15s Viscosity:3000±500CPs/165℃ Suggested running temperature: 165-175℃
BrandHaojingTagspaper bag, hand bag,hot melt adhesive glue

ProductsNatural Formaldehyde-free Eco-board

Natural Formaldehyde-free Eco-board
  Ecological board , also known as melamine stick board, the full name is melamine impregnated paper veneer plywood .It puts the paper with different colors or textures into the eco-board soaked by the resin adhesive , then dried to a certain curing degree, paved on the surface of particleboard ...

ProductsIndustrial Nitrocellulose

Industrial Nitrocellulose
Nitrocellulose is widely used to manufacture nitro-lacquers, paints, varnished paper, varnished cloth,  stencils, filter paper, ink, solid alcohol & decorative materials, graphite, coated cloth, bottleneck seal cartridges, adhesives, leather oil, nail polish, ester-sol...
BrandYUANCHEMTagsNitrocellulose, Cellulose Nitrate, Collodion

ProductsSolid surface sizing agent

Solid surface sizing agent
Solid surface sizing agent MF9800 Product features MF9800 is a new and high efficient cross-linking of starch sizing agent for corrugated paper surface sizing. MF9800 is added to starch and produce cross-linking reaction with starch, grafted the starch molecules into the hydrophobic groups,thereby e...
BrandjiayunTagsSolid surface sizing agent,solid size,paper chemicals

ProductsDry strength agent

Dry strength agent
Dry strength agent Product introduction Dry strength agent can be widely used in papermaking of packaging paper, household paper, newsprint, cultural paper and other paper. It can effectively improve the paper folding strength, bursting strength, stiffness, ring crush strength and so on. On papermak...
BrandjiayunTagsDry strength agent,paper chemicals,water treatment,chemicals resin

ProductsSilica Gel Prepackaged Packets Sachets

Silica Gel Prepackaged Packets Sachets
Weight: 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 15g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1000g, 2000g...etc. Material: Non-woven Paper, Tyvek, Textured paper, Epworth paper...etc. Remark: We accept customize weight, printing, material.
BrandGophinTagssilica gel desiccant, silica gel packets, silica gel package, silica gel sachets, silica gel bag

ProductsRubber Accelerator CBS

Rubber Accelerator CBS
Application: A medium fast primary accelerator suitable for NR, IR, SBR, NBR, HR and EPDM. An outstanding delayed action accelerator. Be top effective and safe when used at ordinary processing temperatures, causing no scorches. Vulcanized show excellent physical property and quick complete. Usually ...
BrandxinxiangyuanyeTagsrubber accelerator

ProductsAlkyl ketene dimer sizing agent

Alkyl ketene dimer sizing agent
...ce sizing agent,rosin sizing agent,release,defoamer,and other paper making chemicals.
BrandjiayunTagsAlkyl ketene dimer,AKD,akd sizing agent,akd emulsion,Alkyl ketene dimer emulsion

ProductsSurface Sizing Agent for Packaging Paper TKB-503

Surface Sizing Agent for Packaging Paper TKB-503
Surface Sizing Agent for Packaging Paper TKB-503 Chemical composition: styrene-acryl ate emulsion Application: used in the surface sizing system of paper and paper board. Product characteristics: 1.Good compatibility. It is compatible with anionic, non-ionic additives, CMC, PVA, oxidized starch, dye...
BrandTiankaiTagspapermaking chemical, surface sizing, packaging paper

ProductsBond Paper

Bond Paper
...hey are soft, smooth, and have a white color. Their surface is coated with chemicals that can change the color of the paper. After the client completes their banking transaction using the touch screen or keyboard, like withdrawing money, the ATM prints out a receipt of the transaction on thermal pap...
BrandAsianat Bond paperTagsATM Paper
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