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butterfly laser
Description: Wavelengh 1392±0.10nm, power ≥ 10mw, 14-pin butterfly package built-in optical isolator and thermoelectric cooler. 1.00+0.10m single-mode pigtail with 900um tight tube, no connector. PIN 14: LD anode.
BrandZGTagslaser, butterfly
Grin lens Gradient index lens
...ncy ● Great Numerical Aperture Main Applications ● Coupling the ray of LD or LED into the fiber ● Coupling between semiconductor pumped laser focus and optical fiber Packaging & Delivery Packing :Plastic conta/Carton Delivery Lead Time : 60 days for OEM, 7 days for ready goods
BrandFemtoTagsg lens grin lens collimator lens
10G SFP+ BIDI 10KM 20KM Transceiver
.... Up to 10Gb/s, Distance up to 60km. Specifications P/N Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI GBP-XXXX192-LRC 10Gbps 10km DFB PIN Y GBP-XXXX192-L2C 10Gbps 20km DFB PIN  Y GBP-XXXX192-ERC 10Gbps  40km  DFB   PIN    Y GBP-XXXX192-E5C 10Gbps 50km DFB  APD Y
BrandN/ATagsOptical Transceiver
...km with signaling rates up to 10Gbps. Specification P/N Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI GBX-XXXX192-LRC 10Gbps 10km DFB PIN Y GBX-XXXX192-L2C 10Gbps 20km DFB PIN Y GBX-XXXX192-ERC 10Gbps 40km DFB PIN Y GBX-XXXX192-E5C 10Gbps 50km DFB APD Y
GLC-LH-SM Compatible SFP Transceiver 1310nm 20km DDM
1.25Gb/s 20KM SFP Transceiver Hot Pluggable, Duplex LC, +3.3V, 1310nm, DFB-LD, SMF 20KM DDM 0~70C FEATURES: Up to 1.25Gb/s Data Links  Hot-Pluggable Duplex LC connector Up to 20km on 9/125μm SMF 1310nm DFB laser transmitter  Single +3.3V Power Supply Low power dissipation
BrandWareXTagsGLC-LH-SM, SFP Transceiver, transceiver module, compatible transceiver
...ant to IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-BX Digital Diagnostic Function/DOM 1330 nm DFB LD Transmitter 1270 nm Receiver Distance Up to 10, 20, 40 km 2-Wire Interface for Integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring RoHS Compliant Ordering information: BIDI X2 is based on X2 to SFP+ converter and BIDI SFP+ BIDI XENPA...
BrandeoptolinkTagsBIDI X2
Lower Price Optical Light Source
...m 850/1310/ 1550nm 1300/1310/ 1550nm 850/1300/ 1310/1550nm Emitter Type FP-LD,LED or others please specify Output Power(dBm) -6~-7(1310/1550nm),>0 (650nm) Spectral Width(nm) Output Stability +0.05dB/15mins; +0.1dB/ 8hours Modulation Frequencies CW / 2(650nm) / 270, 1K,2K (1310nm/1550nm) Optical Conn...
BrandSharingtekTagsOptical Light Source, lower price FTTH tools
...e Channel 1X SM-LC-L FC-PI 18 Wavelength (λ): 1270 nm to 1610 nm CWDM DFB LD Transmitter Up to 41dB/1G, 35dB/2.67G, 47dB/100MB Power Budget at Least AC/AC Coupling according to MSA Single +3.3 V Power Supply RoHS Compliant 0 to 70oC or -40 to 85oC operation temperature range. Class 1 Laser Internat...
BrandEOPTOLINKTagsCWDM SFP, CWDM transceiver, CWDM modules
...mum Link Length of 80 km at 10.3125Gb/s Uncooled 18-λ CWDM DFB/cooled EML LD: from 1270 nm to 1610 nm Power Budget up to 10dB, 14dB, 16dB, 23 dB SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostic Function AC/AC Coupling according to MSA Single +3.3 V Power Supply RoHS 6/6 Compliant Class 1 Laser International Safety Stan...