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Electric contact pressure Gauge
Electric contact pressure Gauge Description : YX-60/100/150 electrical contacts presuure gauge is used for the measurement of liquide gas or steam pressure or negative pressure that Donot corrode copper and steel and their alloys , and when the pressure reaches a predetermined value, the control cir...
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Electric control box for refrigerant unit
...n. Easy-to operate, stable and reliable performance. ESK-10 is a diffusive Electric Control Box with rather high performance versus price ratio 2.Main functions and parameters: ◆Power supply: Three-phase five-wire (or three-phase four-wire), 380 VAC ±10%, 50Hz ◆Technical parameters: ◇Temperat...
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DSHD-0131 Multifunctional Digital Control Electric Compaction Tester
...Mixture for Highway Engineering. DSHD-0131 Multifunctional Digital Control Electric Compaction Tester is used for light compaction test or heavy compaction test in the highway construction. 2:The instrument is a new microprocessor controlled intelligent heavy electric compaction tester. The instrume...
BrandDshingTagsMarshall Electric Compaction Tester, Multifunctional Digital Control Electric Compaction Tester
FDR-1801 Carbon residue tester (electric furnace method)
Application range Electric furnace process carbon residue tester is designed and manufactured according to The requirements specified by The The The National Petrochemical industry standard SH/TO170 petroleum products Determination of carbon residue (electric furnace method), applicable to The deter...
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SY-84 cement quickly curing cabinet
...uld) 2. Times control range:0-24h 3. Temperature control range:0-100℃ 4. Electric heating ower:1000W 5. Net weight:30kg
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Petroleum products moisture analyzer FDR-1511
...t mixing, and its water content was measured by distillation. Features The electric sets heating, security no open flame 2, glass test tubes meet The standard requirements 3, high-power solid-state regulator control fever sets Potentiometer to adjust The Heating rate 5, two units work, suitable for ...
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BF-09 Carbon residual tester
BF-09 Carbon Residue Tester (Electric Stove Method) 1. Performance and Characteristics Metal bath with four holes; digital temperature controller. 2. Technical Parameters Working power AC 220V 50HZ Heating power 1800W Thermocouple K-type 1 Temperature range room temperature~540°C Temperature contro...
BrandNorth DalianTagsCarbon residual tester
Differential pressure transmitter HPT-8
...o pressure can be measured Application The oil industry, chemical industry,Electric power. Wind pressure and wind speed purification engineering Industrial process control Automation equipment
BrandShenzhen HaohuaTagsDifferential pressure transmitter
Accelerating curing box for concrete
...meters: 1,Internal dimensions: 800×580×400mm 2,Operating voltage: 380V 3,Electric heating power: single group 3KW 3×3KW 4,Range of temperature control: Normal temperature~100℃ 5,Available 150×150mm 2 Groups\\100×100mm 3 Groups
BrandobrkTagsAccelerating curing box
FDR-0231Automatic saturated vapor pressure tester (Reid method)
...dwich cooler filled with insulation material, bath installed The main shop electric heater and electric stirring device, The bath temperature maintained at 37.8 ° C ± 0.1 ° C above The bath equipped with a placement test bomb bracket, one can put two only test bomb. 3, The temperature control dev...
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Electric contact pressure gauge
Description: YX Electric contact pressure gauge is mainly used for controlling pressure and alarming in automatic process industry. When measured pressure reaches rated value, it can output signals to operate auto-controlling and alarming.It is suitable for measuring pressure of gas or liquid that d...
BrandYunyiTagsElectric contact pressure gauge
Digital Pressure transmitter HPT-1
...djustable Pressure Unit. Applications: The oil industry, chemical industry,Electric power. Hydraulic pressure system,Pneumatic system Energy and Water treatment system. Automation equipment Industrial process control Performance parameters Pressure range -0.1~250MPa Pressure type Gauge pressure,Abso...
BrandShenzhen HuatianTagsDigital Pressure transmitter
Saturated vapor pressure tester (Reid method) FDR-0201
...for insulation material filling sandwich cooler of installed The main shop electric heater and electric bath mixing device, The bath temperature remains 37.8 °C± 0.1°C, The bath is installed above The bracket of The placement test bomb, put two only test bomb. 3, The temperature control device: t...
BrandchangshafriendtesterTagsSaturated vapor pressure tester
Kinematic viscoity tester  FDT-0401
... integrated machine design, instrumentation good integrity, easy to use. 4 electric stirring device, a uniform temperature in The bath tub Specifications 1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5%. 2 heating power: two tranches, 1000W +650 W. 3, mixing motor: power 6W; speed 1200r/min. 4, Measuring ...
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Digital pressure gauge/Level controller	HPC-2000
... functions. High sensitivity, high precision. Compelety replacement of the electric contact pressure gauge. Application: The oil industry, chemical industry,Electric power. Environmental protection and water treatment. Industrial automation equipment. In the field of process control to monitor and d...
BrandShenzhen HuatianTagsDigital pressure gauge/Level controller
Flat diaphragm pressure transmitter  HPT-9
...r sanitory environment; Applications: The oil industry, chemical industry, Electric power. Hydrautlic pressure system, pneumatic system. Energy and water treatment system. Automation equipment. Industrial process control. Pressure range -0.1~60MPa Pressure type Gauge pressure,Absolute pressure Outpu...
BrandShenzhen HuatianTagsFlat diaphragm pressure transmitter
Customized Borehole Camera
Introduction Main box: ABS host, 220 V or customized Winch: Electric-Manual Winch(Could be used as electric or manual). Display: 7-17 inches high brightness LED display. Video system: SD card video Rotating probe: Circle rotate 360 degrees, horizontal 180 degrees Depth counter: Accurate to 0.05 m de...
BrandDshingTagsborehole camera; borehole CCTV; Downhole camera
Integrated Temperature transmitter
...nstruments. Application: Petrochemical/textile, rubber, building material /electric power/metallurgy/explosives/food and other industrial control areas. Parameter: Output:HART/4~20mA,Pruofibus-PA,Foundation Fieldbus Input: RTD, TC, mV, Ω Temperature:-40~85°C Degree of protection:dustproof, waterpr...
BrandAmple techTagstemperature transmitter,transmitter,pressure.meter,intelligent transmitter
Anticorrosion differential pressure transmitter HPT-7
...of methods of pressure. Applications: The oil industry, chemical industry, Electric power. Hydrautlic pressure system, pneumatic system. Energy and water treatment system. Automation equipment. Industrial process control. Performance parameters Pressure range 0~7MPa Pressure mode Differential pressu...
BrandShenzhen HuatianTagsdifferential pressure transmitter
CHR4200 differential pressure transmitter
...ement points, or on the control panel ,and it is the ideal alternative for electric contact pressure gauge. The product has accurate measurement, reliable controlling, multiple power supply, the output signal is optional. It is widely used in differential pressure measurement and control of the flui...
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