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Whole wet and dried salted donkey hides
We are suppliers of hides and skins such as donkey hides, wet salted cow skin, wet blue cow skin, dry salted cow skin, wet salted cow head skin, wet salted sheep skin, wet blue sheep skin, dry salted sheep skin, pickled sheep skin, wet salted merino sheep skin, wet salted goat skin, Please contact f...
BrandAnimal SkinTagsDonkey Skin
Whole Dried Donkey Skin
We have Ready stock for Wet and dry salted and Unsalted Cow hide, Donkey Hide, Goat skin , Rabbit skin, sheep skin etc with best No hump, no brands, no grubs, no ticks, trimmed Simmental, Angus and Hereford breeds Weight: 31 to 40 kgs Average weight: approx. 35 kgs Thickness: min. 4.5 mm Selection: ...
BrandDonkey SkinTagsAnimal Skins