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Yiphos 2105, antioxidant for PU,PVC
Yiphos 2105 is a special diphosphite which is useful as a secondary stabilizer in many polymers, including PVC (flexible & rigid), polyurethane and other polymers.
BrandZhiyiTagsTetraphenyl Dipropylene Glycol Phosphite,liquid phosphite antioxidant,For polymers and PU,PVC
Yiphos 2010W, Phenol-Free Phosphite Antioxidants
Yiphos 2010 is the phenol-free and nonyphenol-free phosphite antioxidant, environmentally friendly. It can provide excellent processing heat stability. It is widely used in PVC,ABS,SBR,CR,PU etc.
BrandZhiyiTagsTridecyl Phosphite,Phenol-Free Phosphite Antioxidants, Liquid,Widely used in PVC,ABS,SBR,CR,PU
YISTAB 292 Ultraviolet Absorber UV 292
Yistab 292 is hindered amine liquid light stabilizer. The characteristics are low volatility and good compatibility. It can improve the life of polymer material effectively. It prevents surface cracking and protects the luster. It is suitable for polyurethane, thermoplastic arylic, thermosetting acr...
BrandZhiyiTagsliquid light stabilizer,hindered amin light stabilizer
YISTAB UV-1 ultraviolet absorber
Yistab UV-1 is liquid formamidline ultraviolet absorber. The effective UV absorptivity is in the range 240-350nm. The peak absorption is 308nm. It can almost entirely absorb the ultraviolet radiation in the range 300-330. The polyurethane is easy to degrade due to the radiation of this wave range. S...
BrandZhiyiTagsuv absorber, uv-1
yiphos3019- phosphite antioxidant,phenol free
YIPHOS3019 is very suitable for the polymer application which requires high temperature process because of its properties of pentaerythritol structure and high molecular weight. It contains diphosphite structure and the content of alkyl trivalent phosphorus is higher, so the antioxidation effect is ...
BrandZhiyiTagsphosphite antioxidant,phenol free,environmentally friendly
Yiphos 2103, antioxidant for Polyurethane
Yiphos 2103 is a secondary antioxidant for organic polymers. It is an effective liquid polymeric phosphite for many types of diverse polymer applications including PVC, ABS, Polyurethanes, Polycarbonates and coatings to provide improved color and heat stability during processing and in the end appli...
BrandZhiyiTagsPoly (dipropylene glycol) phenyl phosphite,liquid phosphite antioxidant,For PU, polyurethane
Yinox 430(300/TBM-6),antioxidant
Yinox 430 is used as an antioxidant in HDPE and LDPE for water and gas pipes and high voltage cables. Yinox 430 has high resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation and wash-out, exhibits excellent compatibility with peroxides and exhibits great synergism with carbon black. Yinox 430 is also used as ...
BrandZhiyiTags4,4'-Thiobis(2-t-butyl-5-methylphenol),98% phenolic antioxidant, stabilizer,antioxidant for HDPE,LDPE,PP,ABS,PVC,EPDM elastomers and polybutadienes.
Yiphos 3010W, Phenol-Free Phosphite Antioxidants
Yiphos 3010W Properies Liquid antioxidant at normal emperature, ease of handling No free phenol residue, environmentally friendly Active phosphorus content ≥12%, less dosage Pentaerythritol spiro structure, excellent thermal resistance Outstanding color improvement and long-term stability Yiphos 3...
BrandZhiyiTagsDiisodecyl Pentaerythritol Diphosphite,Phenol-Free Phosphite Antioxidants
Yinox 235/1135, antioxidant for Polyurethane
Yinox 235 is the liquid hindered phenol antioxidant which may be used in a variety of polymers, especially the polyurethane industry. Yinox 235 prevents the formation of peroxides in the polyether polyol during storage and restrains yellowing. It also protects against scorching during foaming. It im...
BrandZhiyiTagshindered phenol antioxidant,PU, polyurethane,anti-yellowing
Yitac 710 vulcanizing agent
Sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubbers. Yitac 710 produces a high percentage of mono-sulfidic crosslinks that result in vulcanizates with superior aging characteristics. Yitac 710 can be used as either complete or partial replacements for sulfur and thiuram and DTDM sulfur donors in EV and s...
BrandZhiyiTagsPoly-tert-Butylphenoldisulfide,vulcanizing agent for rubber,sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubbers