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Intelligent pressure balance
Description Special oil pipeline pressure balance is developed by xi 'an YunYi production mainly used for oil pipeline pressure, can real-time printing pressure numerical value and its curve, high intelligent degree, already is one of the indispensable instrument pipe pressure. Intelligent pressure ...
BrandYunyiTagspressure balance
Portable signal generator
Portable signal generator
BrandYunyiTagsPortable signal generator
Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pressure Gauge Specification : Protection:IP64 Temperature: -40~70°C Accuracy: 2.5 Gasket: NBR Case Material: Aluminum
BrandYunyiTagsDiaphragm Pressure Gauge
Piezoresistive pressure transmitter
Piezoresistive pressure transmitter What is the features of piezoresistive pressure sensor ? • All stainless steel construction; • Standard thread impulse measurement; • constant current source power supply; • laser trimming compensating zero and temperature performance; • With the solid-s...
BrandYunyiTagsPiezoresistive pressure transmitter
Electric contact pressure Gauge
Electric contact pressure Gauge Description : YX-60/100/150 electrical contacts presuure gauge is used for the measurement of liquide gas or steam pressure or negative pressure that Donot corrode copper and steel and their alloys , and when the pressure reaches a predetermined value, the control cir...
BrandYunyiTagsElectric contact pressure Gauge
Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump
Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump Features 1.Easily operation 2.Pressure scale is large 3.Stability good 4.Simple structure, 5.convenient and not easy to leak, 6.easy to maintain Technical Specifications 1.Pressure range: (-0.09 ~ 1;0~60) MPa; 2. Adjustment fineness: 10kpa 3. Dimension: 300mm × 158mm ×...
BrandYunyiTagsPressure Test Pump,Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump
Micro metering needle valve
Micro metering needle valve Material: 304,316,316L Stainless steel Medium: Liquid,gas Max working pressure: 6000psi Working temperature range: -23°C to 204°C (-10°F to 400°F). Connection: Thread or ferrule Testing pressure: 48(mpa) Nominal diameter: DN2-DN5(mm) Thread specification: G, ZG, N...
BrandYunyiTagsneedle valve,metering needle valve,Micro metering needle valve
Industrial Dead weight Tester
Description: ball pneumatic deadweight testers as a pressure resource of pressed air and Nitrogen.It is pneumatic loaded pressure calibrator to use the floating ball. It is a kind of pressure Benchmark instrument, with nitrogen or instrument compressed air as energy. its an ideal equipment that cali...
BrandYunyiTagsDead weight Tester
Pressure transmitter
Basic parameters: 1.Measuring media: oil, water, gas and other media compatible with 316L stainless steel 2.Sensor: Stainless diffused silicon 3.Range: Gas: -0.1MPa ~ 0 ~ 100MPa; minimum range: 0 ~ 1KPa (clean air) Liquid: -0.1MPa ~ 0 ~ 100MPa; minimum range: 0 ~ 5KPa Positive and negative pressure ...
BrandYunyiTagspressure transmitter
Submersible Level Transmitter
Submersible Level Transmitter Description : YD322-II level transmitter isolation membrane sealed by the oil-filled liquid level sensors and instrumentation dedicated circuit, with high accuracy, good stability, long life, easy installation. The unique structure of the seal in the form of technology,...
BrandYunyiTagsSubmersible Level Transmitter
2088 pressure sensor
YD322 series Pressure Sensors Description YD322-III pressure transmitter is made with oil-filled isolation membrane-specific integrated pressure sensors and instrumentation amplifier circuit, it has a high accuracy, good stability, long life, high reliability, easy installation features. Applicable ...
BrandYunyiTagspressure sensor, 2088 pressure sensor
Dual use Calibrator
Description Dual use Calibrator for Oxygen gauge & Pressure gauge used for all levels of measurement inspection agencies and industrial mining enterprises.With comparison method for the verification of ordinary pressure gauges and other non-oil type pressure gauge. The calibrator using pressure of p...
BrandYunyiTagsDual use Calibrator
TDS EC meter
Fetures: Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording New Arrival Auto-off function: turns off meter after 5 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries Automatic temperature compensation Shift between TDS and Conductivit to test the filter water quality purity,to check the performance of yo...
BrandYunyiTagsTDS EC meter
Hand pressure calibrator pump
Specifications : output pressure range Y039: 0-1.6MPa Y061: -0.1-0MPa Y060: -25MPa YFP-16: -0.088~1.6MPa(-0.88~16bar) YFP-20: -0.088~2.0MPa(-0.88~20bar) YFP-25: -0.088~2.5MPa(-0.88~25bar) operating temperature -20~50C operating relative humidity ~100% flexible hose connector M20*1.5 female master ga...
BrandYunyiTagspressure calibrator pump,Hand pressure calibrator pump
pneumatic pressure calibrator
Description XY-2001B is a test pressure (DP) transmitter, one of the main equipment of pressure sensors, ordinary (precision) pressure gauges and other pressure instruments. In the pressure calibration in engineering, it can providie a stable source of air pressure, and can provide a stable maximize...
BrandYunyiTagspneumatic pressure calibrator
Gas flowmeter
1.General Description MF5700 series mass flow meters feature cost effective ultra low power operating on 4 AA batteries. The portable design has excellent exchangeable mechanical adaptors, easy data accessible and user programmable capabilities. The internal data storage can also help for purpose fl...
BrandYunyiTagsFlow meter, gas flow meter
Stainless steel needle valve
Stainless steel needle valve Welding Stainless steel needle valve is one kind of needle valve, with nice appearance, reasonably structured, long life features, mainly suitable for corrosion resistance and corrosive chemical medium with high temperature and high pressure, it can achieve the purpose o...
BrandYunyiTagsneedle valve,Stainless steel needle valve
Back Pressure regulator
Back Pressure regulator YR32 series back pressure regulator is with single-stage diaphragm vacuum structure, stainless steel diaphragm pressure transmission, the output pressure is stable, suitable for pure gases, standard gases, corrosive gases, liquids and other medium. Specification The maximum i...
BrandYunyiTagsPressure regulator,Back Pressure regulator
Pressure regulator
Pressure regulator Description YR31 Series stainless steel pressure regulator adopts double stage diaphragm decompression structure, outlet pressure is stable, suitable for high purity gas, standard gas, corrosive gas, and other gas. Application scope Laboratory, Gas chromatograph, Gas lasers, Gas b...
BrandYunyiTagsPressure regulator
Three way valve manifold
Parameters Thread: NPT,PT,BSPT, instrumentation valve MTL:SS316/304/201 MEDIUM:OIL/GAS/WATER Size1/8"-2"O.D Working Temp 0-250degree Testing Pressure 42(MPa) Testing Pressure 60(MPa) Norminal Dia: 4.7(mm) Main Material S.S 316 Press Rating 6000PSI Description 1. Forged Body 2. Metal-to-Metal Seal, H...
BrandYunyiTagsvalve manifold,Three way valve manifold,3 way valve manifold