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ProductsWelded Steel Bar Grating

Welded Steel Bar Grating
Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD Welded Steel Bar Grating Welded steel bar grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. Steel bar grating costs less time and labor in work. It saves about 50 to 70 percent work time com...
BrandTengluTagsWelded Steel Bar Grating,steel bar grating,metal mesh grating,welded bar grating

ProductsWelded Steel Grating

Welded Steel Grating
Welded steel grating is the most popular type among all types of steel grating, also called metal open bar grating. It is also the most widely used type. Welded steel grating is produced through automatically resistance welded. The bearing bars and cross bars are resistance welded under high heat an...
Brand***Tagswelded steel grating,steel grating,bar grating,metal open bar grating

Productsgratings ,steel grating,bar grating

gratings ,steel grating,bar grating
Bar grating Bar Grating produced by bearing bars welded together at different distance to perpendicular cross bars to form a load-bearing panel. Panels are manufactured by welding, locked by swaging, or press-locked processes. A typical panel configuration has bearing bars that are spaced 30mm pitch...
BrandTHTagsgratings ,steel grating,bar grating

ProductsClose Mesh Steel Grating

Close Mesh Steel Grating
Standard steel bar grating has the 1-3/16" and 15/16" bearing bar spacing. There is a type of steel bar grating, which has closer bearing bar spacing for heavy duty and special requirements applications, that is close mesh steel grating. Compared with standard steel bar grating, close mesh steel bar...
Brand**Tagsclose mesh steel grating,close grating,aluminum grating

ProductsPlain Steel Grating

Plain Steel Grating
Plain steel grating, also called smooth surface grating, is a type of grating made of plain steel bars. The smooth surface contrast with serrated steel grating, which has a serrated surface. plain steel grating is the most widely used grating type, which is used in almost all of the applications. Pl...
Brand**Tagsplain steel grating,smooth steel grating,press-locked steel grating

ProductsBar Grating

Bar Grating
Bar Grating produced by bearing bars welded together at different distance to perpendicular cross bars to form a load-bearing panel. Panels are manufactured by welding, locked by swaging, or press-locked processes. A typical panel configuration has bearing bars that are spaced 30mm pitch with perpen...
BrandFMTagsbar grating,gutter covers

ProductsPress-locked grating

Press-locked grating
Press-locked grating is also called pressure locked grating or press-locked steel bar grating. Basically, the press-locked grating have the same load capacity with the welded steel bar grating. The difference between press-locked grating and welded steel bar grating are joint connection technology a...
Brand**Tagspress-locked grating,pressure locked grating,steel bar grating

ProductsSerrated steel grating

Serrated steel grating
Serrated steel grating Serrated steel grating is welded by the serrated bearing bars .Besides the common advantages,the serrated steel grating can performance well ,especially when in the wet area, greasy area and the offshore production platform etc .The serrated steel grating usually are hot dia g...
BrandSerrated steel grating-HBAZTagsSerrated steel grating

ProductsTransformer Grating

Transformer Grating
When you start a transformer project, you may need the transformer grating in advance. Then you raise the transformer on the grating and lay the cobblestone on the grating. The stones are very important for absorbing the oil leaked by the transformer. Additional, the stones are insulated to the elec...
Brand**Tagstransformer grating,steel bar grating,pultruded FRP grating

ProductsRiveted Grating

Riveted Grating
Riveted grating is a type of heavy duty grating, which has higher load carrying capacity than the welded steel grating or swage-locked grating in the same span and depth of grating. The main parts of riveted grating are bearing bars, crimp bars and rivets. Different from press-locked grating or weld...
Brand**Tagsheavy duty bridge grating,riveted grating,steel grating

ProductsSerrated Steel Grating

Serrated Steel Grating
Steel bar grating has two surface type: serrated surface and smooth surface. Serrated steel grating is made of serrated steel bars, which can be low carbon steel bars, aluminum steel bars and stainless steel bars. The serrated steel bars are welded, press-locked, swage-locked or connected by rivets ...
Brand**Tagsserrated steel grating,plain steel grating,riveted steel grating

ProductsStair Tread Steel Grating

Stair Tread Steel Grating
Stair tread steel grating is one of the most widely used application of steel bar grating. It can be installed in the factories or in the parks for the permanent or temporary using. Stair tread can be made of low carbon steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel gratings. The low carbon steel grating...
Brand**Tagsstair tread grating,stair step grating,steel grating

ProductsSwage-locked grating

Swage-locked grating
Swage-locked grating, also called aluminum grating, is mainly made of aluminum steel bars, and other materials can be stainless steel bars. The bearing bars can be rectangular bars or I bars. I bar swage-locked grating is the most widely used type. In the same depth, I bar swage-locked grating can s...
Brand**Tagsswage-locked grating,aluminum grating,metal grating

ProductsDrainage Trench Grating

Drainage Trench Grating
Steel bar grating is a widely used grating type. It can be used in the trench and drainage system as the trench and drainage cover to ensure the excellent drainage performance and secure the pedestrians safety. Like most of steel gratings, such as welded steel grating and press-locked grating, the d...
Brand**Tagstrench cover,trench grates,drainage grating

ProductsPlatform and Walkway Grating

Platform and Walkway Grating
Steel bar grating has so many applications. The platform and walkway application is one of the most important applications. Platform and walkway grating is widely used in the factories, walking street, parking lot, port, warehouse and other places to form a flat and open operating platform or walkwa...
Brand**Tagsplatform grating,walkway grating,steel grating
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