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Cocoa Extract (CC-0201)
In Van Aroma, we specialize in producing cocoa extracts using food grade alcohol. The extract is then concentrated into fine liquid cocoa with a strong chocolaty aroma, chocolate color and deep, rich flavour. Our cocoa extract is Halal Certified, and has a significant advantage over cocoa powder due...
BrandVan AromaTagsCocoa Extract
Coffee Robusta Extract (CF-0202)
...razil, Vietnam, and Colombia at approximately 9.3 million MT per ANNUM Van Aroma's Coffee extract is derived from both Arabica and Robusta beans. While coffee extract, in general, has a sweet, smooth, woody and roasted aroma, Arabica tends to exude these qualities better than Robusta.
BrandVan AromaTagsCoffee Robusta Extract (CF-0202)
Coffee Arabica Extract (CF-0201)
...azil, Vietnam, and Colombia at approximately 9.3 Million MT per Annum. Van Aroma’s Coffee Extract is derived from both Arabica and Robusta beans. While coffee extract in general has a sweet, smooth, woody and roasted aroma, Arabica tends to exude these qualities better than Robusta. Coffea Arabica...
BrandVan AromaTagsCoffee Arabica Extract, Coffee
Clove Terpenes (CL-477)
CAS No: 84961-50-2 ; 68917-29-3 EC No: 284-638-7 FEMA No : 2252 Olfactive Profile: Spicy, clove, woody Product Synonyms: tops, cheap, EFCLOTER, 920, Clove Terpenes 920, crude, minyak fraksi daun cengkeh
BrandVan AromaTagsClove Oil, Clove, Cengkeh, Clove Terpenes
Mace Oil (NM-003)
CAS No: 8007-12-3 ; 84082-68-8 EC No: 282-013-3 FEMA No: 2653 JECFA No: - Olfactive Profile: Sweet, fresh, spicy, warm Product Synonyms: minyak phuli pala, macis oil, mace oil east indian, minyak bunga pala
BrandVan AromaTagsMace Oil
Lemongrass Oil (LG-001)
CAS No: 8007-02-1 EC No: 289-752-0 FEMA No: 2624 JECFA No: - Olfactive Profile: Fresh, lemony, earthy, strong, pungent, sweet, grassy, sharp Product Synonyms: minyak sereh dapur, minyah serai dapur, lemon grass, aromatherapy, flavor
BrandVan AromaTagsLemongrass Oil, Sereh, Serai
Caryophyllene Acetate (CL-604)
CAS No: 57082-24-3 FEMA: 2252 EINECS: 260-555-1 Olfactive Profile : Woody , fruity, sweet, slightly dry, spicy Product Synonyms: acetylation, acetylization, derivative, synthesis, caryophyllene acetate 927, vetynal, caryolanol acetate, 1-Acetoxy-caryolan, 1-acetoxy-caryolane, Caryoketone
BrandVan AromaTagsCaryophyllene Acetate, Caryophyllene
Benzyl Isoeugenol (CL-803)
CAS No : 120-11-6 EC No : 204-370-6 FEMA No : 3698 JECFA No : 1268 Olfactove Profie : Sweet, balsamic, floral, spicy, carnation notes Product Synonyms : UNII-78Q46SZU33 Isoeugenol benzyl ether (Z)-isoeugenyl benzyl ether Benzyl isoeugenol 78Q46SZU33
BrandVan AromaTagsBenzyl Isoeugenol
Cananga Oil (CN-001)
...a tree, which is native to Asia. It has a sweet, floral and slightly woody aroma. The Cananga blossoms are hydro-distilled to obtain the essential oil. In aromatherapy, this oil is used as an antidepressant and as a sedative. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac and is believed to stimulate th...
BrandVan AromaTagsCananga Oil, Cananga, Essential
Eugenol 99%+ (CL-503)
This product is made from clove as raw material. And further processed to become Eugenol 99%+ CAS No : 97-53-0 EC No : 202-589-1 FEMA No : 2467 JECFA No : Olfactive Profile : Spicy, pungent, clove-like, strong Product Synonyms: CE, Crude Eugenol, eugenic acid, eugenia caryophyllata, 99 percent, dark
BrandVan AromaTagsEugenol 99%, Clove, Clove Oil
Vetiver Oil Rectified (VT-002)
CAS No: 84238-29-9 ; 8016-96-4 EC No: 282-490-8 FEMA No : - Olfactive Profile: Woody, smoky, earthy, herbaceous and spicy, sweet, caramel Product Synonyms: rectified, redistilled, light, minyak akar wangi, khus oil, kush, khusimol, root oil, vetiverol, akar, smokey, haiti
BrandVan AromaTagsVetiver Oil
Vetiver Oil Java MD (VT-003)
CAS No: 84238-29-9 ; 8016-96-4 EC No: 282-490-8 FEMA No : - Olfactive Profile: Woody, smoky, earthy, herbaceous and spicy, sweet, caramel Product Synonyms: Vetiver oil
BrandVan AromaTagsVetiver Oil MD, Vetiver Oil
Patchoulol Natural 99%+ (PL-001)
CAS No: 5986-55-0 EC No: 227-807-2 FEMA No: - JECFA No: - Olfactive Profile: Earthy, camphoraceous, camphor, grounding, woody, minty, musky, powdery, very long lasting, woody elegant, sweet, Terpeneless Patchouli EO Product Synonyms: crystals, powder, white, solid, patchouli alcohol, pacholol, patch...
BrandVan AromaTagsPatchoulol Natural 99%+, Patchouli, Nilam, Patchouli Oil
Fresh Ginger Oil (FG-001)
...llowfish- green flowers. Ginger has a slightly biting and hot note. It’s aroma is rich, sweet, warm, and has a distinctive woody olfactory note. Ginger is grown in Java and South Sumatra, and the oil obtained through hydro distillation or stem distillation. Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Oil / ...
BrandVan AromaTagsGinger, Fresh Ginger Oil, Ginger Oil, Spice
Caryophyllene Formate (CL-606)
CAS No: 58096-46-1 EC No: 261-117-2 FEMA No : - Olfactive Profile: Spicy, woody, amber, sweet Product Synonyms: beta-Caryophyllene alcohol formate UNII-6CS460KB0F 6CS460KB0F 4,4,8-Trimethyltricyclo(,5)dodecan-1-yl formate EINECS 261-117-2 Q27264513, caryolan, neo Patchouli, neopatchouli, tt0...
BrandVan AromaTagsCaryophyllene Formate, Caryophyllene
Nutmeg Oil Safrole Free (NM-004)
CAS No: 84082-68-8 ; 8008-45-5 EC No: 282-013-3 FEMA No: 2793 JECFA No: - Olfactive Profile: Spicy, terpenic, sweet, warm, woody Product Synonyms: safrol, safrale, safrole, saffrole, minyak pala, myristicin, steam distillation, SLC, Safrole low content
BrandVan AromaTagsNutmeg Oil Safrole Free, Nutmeg Oil, Nutmeg
Geraniol Natural 85% (CT-201)
CAS No: 106-24-1 EC No: 203-377-1 FEMA No: 2507 JECFA No: 1223 Olfactive Profile: Sweet, rose-like, citrus, green, floral Product Synonyms: geraniol natural (ex citronella), trans-3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol, monoterpene, kansho-shochu, basil, alcohol, rose oil, palmarosa, Citronella, 637566, C10...
BrandVan AromaTagsGeraniol Natural 85%, Geraniol, Essential Oil
Dihydroeugenol (CL-804)
Dihydroeugenol is somewhat fresher-sweeter smelling than eugenol and more floral. Frequently used as a replacer or supplement to that oil where IFRA or other restrictions mean not enough can be used to get the desired effect. Often used to supplement clove bud oil, where restrictions prevent larger ...
BrandVan AromaTagsDihydroeugenol
Natural Vanillin ex-Clove Oil (VN-0301)
CAS No: 121-33-5 EC No: 204-465-2 FEMA No: 3107 JECFA No: 889 Olfactive Profile: Sweet, vanilla like, balsamic, pleasant, slightly caramel Product Synonyms: crystals, powder, Methylprotocatechuic aldehyde, Vanillaldehyde, vnillin,cnillin,canillin, panili, panilli, wanilla
BrandVan AromaTagsNatural Vanillin ex-Clove Oil, Vanillin, Clove
Patchouli Standard Dark (PL-401)
... over 80% of the global supply (1.000 - 1.200 MT) Patchouli is a perennial aromatic herb species that thrives in war, tropical climates. This makes Indonesia a perfect place to cultivate it.
BrandVan AromaTagsPatchouli Standard Dark, Patchouli Oil