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Mud Hopper Jet Hopper Solids Control
The mud hopper is used as mixer chemicals. It is used at the outside and front of mud tanks. Usually company with a pump. The size is 700x700mm, pipe is venturi type.
BrandAngXinTagsmud hopper, jet mud hopper, mixer hopper
HL Solids Control System Mud Gun Equipments
...re simple structure, flexible operation and easy using, so it is the ideal equipment to prevent the mud precipitation in solids control system.The jet nozzle is a special design because it not only is replaceable,wear resistant, but also help better shearing.
BrandHLTagsMud Gun
Hydrocyclone Desander
...lids Control Descriptions: CSQ Desander separator is 2nd phase mud process equipment in solids control system. The cones size and number can be adjusted according to clients actual capacity requirements. Cones also can be cast iron or other materials. The bottom shaker can be configured or not. We a...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Centrifugal Pump Solids Control
... mainly power supply. And pump drilling fluid from mud tank to mud process equipment. Such as desander, desilter, or mud cleaner cones, decanter centrifuge. It also can be combined with venturi hopper to mix drilling fluid completely. OGEM website will provide some information for your reference. If...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control sand pump
Shale Shaker
...olids Control Shale shaker 1. Shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment. It is mainly used to separate large particle in drilling fluid. Shale shaker performance decides subsequent equipments process effect and usable life. It’s the absolutely necessary equipment in solids control sy...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Hydrocyclone Desilter
...lids Control Detailed Product Description CNQ series desilter is 3rd phase equipments in solids control system. Desilter cone including 4 and 5 mainly separate 12~47μm solid. OGEM desilter is high efficient equipment, decrease cones block chance. Bottom shaker holding good performance, lower noise,...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Mud Cleaner
...on can be customized according to drilling mud capacity requirements. OGEM Equipment is professional manufacturer on mud process equipment. Including solids control mud cleaner, centrifugal feeding pump, etc. Contact us youll get reasonable price with high quality 1. Mud cleaner structure is compac...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
shale shaker
...haker or drilling fluid shaker. Mud shale shaker is a ideal solids control equipment used to remove particles in drilling mud. In the petroleum drilling processing,it is used as the first phase control in the solids control equipment. Oil shale shaker is usually used to remove mud particles which si...
BrandTR Solid ControlTagsshale shaker,linear motion shale shaker,drilling mud shale shaker
Mud Tank
Mud Tank Solid Control Equipment drilling mud tank agitator Mud tank is a container, typically made of square steel tube and steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. Mud tanks play an important role in solids control system. It is the base of solids control equipments, and also the ca...
BrandDC SOLID CONTROLTagsdrilling mud tank agitator
Hydrocyclone Cones
Product/Service Details The desander, desilter replacement hydrocyclones. Mud cleaner cones Hydrocyclone cones including 4 desilter cone and large desander cones AHC Hydrocyclone cone Features Optional polyurethane and high chrome cast iron Clamp and flange connection way Customizable size and dimen...
BrandOGEMTagscones solids control equipment
Mud Mixing Pump
...mixing 4.Save space, easy handling and transferring SLH Mud mixing pump is equipment to mixing drilling mud. Generally, it will be set on mixing tank skid. It is combined with venturi jet hopper and centrifugal pump. Take less space and make mixing more convenient. The mixing capacity and discharge ...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
submersible slurry pump
...al is carbide alloy make pump more durable decrease maintenance cost. OGEM Equipment is professional manufacturer on submersible slurry pump with high quality and economical cost Detailed Product Description 1.Request less space 2.High efficient and effect 3.Durable enough 4.Low maintenance cost Fea...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control slurry pump
Sewage treatment control cabinet.
SBR is a Activated sludge wastewater treatment technology operated by intermittent aeration, it calls industry: Sequencing batch activated sludge treatment system. Siemens SBR control cabinet collected data process for Wastewater quality of sewage treatment station, CODcr online monitor, Ammonia nit...
BrandXKTagscontrol cabinet, distribution board
Solid Control Equipment Desander,desanding machine
Solid Control Equipment Solid Control Equipment Desander,desanding machine High Quality Desander is the second equipment in solids control system, it is used to separate solid phase particles whose diameter is 40~75μm. (1)Select Special wear-resistant polyurethane material hydrocyclones. (2...
BrandDC SOLID CONTROLTagsSolid Control Equipment Desander,desanding machine
Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge Solid Control Equipment china high speed decanter centrifuge Drilling fluid centrifuge is used for recovering barites, removing small solid particles, reducing solids content in mud, thus ensure drilling fluid performance. 1 Shanghai centrifuge research institute particles in the...
BrandDC SOLID CONTROLTagschina high speed decanter centrifuge
6x4D-AH Slurry Pump
...y used in solids containing applications. Depending on process conditions, equipment should be suitable for highly abrasive or corrosive liquids. Design Features: √ Cylindrical structure of bearing assembly: convenient to adjust the space between impeller and front liner and can be removed complet...
BrandTobeeTagsslurry pump, pump sapre parts, Metal slurry pump, minerals, copper mine
High Pressure Mud gun
...re simple structure, flexible operation and easy using, so it is the ideal equipment to prevent the mud precipitation in solids control system.The jet nozzle is a special design because it not only is replaceable,wear resistant, but also help better shearing.
BrandHLTagsMud gun
Reconditioned Alfa Laval oil purifier, centrifuge
Brandalfa lavalTagsalfa laval , oil purifier, centrifuge, oil separator, biodiesel centrifuge, VCO centrifuge
Screw Pump
Screw Pump Waste Management Screw pump is an ideal equipment used for feeding slurry for decanter centrifuge in solids control system. (1) This pump has a strong adaptability to medium,smooth flow,small pressure fluctuation and high suction capacity. (2) With unique design of rotor and sta...
BrandDC SOLID CONTROLTagsWaste Management
Hydraulic Square knife gate valve
...rticle materials and the flow of materials or delivery of the main control equipment ,it was widely used in metallurgical, mining, building materials, food, chemical and other industries control the rapid flow of change or cut off.
BrandFREE-VALVETagsHydraulic Square knife gate valve,Square knife gate valve,slurry gate valve