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Submersible Sewage Pump
Submersible Sewage Pump Appropriate for draining of liquids, sludge which containing solid particles and various textile substances, and dirty waste water .It is mainly used in urban waste water processing, waste water for rivers and lakes, waste water drainage of industrial enterprises. Flow rate: ...
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LW,GW Vertical Sewage Pump for Waste water
...hose diameter is about 50% of the pump caliber. WL/LW pump is for vertical sewage and not underwater structure. Applications: sewage system of municipal works sewage discharging of living plot sewage discharging of public facilities sewage discharging of factory and mine corporation other transporta...
BrandkenshineTagscentrifugal pump,sewage pump,waste water pump,slurry pump,trash pump,sludge pump
WQP Series stainless steel submersible sewage pump
WQP Series submersible sewage pump is made from stainless steel 304 and used to transfer various waste water or waste liquids with grains,solid etc impurity. Flow rate: 2-1500m3/h, H=3-45m Speedd: 970-2900rpm
BrandkenshineTagssubmersible pump,sewage pump,centrifugal pump,vertical pump,waste water pump,pump
Submersible Sewage Pump
Model: QWB, Discharge: 5 to 6000 m3/h (1.4-1666.7l/s) Lift Head: 6 to 80 m (19.7- 262.5 feet) Max. rotary speed: 2900 r/min Pump outlet diameter: 50-600mm (2-23.6 inch) Temperature: -5 to +50 deg. C Maximum system pressure:
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Sewage Pump Station
Description: Sewage flow equipment via gravity flow and collet before sewage pump lifted reach a certain height. Usage of Sewage lift pump: lift the sewage that can be gravity flow. Lifting pump including pump, water pond, pump house. Various of pump in the pump house, most of are centrifugal. And i...
BrandXKTagsdistribution cabinet, effluent distribution box
ZW Series self priming sewage pump
ZW series self-priming sewage pumps are with self priming and sewage discharge. It means the pumps can not only be self priming as the same as ZX series self priming pump for clean water without foot valve and pouring water but also suck and discharge the large grain and long fiber and sediment and ...
BrandkenshineTagsself priming pump,sewage pump,centrifugal pump,suck pump,industrial pump,waste water pump,chemical pump,non clogging pump,pump
QW type submersible sewage pump
QW type non clog submersible sewage pump is a serie of pumps developed by our company based on the advanced international Non clog pump technology and Submersible motor technology. It is for transferring of sewage water or fluid with temperature less than 45℃, condensity of solid particle and long...
BrandM&WTagswater pump, sewage pump, submersible pump
KWP Non-clogging sewage pump
KWP Non-clogging sewage pump Diameter: 40~500mn Capacity: 2~5500m³/h Head: 5~100m Features : high efficiency, non-clogging, convenient disassemble, simplify maintain operation. Application: water plant, sewage treatment plant, beer plant, mine and chemical and building material.
BrandKingdaTagsKWP Non-clogging sewage pump manufacturer
Sewage vacuum pump
We manufacture a high quality Sewage vacuum pump. Which are manufactured with heavy duty ball and taper roller bearings, oil sealed sealing, bed mounted type, two way suction and pressure operating and driven through pulley and belt for particular application on truck features. Operating Range :- Po...
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WQ,QW Series submersible sewage pump
Submersible type and pipeline type and vertical type etc not-clogging sewage pump is the new ones with energy-saving and high effiiciency. The pumps adopt the impeller with single passage and hard alloy double rotary seals. Electric motor is devided by oil chamber. The pumps have the advantages such...
BrandkenshineTagssubmersible pump,sewage pump,waste water pump,centrifugal pump,vertical pump,pump,water pump,china pump,transfer pump
PLC sewage disposal control cabinet
PLC sewage disposal control cabinet is monitor and control for parameter, pump, sluice, thick grid, small grid, flush device of runing & failed. Transfer the signal to CCU control indicator, record, statements,alarm printing etc. The PLC sewage disposal control cabinet from Xiangke has professional ...
BrandXKTagsdistribution cabinet, effluent distribution box
WQ Submersible Sewage Pump
WQ Submersible Sewage Pump Submersible Pump Large Flow Submersible Pump WQ submersible sewage pump is non-clogging sewage pump developed on the basis of the introduction of advanced technology from abroad. It is now the most advanced domestic sewage systems. Features: saving much energy, non-cloggin...
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submersible pump
Product name : WQ submersible non-clog sewage pump , dredge pump Features : ---Flood-proof motor with IP68 Protection class ---Large free passage impeller employed ---Built-in thermal motor protector ---Heavy-duty double mechanical seals ---Special design of cable connector is reliable to avoid any ...
BrandguomeiTagssubmersible sewage pump, submersible pump
submersible sewage pump
Sand pump parameter: 1. Size range (discharge):4-18inch 2. Capacity: 10-5000 m3/h 3. Head: 5-80m 4. Impeller type: Non-clog (close) 5. Shaft sealing: Packing/Gland packing & Mechanical 6. Wet parts material: A05, A07, Steel Gravel pump general features: 1. Xiyue Brand XG sand gravel pumps are design...
BrandXIYUETagssubmersible sewage pump
QWB Submersible Sewage Pump
Description: QWB submersible sewage pump adopts the hydraulic design of anti clogging or cutting function design. Strong particle passing ability. The device rotates with the motor shaft, having extremely strong stirring force, stirring the sediment within the sewage pool into the suspension, suckin...
BrandGanquanTagsSubmersible Sewage Pump
self-priming non clog sewage pump
Product name: Self-priming Non-clog sewage pump (P&H type) Item:Equivalent to Gorman-rupp T&U series Features: ---Quick and simple maintenance ---Cleaning and inspection without disconnecting the pipe work (back pull-out) ---Shimless external impeller adjustment Data sheet : Diameter: 2 inch to 12in...
BrandguomeiTagsself-priming non clog sewage pump, self-priming pump
QWB Submersible Sewage Pump
Description: QWB submersible sewage pump adopts the hydraulic design of anti clogging or cutting function design. Strong particle passing ability. The device rotates with the motor shaft, having extremely strong stirring force, stirring the sediment within the sewage pool into the suspension, suckin...
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QW & QWN Submersible Sewage Pump
QW & QWN Submersible Sewage Pump Main Specifications Size: 50mm-600mm Capacity: 18-3750 m3/h Head: 5-60mPower:1.5-270KW Pump Features 1. QW-type Submersible Sewage Pump QW pump has the advantages efficiency ,not easy to enlace, no clogging, auto-coupling and auto-control. etc. It specializes in disc...
BrandGKTagsSubmersible pump, High efficiency pump
WQ Series Submersible Sewage Pumps
WQS series of deephigh-lift submersible sewage pump is used in Yangtze River Three Gorges Development processfull use of advanced CFD and flow field diagnostics and make a lot of experimental researchdesign and structure of the components in the hydraulic design of a conventional submersible sewage ...
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submerged sewage pump, submersible pump
submerged sewage pump submersible pump Complies to API610, 682, ISO2858standards Max pressure: 2.5MPa Capacity: 3~400 m3/h Head: 7~125m Model: IJ series chemical process pump: Horizontal single stage pump T: -20---200oC Material (For wet parts in contact with medium): CS, cast iron, 304(0Cr18Ni99ti)...
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