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Productsrefractory mud

refractory mud
The High Alumina Phosphate Refractory Mortar developed with polyphosphates as bond, high-quality bauxite as its main material, added expansive agent & plasticizing agent. The phosphate refractory mortar is possessed with high performance and be widely applied to BF, hot blast stove and other indus...
BrandhongtaiTagsrefractory mud

ProductsRefractory castable

Refractory castable
Refractory Castable Type: L-45—90 Density: 2.3-3g/cm3 Content of AL2O3 :> =45-90% Refractoriness:1580℃ - 1770℃
BrandSUNTHERMTagsrefractory and insulation materials

ProductsRefractory brick

Refractory brick
Refractory Brick Item: SK32, SK34, SK35, SK36, SK37, SK38 Content of AL2O3:38%-75% Refractoriness:1670℃,1730℃,1750℃,1770℃,1790℃ Size: 230*114*75/65mm, or cording to your requirement. Density:2.1 g/cm³,2.17 g/cm³,2.2 g/cm³,2.3 g/cm³,2.4g/cm³
BrandSUNTHERMTagsrefractory and insulation materials

Productssilica refractory brick

silica refractory brick
Specifications silica refractory brick Stable Capability, High Quality, Excellent Service, Competitive price silica refractory brick With dense and smooth appearance, uniform corner and edge, pure color and luster and accurate size 1)Silicon oxide is above 95%. 2) Good acid erosion resistance. 3) Hi...
BrandsunriseTagssilica refractory brick

ProductsRefractory soil and refractory cement

Refractory soil and refractory cement
Refractory soil, also known as clay refractory soil, a set of furnace with a soil, is a weak acid refractory material, and its good thermal stability, suitable for masonry stove, a variety of boiler lining, and flue, smoke chamber Wait. Refractory cement is a material used in the manufacture of refr...
BrandRefractory soil and refractory cementTagsRefractory soil and refractory cement

ProductsDiamond Tools for Engineering / Refractory industry

Diamond Tools for Engineering / Refractory industry
Diamond Tools/wheels/saw blades/wheels for engineering/refractory industry
BrandBALAJITagsDiamond Tools

Productsrefractory materials

refractory materials
B.Refractories 1. high alumina bricks (Al2O3 30-95%) 2. ASC Bricks (Al-SiC-C bricks) 3. High alumina andelusite bricks 5. Insulating bricks 6. Monolithic refractories (Mortar, Castable) 7. Corundum bricks 8. AZS Blocks C.Ceramic fiber products 1. Ceramic fiber blanket 2. Ceramic fiber board 3. Ceram...
BrandYRCLTagsrefractories, firebricks, bauxite, high alumina bricks, refractory cement, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, insulating bricks, steel fibers, STPP, SHMP

ProductsLow cement refractory castable

Low cement refractory castable
This series of refractory castable, a special type of castable developed for steel rolling heating furnace, is characterized by convenient construction, high strength, high volume stability and other advantages. Presently the product has been successfully applied to over 500 furnaces of more than 10...
BrandNEMTagsrefractory castable, low cement

ProductsAbrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar for refractory brick

Abrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar for refractory brick
Refractory mortar consists of refractory powder, binder and admixture. Almost all of the refractory materials can be made for the preparation of refractory mud used in the powder. The refractory clinker powder and the amount of plastic clay as binder and plasticizer made of ordinary refractory morta...
BrandhongtaiTagsrefractory mortar

Productsclay refractory castable

clay refractory castable
clay refractory castable is a clay and high-alumina raw materials for the aggregate and powder, plus a binder made of refractory castable. The product has high fire resistance, good thermal shock stability, and has a certain resistance to sulfate attack. To improve the use of temperature, can use al...
BrandhongtaiTagsclay refractory castable

ProductsRefractory Silicon carbide plate

Refractory Silicon carbide plate
Silicon carbide plate is widely used to fire Advanced Sanitary Ceramic, Daily Ceramic, Craft Ceramic , porcelain tableware and so on. SIC plate has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, big load , long using life and so on.
BrandKam TaiTagsSilicon carbide plate

Productsphosphate refractory castable

phosphate refractory castable
Phosphate refractory castable is a high bauxite, mullite as the main raw material to phosphate as a binder, dubbed the high temperature, wear resistance of the thermal resistance fire pouring material. Compared with other refractory castables, there is a significant feature in the low temperature pe...
BrandhongtaiTagsphosphate refractory castable

Productslight weight silica brick refractory brick

light weight silica brick refractory brick
1. High refractoriness 2. Low thermal shock resistance 3. No pollution to glass liquid 4. Low bulk density Applications Light weight silica brick is mainly used to preserve heat in glass industry, iron&steel industry and ceramic furnace. Physical properties and chemical composition Item QG-0.8 QG-1....
BrandRosngshengTagssilica brick refractory brick ,fire brick

Productsrefractory mortar

refractory mortar
ZIBO SK refractory mortar is a new kind of paste-like bonding material which is formed particularly from specially sorted powder made from the identical raw materials and classification temperatures in light with the brick utilized in furnace and their refractory grades. During the process of produc...
BrandZIBO SKTagsrefractory mortar,fireproof materials.insulating materials,

Productsrefractory slag stopper

refractory slag stopper
refractory slag stopper Slag Stopper Ball Three Different Type : 1.Full homogeneous slag stoping ball 2.Cone,uniform groove slag stopper 3.Tapered ,angular type slag stopper 4.skype:fionayhco Slag Stopper Ball Feature: 1. Used for stop slag of converter when the steel tapping.easy to use, high effic...
BrandTopchaseTagsrefractory stopper, slag stopper,slag stopping ball

Productshigh alumina bricks

high alumina bricks
...ngquan city,Shanxi province, China, and Yanquan city is one of the largest refractory material base in China. We are in position to supply various kinds of refractory bricks, such as high alumina and fireclay bricks, insulating bricks etc with the catalogue as follows: 1. fireclay brick 2. high alum...
Brandrefractory bricksTagsrefractory bricks

ProductsMullite steel fiber reinforced refractory castable

Mullite steel fiber reinforced refractory castable
Mullite Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable: Mullite Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable is made from high quality synthetic mullite aggregate, high temperature filler, ultrafine powder and high temperature binder combination, with high temperature structure strength, high temperature ...
BrandhongtaiTagsMullite steel fiber reinforced refractory castable

Productsrefractory fire resistant material low cement castable

refractory fire resistant material low cement castable
Low cement series refractory castable refers to the calcium aluminate cement added less than 8% of the castable refractory. The CaO content in the castable is less than 2.5%.Its main products are low cement, ultra-low cement and cement-free refractory castable, with high density, low porosity, high ...
BrandhongtaiTagslow cement castable

Productsphosphate refractory brick

phosphate refractory brick
Phosphate brick is used for cement shaft kiln.Rotary kiln lining is superior to ordinary high alumina brick, this product is strong corrosion resistance, maintaining long life of the furnace. In addition to the above advantages, the product of the sea using high-quality raw materials, plus the right...
BrandHongtaiTagsphosphate refractory brick

Productsaluminum and magnesium refractory castable

aluminum and magnesium refractory castable
aluminum and magnesium refractory castable to premium bauxite, fused magnesia, and aluminum magnesium spinel and other high-quality materials, adding a variety of ultra-fine powder, the use of composite binder and scientific particle size gradation , Advanced production process configuration, and it...
BrandhongtaiTagsaluminum magnesium refractory castable
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