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Parylene Coating Solution
The use of Parylene Parylene serves multiple purposes including – electrical insulation – moisture and chemical isolation – mechanical protection – enhanced lubricity, and – surface consolidation to avert flaking or dusting.
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Parylene C
Parylene C, the second commercially available member of the Parylene Powder series, is produced from the same raw material (dimer) as Parylene N, modified only by the substitution of a chlorine atom for one of the aromatic hydrogens. Parylene coating material has a useful combination of electrical a...
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Parylene Application
Parylene coating contains not only excellent dielectric properties, low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength but also good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Based on its superior dimensional stability and cryogenic property, the device with parylene can withstand high breakdown...
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Parylene N
The basic member of the series, Parylene N, is poly(para-xylylene), a completely linear, highly crystalline material. This parylene coating is a primary dielectric, exhibiting a very low dissipation factor, high dielectric strength, and a low dielectric constant invariant with frequency. The crevice...
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Parylene F
PRODUCT PARAMETERS of our PARYLENE COATING Parylene F, the newest commercially available variant of Parylene Material, replaces the alpha hydrogen atom of the N dimer with fluorine. This variant of Parylene Powder is useful in high temperature applications (short term up to 450°C) and those in whic...
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