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Hydrocyclone Cones
...ane and cast iron. Durable cones are better performance and lower cost. At OGEM you can get cost-effective spare cones for desilter, desander and cleaners. If you need 4 Derrick desilters please contact OGEM freely
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Centrifugal Pump Solids Control
...also can be combined with venturi hopper to mix drilling fluid completely. OGEM website will provide some information for your reference. If you do need details or have interest on our equipments just contact OGEM Equipment freely.   Features 1.Semi open impeller design 2.SKFor FAG premium bearings...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control sand pump
Mud Mixing Pump
...ve and shredding knife Venturi type hopper Compact design Descriptions: 1. OGEM mud mixing pump is mainly used to configure or mix drilling fluid according to different drilling well depth. 2. It include one centrifugal pump, one venturi hopper or many pumps and many venturi hoppers. 3. Pump and ho...
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Shale Shaker
Descriptions of OGEM Solids Control Shale shaker 1. Shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment. It is mainly used to separate large particle in drilling fluid. Shale shaker performance decides subsequent equipments process effect and usable life. It’s the absolutely necessary equipmen...
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submersible slurry pump
Descriptions of Submersible Slurry Pump OGEM YZ Submersible slurry pump is centrifugal pump.  It is usually used to pump drilling fluid with larger particle. So it can be treated as shale shaker feeding pump. It is vertical type save much space. Furthermore, it also can be decanter centrifuge feedi...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control slurry pump
Hydrocyclone Desilter
Hydrocyclone desilter in OGEM Solids Control Detailed Product Description CNQ series desilter is 3rd phase equipments in solids control system. Desilter cone including 4 and 5 mainly separate 12~47μm solid. OGEM desilter is high efficient equipment, decrease cones block chance. Bottom shaker holdin...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Hydrocyclone Desander
Hydrocyclone desander in OGEM Solids Control Descriptions: CSQ Desander separator is 2nd phase mud process equipment in solids control system. The cones size and number can be adjusted according to clients actual capacity requirements. Cones also can be cast iron or other materials. The bottom shake...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Mud Cleaner
Mud cleaner Descriptions of OGEM Solids Control Mud Cleaner Mud cleaner is combined with Desander/Desilter hydrocyclone and bottom shaker. AJQ Mud cleaner configuration can be customized according to drilling mud capacity requirements. OGEM Equipment is professional manufacturer on mud process equip...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control equipment
Shearing Pump
...ch drilling mud material. Finally cut down the well drilling cost. Come to OGEM equipment find more info on JQB shearing pump Detailed Product Description 1.Make drilling fluid transfer effectively 2.Durable and low cost on maintenance 3.Save much cost on drilling mud cost Features 1.Sufficient powe...
BrandOGEMTagsShearing Pump
Flare Ignitor
...d environment. So we call flame igniter is environment friendly equipment. OGEM will offer you details on igniter and mud/gas separator relationship.
BrandOGEMTagsDetailed Product Description 1.Control delivery of gas to the flare line 2.Control of retention time of gas-cut mud in the vessel 3.Promotes safe drilling environment 4.Efficient removal of free gas 5.Control delivery of gas to the flare line FLQ Poor
Mud Agitator Horizontal Type
Detailed Product Description 1.Adaptable for different application 2.High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature 3.Helical-Bevel gearbox Features 1.Typical C face motor installation 2.Small footprint without skid 3.Helical-Bevel gearbox 4.Motor can be horizontal or vertical Benefits 1.Long...
BrandOGEMTagsmud agitator
Mud Agitator Vertical Type
Detailed Product Description 1.Require less space also easy to handle 2.High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature 3.Helical-Bevel gearbox LJB Vertical mud agitator Features 1.Typical C face motor installation 2.Small footprint without skid 3.Helical-Bevel gearbox 4.Motor can be horizonta...
BrandOGEMTagssolids control mud agitator
Mud Gun
Mud gun Technique parameters Model NJQ50 Diameter 2 (φ50) Gate valve DN50/PN4.0 Interface diameter 2  Working pressure ≤1.6MPa or higher pressure Nozzles 3 or 1 Swivel Optional Swivel degree 0°/120°/360° Descriptions: NJQ Mud gun has been used as a sole means of agitation. Mud guns usually c...
BrandoGEMTagsmud gun mud tank
Vertical Cutting Dryer
Descriptions: The AJGZ Series Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up 800RPM. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, while “dry” solids are extrac...
BrandOGEMTagsvertical centrifuge dryer