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SKF NA4914 Needle roller bearings
SKF bearing : NA4914 Type:Needle roller bearings, with machined ring, with an inner ring Bore diameter:70 mm Outer diameter:100 mm Depth:30 mm Dynamic load rating:84,200 N Static load rating:163,000 N Fatigue load limit:20,800 N Reference speed:5000 r/min Limiting speed:5600 r/min Bearing weight:0.7...
BrandSKFTagsSKF NA4914 Needle roller bearings
Tetrasodium EDTA 4Na
Tetrasodium EDTA 4Na CAS 64-02-8 Product Description 1.Chemical Name:EDTA-4Na Molecular formula:C10H14N2Na4O8·4H2O Molecular weight:452 2.Technical specification: Project Target Content 99.0%min PHValue(5%Water dissolution) 10.5-11.5 Heavy metal(Pb)% 0.002max Iron(Fe)% 0.001max The chela gathers th...
BrandhoochemTagsTetrasodium EDTA 4Na
EDTA2NA is mainly applied to complexing metal ions, and separating metal; Used as water-treating agents and scale-eliminating agents; Capable of preventing the harmful effects on production caused by metal ions in water 1)Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid 2)Molecular formula: C10H16N2O8 3)Apearance:...
LABS Na 30%
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BrandDorranTagsDetergent raw material
Nespresso Aluminum capsule without silicon ring (NA-1)
Nespresso Aluminum capsule without silicon ring (NA-1) PRODUCT PARAMETER Aluminum capsule ModelNA-1NA-2 Appearancewithout silicon ringwith silicon ring Packing Quantity2000 each paper carton5000 pcs each paper carton Package Size And Weight20cmx17cmx20cm, 10kg45cmx42cmx36cm, 15~20kg DimensionTop Dia...
BrandExpakTagsNespresso Aluminum capsule without silicon ring (NA-1)
MIA-600M high contrast metallurgical microscope
...º inclined trinocular(0:100) Infinite LWD metallurgical plan objective 5X/NA0.15 ,WD=12mm, 10X/NA0.3,WD=16mm, 20X/NA0.4, WD=12mm, 50X/NA0.55, WD=9.2mm, Epi-illumination High brightness 10W LED light, brightness adjustable wide voltage 110-240V Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece or quintuple nosepiece St...
BrandMICTagsmetallurgical microscope
CHPS-Na 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt(CAS:
CHPS-Na 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid, sodium salt(CAS:126-83-0) CAS: 126-83-0 Molecular Formula C3H6O4ClSNa molecular Weight 196.6 assay 98.5% appearance: White crystalline powder Application:As there are halogen atoms and Hydroxy with strong activity ,and aslo sulfonate group with Hydroph...
BrandbrightTagschemical intermediates
Hydrolyzed Polyacrylonitrile-Na
...e in water. Water solution is alkaline. Usage:Hydrolyzed Polyacrylonitrile-Na (Na-HPAN) is mainly used as filtrate reducer for water-based drilling fluid. It has a certain ability of viscosity reduction, and obvious effect of temperature resistance and salinity. Specifications: 1: physical and chemi...
BrandxsyTagsHydrolyzed Polyacrylonitrile, Polyacrylonitrile
Needle Roller Bearing
Variations of structure: A) Machined type needle roller bearing NA49, NA59, NA69, NKI, NKIS, BRI, TAFI, NAO, NA...2RS, etc. B) Machined type needle roller bearing without inner ring RNA49, RNA59, RNA69, NK, NKS, TAF, RNAO, RNA, HJ, BR, NCS, MR, etc. 1) Material: chrome steel (GCR15) 2) Roller: steel...
BrandJLHTagsNeedle Roller Bearing,china Needle Roller Bearing,Needle Roller Bearing manufacturer
(SISU)NA-140 Loading wheel
...customers with full-course program consulting, product selection, professional procurement, professional training, after-sales service and other "one-stop" professional services. Strict quality assurance
Turbocharger set or parts
...714; VTC214, VTC254, VTC304. Man NR12, NR15, NR20, NR24, NR26, NR29, NR34; NA34, NA40, NA48, NA57, NA70. IHI RH1022, RH1221, RH1222, RH133, RH143, RH163, RH183, RH203, RU110, RU120. Mitsubishi MET26, MET30, MET35, MET42, MET56, MET350, MET450, MET560. Napier C-045, A-085, NHP20, NHP25A, NHP35A, NHP4...
Trisodium hexafluoroaluminate
...ation: Chemical Auxiliary Agent Cas NO.: 13775-53-6 Molecular Formula: AlF6Na3 Melting Point: 1000°C Boiling Point: 19.5oC at 760 mmHg Stability: null Refractive index:1.338 Purity: 97% Appearance: white powder usage: good Cosolvent for Aluminum electrolysis. Brand Name: Tainqiu EINECS: 237-410-6 A...
BrandTainqiuTagsKRYOLITH; CRYOLITE, NA3ALF6; ARTIFICAL CRYOLITE; CRYOLITE, SYNTHETIC; SODIUM ALUMINUM FLUORIDE; ALUMINUM SODIUM FLUORIDE; sodiumfluoroaluminate(3-); sodiumaluminumhexafluoride; aluminumtrisodiumhexafluoride; trisodiumaluminumhexafluoride; hexafluoro-aluminate(3-trisodium; (oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-trisodium; trisodium,(oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-; hexafluoro-,trisodium,(OC-6-11)-Aluminate(3-); Aluminate(3-),hexaflu
Plastic F&NA Door Viewer 3026M5T3G Series
...tic bag,500pcs/box 3026M5T3G/75-90 10pcs/inner plastic bag,450pcs/box Optional Finshes: -G (Golden Plated Plastic) -CR (Chrome Plated Plastic) -UVG (Golden Plated Plastic) -AB (Antique Plated Plastic) MOQ:1000pcs
BrandpgecoTagsdoor viewer (peephole)
Sodium CMC Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMC-Na 9004-32-4
Product name: Sodium Carboxymethy Cellulose, CMC, Molecular Formular: [C6h7O2(OH)2CH2COONa]n CAS No.: 9004-32-4 Item: Food Grade, Industry Grade, Oil Drilling Grade, etc Property; White or light-yellow granular, powder or fine powder Water soluble compound derived from natural fiber Viscosity range:...
BrandTimeliallTagsSodium CMC, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, CMC-Na, 9004-32-4
sodium sulphide
...odium sulphide H. S. CODE.: 28301010 CAS No.: 1313-82-2 Molecular Formula: Na2S Molecular Weight: 240.18 Property: Thin flakes, yellow or red, use in leather industry, sulphur dyestuff. Use: Sodium Sulphide is applied in the leather industry, waste water treatment, soil remediation, the mining indus...
BrandTiandeliTagssodium sulphide,sodium hysrosulphide,sodium formate
Samsung CLT-BK/C/M/Y 809S Toner Cartridge
...odel Cartridge No Yield Region SAMSUNG CLT-BK809S Samsung CLX-9201ND / 9201NA / 9251ND / 9251NA / 9301NA CLT -BK809S 20K EXP,EUR,DOM,CHN ,MEA(Multi-regional) SAMSUNG CLT-C809S Samsung CLX-9201ND / 9201NA / 9251ND / 9251NA / 9301NA CLT -C809S 15K EXP,EUR,DOM,CHN ,MEA(Multi-regional) SAMSUNG CLT-M809S...
BrandSamsungTagsCLT-BK/C/M/Y 809S Toner Cartridge
Sodium Sulfide
sodium sulphide Na2S Yellow flake 1. Purity 60% 2. Fe content:30ppm 3. stock on hand and promote delivery . 4. Specification: Na2S 60%min Na2CO3 2.0% max Fe % 0.003% max Water insoluble 0.20% max 5. Usage It can be used in many differents kinds of areas, .It can be used in the synthesis of organic i...
BrandOrientalTagsBest price -Sodium sulfide
Sodium Percarbonate
sodium percarbonate other names: sodium carbonate peroxide, solid hydrogen peroxide,SPC appearance: free flowing white granules molecular formula: 2Na2CO3.3H2O2 molecular weight: 314.02 CAS NO.: 15630-89-4 UN NO.: 3341 Hazard level:: 5.1
BrandHongyeTagsSodium Percarbonate SPC 2Na2CO3•3H2O2 CAS No.:15630-89-4 Washing Powder Detergents Color Bleaching Powder Textile Pretreatment
NA2XRY Aluminium Conductor IEC 60502-1 XLPE SWA PVC 0.6/1kV Cable
APPLICATION Can be used in underground installations since the cable is very suitable for mechanical compulsion and harsh operating conditions. Suitable for comparatively high ambient temperature due to high maximum permissible conductor temperature. CABLE STANDARDS TS IEC 60502-1, VDE 0276, BS EN/I...
Brandzms cableTagspvc cable