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BS5163 gate valve
Valve body, bonnet: Grey iron, ductile iron Disc: Ductile iron +EPDM Stem: Stainless steel Yoke nut: Brass Pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25 Standard:BS5163 DIN3352
BrandMetalcoTagsBS gate valve
wafer butterfly valve
Body & disc: CI, DI, SS304, SS316, bronze Seat: NBR, EPEM, PTFE Working pressure: PN10/PN16, 125/150LB Size: DN50-DN1200
BrandMetalcoTagswafer butterfly valve
Y strainer
1, Body: Ductile iron/cast iron/carbon steel 2, Screen: Stainless steel 3, O-ring: EPDM/graphite 4, Cover: Ductile iron/cast iron 5, Bolts: Stainless steel/ 6, Plug: Stainless steel 7, Working pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25 8, Standard:BS DIN ANSI AWWA ANSI
BrandMetalcoTagsY strainer
ball check valve
Design: DIN3202 F6, EN1074-3 Flange end: DIN2532, EN1092-2 Working pressure: PN10 PN16 Size:DN50-DN600
BrandMetalcoTagsball check valve
flat valve
1.Body seal: Brass 2.Disc seal: Brass 3.Shift: SS304 4.Disc: Ductile Iron 5.Body: Ductile Iron
BrandMetalcoTagsflat valve
rubber expandion joint
1. The size up to 3600mm (144") 2. The flange standard could be ANSI, GB, DIN, BS, or some other standard according to customer's requirements 3. The pressure is 6MPa, 10MPa, 16MPa, 25MPa
BrandMetalcoTagsrubber expandion joint
metal seated gate valve
1, Design and manufacture: DIN3352 2, Face to face dimensions: DIN 3202 F4/F5 3, Flange end: DIN 2532 DIN2533 4, Size: DN40-DN600 5, Working pressure: PN10 PN16
BrandMetalcoTagsmetal seated gate valve
DIN gate valve
DIN non-rising stem resilient seatd gate valve 1.Valve body/bonnet:ductile iron 2.Stem:stainless steel 3.Wedge:ductile iron+NBR/EPDM 4.Working pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25 5.Standard:DIN3352 F4 6.Size:DN50-DN1200
BrandMetalcoTagsDIN3352 gate valve
100x float valve
Body:Cast iron/Ductile iron Bolts:Stainless steel Ball valve:Brass Cover:Cast iron Spring:Stainless steel Stem: Stainless steel Nut:Stainless steel Plat:Q235 Diaphragm:EPDM Needle valve:Brass Seat:Brass Gasket:NBR Flange end: EN1092-2, BS4504, DIN2532, ANSI B16, 10 Working pressure: PN10/16/25,125/1...
BrandMetalcoTagsfloat valve
double orifice air valve
1. Size: DN40-DN200 2. Connection: Flanged 3. Working pressure: 2.5Mpa 4. Medium: water 5. Temperature: room temperature 6. Body: Ductile iron, steel, stainless steel 7. Float: Stainless Steel 8. Seal material: NBR 9.Design:EN1074-4 10.Flange end:EN1092-2 11.Working pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25
BrandMetalcoTagsdouble orfice air valve
wafer dual plated check valve
Body: DI/WCB Disc: DI/WCB Stem: CS/SS Spring: stainless steel Seal ring: NBR/PTFE Design: EN1074-3 Working pressure: PN10 PN16 PN25 Design:EN1074-3 Working pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25
BrandMetalcoTagswafer dual plated check valve
single orifice air valve
1, Body:Cast Iron/Ductile Iron 2, Ball:Stainless Steel 3, Bracket:Plastics 4, Sealing Gasket:NBR 5, Bonnet 1:Cast Iron/Ductile Iron 6, Bolt/Nut:Carbon Steel 7, Bonnet 2:Steel/Iron 8, Bolt/Nut:Carbon Steel 9, Design:EN1074-4 10, Flang end:EN1092-2 11, Working pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25
BrandMetalcoTagssingle orifice air valve
rubber disc check valve
Body: CI/DI Gasket: NBR/EPDM Cover: CI/DI Disc: CS45#NBR/EPDM Bolts: CS/SS Design: EN1074-3 Flange end: EN1092-2/BS4504/DIN2532 Working pressure: PN10 PN16 PN25 Design:EN1074-3 Flange end:EN1092-2/BS4504/DIN2532 Working pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25
BrandMetalcoTagsrubber disc check valve
double eccentrice double flange butterfly valve
1.Body: ductile iron 2.Disc: ductile iron 3.Body sealing: SS304 4.Pin: EPEM 5."O" ring: P.T.F.E 6.Bushing: SS316 7.Stem: SS316 8.Size:DN100-DN4200 9.Pressure:PN6-PN40 10.Suitable temperature:-10-80︒C
BrandMetalcoTagsdouble eccentrice double flange butterfly valve
socket end reslilient seated gate valve
1, Body: ductile iron 2, Wedge: ductile iron 3, Stem: nut brass 4, Stem: stainless steel 5, Gasket: EPDM/NBR 6, Bonnet: ductile iron 7, Locating ring: ductile iron/brass 8, O ring: EPDM/NBR 9, Gland: ductile iron 10, Design and manufacture:DIN3352 11, Working pressure:PN10 PN16 12, Max working tempe...
BrandMetalcoTagssocket gate valve
manhole cover
Product information: 1.Manhole covers are manufactured for construction and public use 2.Manhole covers shall be smooth and free from sand holes, blow holes, distortion or any other defects Materials: 1.Ductile iron GGG500-7 and 400-12 2.Grey iron GG20 Designs: 1.EN 124 A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 a...
BrandMetalcoTagsmanhole cover
F5 non-rising stem resilient seated gate valve
1.Body:Ductile Iron 2.Bonnet:Ductile Iron 3.Wedge:Ductile +EPDM 4.Stem:Stainless steel 5.Stem Nut:Brass 6.Pressure:PN10 PN16 PN25 7.Suitable medium:water 8.Suitable Temperature:
BrandMetalcoTagsF5 gate vlave
Stainless steel flexible joint
Name: stainless steel flexible joint Feature: 1 Stainless steel flexible corrugated Joint 2.Easy installing 3.Absorb vibration, reduce noise 4.Flexible 5.To absorb effectively vibration, noise, thermal expansion from pipeline system 6.To resolve minor deviation because of piping connecting and elimi...
BrandMetalcoTagsflexible joint
double flange expansion joint
1.Flange: DIN, ANSI, EN 2.Ductile iron dismantling joint The dismantling joint is designed to be the final closing piece in the pipe network, to ease the assembling and disassembling for later maintenance of a pump or valve A standard adjusting range of 50mm on length and a small lateral and angular...
BrandMetalcoTagsdismantling joint
cast-in channels
C type slot embedded parts widely used in Anchorage technical field of housing construction, tunnels, bridges, large construction projects, is a kind of ideal adjustable fixing piece, type C tank foam filler or strip filling materials, to prevent concrete into the channel. C type slot embedded parts...
BrandMetalcoTagscast-in channels