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Lanlang Premium gac kdf 55 water filter cartridge
Lanlang GAC+ GAC/KDF Cartridge Lanlang® GAC+ cartridge combines both FDA grade GAC and KDF to improve the quality of drinking water. It contains GAC to effectively improve taste and odor by removing chlorine and KDF55 to remove chlorine, and reduces heavy metals or KDF85 to remove hydrogen sulfide ...
BrandLanlangTagswater filter cartridge,gac cartridge,kdf 55 water filter cartridge
Lanlang new UVC LED water filter faucet
Lanlang® UVC LED disinfection faucet can be used with reverse osmosis or water filter under the sink, and can be used as the last line of defense for your family's drinking water health. After testing by SGS and other well-known universities and organizations, the tap can kill 99.99% of bacteria an...
BrandLanlangTagsUV disinfection faucet, UV water filter faucet
Ion exchange resin for biodiesel purification
Lanlang ® CA005DR is a sort of cation exchange resin which has sulfonic group (-SO3H) in the styrene-DVB copolymer with clear gel structure. Lanlang ® CA005DR used for biodiesel purification. Basic Features: Application: biodiesel purification Polymer matrix structure: Gel type polystyrene crossli...
BrandLanlangTagsBiodiesel purification ion exchange resin,Biodiesel ion exchange resin,ion exchange resin,Catalyst Resin
Ion Exchange Resin for Water Filter Pitcher
Lanlang®TC113FGD is a premium food-grade macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin and in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It can be used to remove both temporary hardness and alkalinity (carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide) from wat...
BrandLanlangTagsion exchange resin, water softening resin, water filter cartridge resin, cation resin
Outdoor sports hydrogen alkaline water bottle
Lanlang®’s new healthy alkaline water bottle includes two styles, transparent and frosted, all options can be customized: color, capacity, OEM, etc. Features & Benefits Alkaline water: pH 7~9+, keeping our bodies in alkaline state, boost immunity; Antioxidant water: ORP -150~-300mv, keeps body an...
BrandLanlangTagsEnergy bottle, alkaline water bottle, hydrogen water bottle
Long-Effective Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter Cartridge
Lanlang® ALK+ alkaline antioxidant water filter is an inline cartridge for reverse osmosis systems with a various of ceramic balls and coconut shell charcoal media. ALK+ filter is capable of increasing the pH value after RO system up to 8.5~9.5, reducing the ORP value reach to -150mV ~ -300mV, impr...
BrandLanlangTagsalkaline water filter, mineral water filter, inline water filter, RO water filter, water filter cartridge, alkaline water filter cartridge
Water Softening Filter Resin
...ional sites that exist all over the bead, from the surface to deep inside. Lanlang WQA certificate cation exchange resin is the most widely used in water filter industry. They are available in many size gradings including uniform particle size. TYPES: 1. STRONG ACID CATION GEL TYPE RESIN 2. STRONG A...
BrandLanlangTagsion exchange resin, water softening resin, water filter resin, cation resin
Mineral Cartridge to Raise the pH of Water
...n-line mineralizing cartridge is ideal for post treatment to an RO system. Lanlang alkaline mineral filter enriches water with essential minerals including calcium and magnesium, providing fresh pH-balanced alkaline drinking water for the home. Our advantage 1. ALK+ is very competitive to help you e...
BrandLanlangTagsMineral Water Filter Cartridge, Alkaline Replacement Filter, Ro Water Cartridge
Mixed bed resin
Lanlang ready to use mixed bed resins are specially prepared high quality ion exchange resin mixtures designed for direct purification of water. The ratio of component ion exchange resins is engineered to provide high capacity. Performance of the ready to use mixed bed resin depends on the applicati...
BrandLanlangTagsmixed resin,ready to use di resin,ion exchange resin,exchange ion resin,water purifiction resin,di resin
New product anti scale water filter cartridge with gac
Lanlang® ASC+ GAC/Phosphate Cartridge Lanlang® ASC+ cartridge combines both FDA grade GAC and phosphate to improve the quality of drinking water. It contains GAC to effectively improve taste and odor by removing chlorine and phosphate to reduce scale buildup. The ASC+ cartridge can be used as a pr...
BrandLanlangTagswater filter cartridge,anti scale water filter cartridge,gac cartridge
Premium aquarium fish tank filter media bag
Lanlang® Aquaria Pure Premium aquarium filter media Lanlang® Aquaria Pure is a top grade filter media for highly efficient purification of aquarium. It corrects problems water caused by pollutants which can suppress a fish's immune system, leading to disease or death. Aquaria Pure removes nitrogen...
BrandLanlangTagsfish tank filter; aquarium filter media; aquarium filter media bag
Antiscale polyphosphate siliphos water filter cartridge
Lanlang® ASC cartridge contains food grade, slow melt polyphosphate that dissolves in water to inhibit scale and rust build up. The ASC cartridge can be used as a pretreatment for R/O's, ice machines, coffee makers, distillers, hot water heaters, evaporators, and steam generators. Maximum benefit i...
BrandLanlangTagswater filter cartridge, antiscale siliphos cartridge, siliphos balls cartridge
Sugar Decolorization Cation Anion Ion Exchange Resin
...gar into another type of sugar, and to decolorize and purify sugar syrups. Lanlang provides a comprehensive line of products for all beet and cane sugar refining applications along with unique products for new challenges.
BrandLanlangTagsion exchange resin,Sugar Decolorization,Cation Anion resin
Food Grade WQA Certificate Ion Exchange Resin Water Softening
Most of Lanlang materials provided into the potable market are WQA Gold Seal certified to ANSI/NSF61 standards and are the cleanest possible materials suitable for use with minimal rinsing or other pre-treatment prior to use.
BrandLanlangTagsion exchange resin,WQA resin,Water Softening resin
Aquarium water filtration bag
...pan • Easily regenerated by bleacher • Available in several sizes With Lanlang® Aquaria Pure, it’s easy to keep a beautiful marine & freshwater thus you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your tank!
BrandLanlangTagsAquarium pure water, Aquarium water filtration, Aquarium water filter
Hydrogen-rich ORP water magnesium granule
Lanlang® CM-HMG04 is made by 99.5% pure magnesium to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. It should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration. Benefits: Restore pH balance in your body Anti-oxidant power strengthen body’s immune ...
BrandLanlangTagshydrogen-rich water, alkaline water, ORP water, antioxidant water
Best Water Softening Filter Cartridge
Lanlang SWC is a regenerable softening cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials and media. It contains a high capacity gel-type sulfonated polystyrene cation resin. The SWC cartridge can be used for hardness removal prior to distillers, steamers, humidifiers, ice and beverage makers, or ...
BrandLanlangTagswater softening cartridge,water softening filter cartridge,water softener cartridge
...ll can remove heavy metals and residual chlorine in the water effectively. Lanlang filter shower head is professionally designed to provide you a luxurious spa shower and beauty care experience.
BrandLanlangTagsWater filter shower head, shower head filter, shower filter head, fragrance shower filter
Tourmaline aquarium mineral balls
...IENT BALANCE Perfect Health for your fish is an assurance when you include Lanlang Aquarium Mineral Balls. These are Tourmaline balls that complete your tropical fish mineral requirements including calcium, iron, boron, and manganese. DEVELOPS ACTIVE FISH AND ASSISTS IN REPRODUCTION Calcium-enriched...
BrandLanlangTagsaquarium mineral balls, tourmaline balls, mineral ceramic ball
GAC/KDF water filter cartridge
...It fits most standard 10 inch housing. [Capacity] 15000 Gallons [About Us] Lanlang is now China Top-10 water filtration medias supplier. Annually we export 1000+ shipments to 600+ customers from over 40+ countries.
BrandLanlangTagskdf carbon filter, kdf water filter cartridge, kdf gac water filter, gac kdf filter cartridge