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ZA,ZAO Petrochemical process centrifugal pump
Application: In refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing and low temperature engineering, chemical industry, fiber and general processing industries, particularly in paper and pulp industries, sugar industry, water industry, particularly seawater desalination plants, heating and air-condi...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagschemical pump,centrifugal pump,industrial pump,sewage pump,water pump,transfer pump,food pump
FP,FSB Chemical centrifugal pump
FSB Chemical centrifugal pump is widely applicable to the following fields: acid-washing and paint-spraying techniques in auto manufacturing; transportation of electrolytes in the non-ferrous metal metallurgy; chlorine water and waste water treatment and technique process such as acid-adding in ioni...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagschemical pump,centrifugal pump,fluids pump,acid pump,alkali pump,solvent pump
IS horizontal end suction centrifugal water pump
IS type Horizontal end suction water pump/ overhung centrifugal pump. This type of pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply, drainage. It can also be used for agricultural drainage and irrigation. Pumped fluids: water or other similar liquids with physical and chemical properties like ...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagscentrifugal pump,end suction pump,water pump,horizontal pump,irrigation pump,booster pump,drainage pump,supply pump
ZS fiberglass reinforced plastic self priming centrifugal pump
SZ type fiberglass reinforced plastics corrosion resistant self-priming pump. The flow components for SZ fiberglass self priming pump are made of the modified phenolic fiberglass reinforced plastic material by high temperature molding. The pump has the advantages such as light weight, high strength,...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagscentrifugal pump,chemical pump,transfer pump,circulating pump,corrosion resistant pump
LXLZ paper pulp pump
LXLZ paper pulp pump LXLZ two-phase flow paper pulp pump is a new type of impurity pump designed and manufactured to transport solid-liquid two-phase fluids/slurry/pulp according to the advanced two-phase flow theory at home and abroad. Paper pulp pump is indispensable equipment in the paper industr...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagspulp pump,chemical pump,sewage pump,industrial pump,slurry pump,centrifugal pump
GW Vertical sewage centrifugal pump
GW Vertical pipeline sewage pump not clogging drainage pump GW type non-clogging pipeline sewage pump is a new generation of pump product which is successfully developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and combining with the usage characteristics of domestic water pump. It ha...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagssewage pump,vertical pump,centrifugal pump,pipeline pump,transfer pump,circulating pump,drainage pump,effluent pump,wastewater pump,trash pump,not clogging pump,china pump
LW Vertical pipeline sewage pump
LW Vertical not-clogging sewage pump is used to transfer the waste water with fiber diameter 5 times as pump diameter or the solid particles diameter 50% as the pump diameter. LW vertical not-clogging sewage pump adopts a unique single (double) channel impeller and improves the sewage discharge for ...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagssewage pump,centrifugal pump,effluent pump,drainage pump,wastewater pump,trash pump,not clogging pump,china pump,pump factory