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013.32.1405 slewing bearing
013.32.1405 slewing bearing parameter: Bearing type013.32.1405 Boundary dimension1525x1235x119mm Outer dia:1525mm Inner dia:1235mm Height:119mm Teeth :Internal teeth No.of teeth90 Module14 Press angle20 degree The slewing bearing delivery time: about 40 days after getting the order The material :50M...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags013.32.1405 bearing,013.32.1405 slewing ring,013.32.1405 ball bearing
ball slewing bearing with teeth 4548.6x3970x187mm for heavy duty industry machine
...ology data as following: Name Four point contact ball slewing bearing Type JHB-001 Boundary 4548.6x3970x187mm Outside dia4548.6 mm Inner dia3970 mm height187 mm TeethWith external teeth ModuleM:20 No of teethZ: 220  modification coefficientX:0.5 Surface treatment Grinding surface material42CrMo De...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsslewing bearing factory,slewing ring mfg,turntable bearing price
Slewing bearing 1092DBS101y specification
We will introduce Slewing bearing 1092DBS101y specification as follows: Slewing bearing type1092DBS101Y with internal teeth Dimension:1092DBS101Y Outer dia: 1358 mm Inner dia: 1092mm Height: 125 mm Weight165Kgs Outer ring hole distributeNot equally distribute Inner ring hole qtyEqually sapce Outer r...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags1092dbs101y slewing bearing,1092DBS101Y slewing ring,1092dbs101y turntable bearing
RKS.061.20.0944 four point contact ball slewing bearing
RKS.061.20.0944 four point contact ball slewing bearing specification as follows: Slewing bearing typeRKS.061.20.0944 Equal to Bearing VSA200944 Slewing bearing :11-20 0941, :061.20.0944, E.1050.20.00.B,Rollix Bearing code:31-08441-01 Boundary dimension:1 046.4x872x56mm Outer dia:1046.4 mm Inner dia...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsRKS.061.20.0944 slewing ring,rks.061.20.0944 turntable bearing
RKS.061.20.0844 Slewing ball bearing with external teeth 772x950.4x56mm
RKS.061.20.0844 Slewing ball bearing full size: Outer dia:950.4mm Inner dia:772mm Height:56mm Gear teeth parameter: Gear teeth: external gear teeth Press angle: 20 degree M: 8 Z: 117
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsRKS.061.20.0844 slewing bearing,rks.061.20.0844 turntable bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing 527466 for high speed cable wire Tubular Strander machine
cylindrical roller bearing 527466 the data as following: Bearing code527466 Bearing size1210*1000*92mm Bearing outer dia1210mm Bearing inner dia1000mm Bearing height92mm structureSingle row cylindrical roller Rolling Roller Ring materialGCr15SiMn Roller material GCr15 Cage materialBrass Precision gr...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagscylindrical roller bearing, 527466 bearing,tubular strander machine bearing
585DBS164Y Slewing bearing 585x810x85mm
585DBS164Y Slewing bearing 585x810x85mm belong to four point contact ball bearing with internal teeth 585DBS164Y Slewing bearing specification as following: Name Four point contact ball slewing bearing Type 585DBS164Y Boundary 810*585*85mm Outside dia810 mm Inner dia585 mm height85mm gearWith intern...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags585DBS164Y Slewing bearing, 585dbs164y slewing ring , 585dbs164y turntable bearing
20.0644.200- PNN the size:716x572x56mm
Four point contact ball slewing bearing 20.0644.200- PNN without gear/teeth Slewing bearing 20.0644.200- PNN the dimension:716x572x56mm Name4 point contact ball slewing bearing 20.0644.200- PNN Boundary dimension716x572x56mm Outer dia:716 mm Inner dia:572 mm Height:56 mm Radial clearance0.05-0.2 mm ...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags20.0644.200- PNN bearing,20.0644.200pnn slewing bearing
RKS.23.0741 Slewing bearing with flange 848*634*56mm
RKS.23.0741 Slewing ring with flange belongs to light series four-point contact ball slewing bearings without a gear, It consist of inner ring outer ring and ball parts.we had the bearing RKS.23.0741 to our Europe customer. The RKS.23.0741 Slewing bearing details as following: Bearing type RKS.23.07...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsRKS.23.0741 slewing bearing,RKS.23.0741 turntable bearing,RKS/23/0741 slewing ring
061.25.1120.301.11.1523 four point contact ball slewing bearing
We/JinHang Precision slewing bearings can be divided into the following types according to their structure as single row four point contact ball slewing bearing,single row crossed roller slewing bearing,double row different ball diameter slewing bearing,three row cylindrical roller bearing,ball and ...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags061.25.1120.301.11.1523 turntable bearing 061.25.1120.301.11.1523 slewing ring
787/1000g2 Slewing bearing 1000x1250x100mm stacker track swivel
Turntable bearing 787/1000G2 slewing bearing size as following: Name4 point contact ball slewing bearing 787/1000G2 Boundary dimension1000x1250x100mm Outer dia:1250 mm Inner dia:1000 mm Height:100 mm Radial clearance0.12-0.28 mm Rolling Ball Material 50Mn The delivery time30 days after getting the o...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags787.1000g2 bearing,787/1000 ball slewing bearing,787/1000 slewing ring
ball Slewing/turntable bearing 232.20.0600.503 with size 948*734*56mm
The 232.20.0600.503 standard series is a light-weigt series from the slewing bearing range. For reasons of economy the bearing cross sections in this standard series are relatively small.It is, therefore, necessary to mount these bearings on a distortion-proof companion structure. Name Four point co...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags232.20.0600.503 bearing,232.20.0600.503 internal teeth bearing,232.20.0600.503 slewing turntable bearing
142DBS101Y four point contact ball Slewing bearing 1750x1424x120mm
We will introduce Slewing bearing 142DBS101Y specification as follows: Slewing bearing type142DBS101Y with external teeth Dimension:142DBS101Y Outer dia: 1750 mm Inner dia: 1424mm Height: 120 mm Weight620 Kgs Outer ring hole distribute equally distribute Inner ring hole qtyEqually sapce Outer ring a...
BrandJHB Or OEMTags142dbs101y bearing factory,142DBS101Y teeth ball bearing, 142dbs101y slewing ring
MTE-730 slewing bearing 41.85x28.75x3.25 inch size
MTE-730 four point contact ball slewing bearing with outside teeth belongs to heavy industry equipment parts. The parts including outer ring inner ring and rolling ball elements. MTE-730 Ball slewing bearing 1062.99x730.25x82.55mmmm with external teeth for food equipment MTE-730 slewing bearing boun...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsmte-730 bearings,MTE-730 turntable bearings,MTE730 SLEWING RING
Slewing ball bearing E.1200.20.00.C 1198.4x984x56mm
We had offered the bearing E.1200.20.00.C to our mobile crane,the structure is four point contact ball structure, the rolling elements is ball. Now We will introduce Slewing bearing E.1200.20.00.C specification as follows: Slewing bearing typeE.1200.20.00.C Dimension 1198.4x984x56mm Outer dia: 1198....
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsE.1200.20.00.C ball bearing,e.1200.20.00.c slewing bearing
RKS.162.14.0744 crossed roller Slewing bearing 816x649.2x56mm
DescriptionRKS.162.14.0744 bearing Bearing nameRKS.162.14.0744 slewing bearing RKS.162.14.0744 slewing ring RKS.162.14.0744 turntable bearing RKS.162.14.0744 crossed roller slewing bearing with internal gear Dimension(ODXIDXH)816 x 649.2 x 56 mm Outer diameter(OD)816 mm Inner diameter(ID)649.2 mm Wi...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsRKS.162.14.0744 slewing ring,rks.162.14.0744 816*649.2*56mm turntable bearing
FA-00R3 slewing bearing with internal teeth 1166x985.6x54mm
Product description: FA-00R3 slewing bearing product structure: Four point contact ball slewing bearing Parts :outer ring, inner ring ,ball , seal Teeth:internal teeth Material:50Mn 42CrMo Cage/retainer: Nylon Gear type: internal gear slewing bearing Application: boom crane/offshore crane FA-00R3 fo...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsFA-00R3 bearing,FA-00R3 slewing bearing,FA-00R3 turntable bearings
Feed extruder machine use thrust roller bearing T6AR85290
Tandem roller bearings T6 AR85290 consist of several axial cylindrical roller bearings arranged in line, A system of rings and washers matched to each other ensures that all stages of the tandem bearing are subjected to uniform load at all times irrespective of the ratio C/F. The rings and washers a...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsT6 AR85290 bearing, T 6AR85290 roller bearing T6AR 85290 thrust roller bearing T6AR85290 extruder bearing
MTE-470 ball slewing bearing with external teeth 683.26x469.9x60mm
We had offered the bearing MTE-470 to our mining equipment customer ,Now We will introduce Slewing bearing MTE-470 specification as follows: Slewing bearing typeMTE-470 with external teeth Dimension:683.26x469.9x60mm 26.9x18.5x2.375 inch size Outer dia: 683.26 mm(26.9 inch size) Inner dia: 469.9mm(1...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsMTE-470 bearing,mte470 slewing bearing,mte-470 turntable bearings
VA160235-N Four point contact ball bearing with teeth 318.6*234*40mm
VA160235-N Four point contact ball bearing with teeth 318.6*234*40mm VA160235N belongs to four point contact ball bearing with external teeth. DescriptionVA160235N slewing bearing Va160235n turntable bearing Va160235 N slewing ring bearing Outside and Inside diameter tolerancesin accordance with ISO...
BrandJHB Or OEMTagsVA160235-N bearing, va160235n slewing ring,va160235N turntable bearing