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ProductsBelt Conveyor System

Belt Conveyor System
Belt conveyors are used to transport the scattered parts and weight of 100kg the following items. Been widely used non-polluting industries in the assembly, juice /food packaging, production line, chemicals tronsport,other fields,etc.
BrandhwlTagsConveyor System

Productsrice mill machine

rice mill machine
Here we supply the rice mill for home use or industrial production line. Capacity:300kg/hr, 500kg/hr, 1ton/hr, 2ton/hr, etc. Complete line of rice mill or single machines are all available in our business scope.
BrandhwlTagsrice mill

Productsegg incubator

egg incubator
egg incubator, micro-computer control, full-automatic, Color steel plate and removeable shelf for putting and turnning egg. Capacity per batch:264pcs, 352pcs, 528pcs, 880pcs, 1232pcs, 2112pcs,3000pcs, 5000pcs, 8448pcs, 9856pcs, 12000pcs, 14700pcs, 19712pcs,28160pcs,33792pcs, etc. Electric value220V,...
BrandhwlTagsegg incubator

ProductsOnion peeling machine

Onion peeling machine
This onion peeling machine is dry-peeling the onions, by way of pneumatic-type working, easy operation, digital-controlled. Fast and reliable. Machine power supply:220V, 50HZ. Capacity:500kg/hr (approx.) Air-compressor needed:0.8Mpa, 11Kw.
BrandhwlTagsOnion peeling machine

ProductsCassava slicer machine

Cassava slicer machine
Our such cassava slicer machine is best designed for ruaral areas whereas lack of electricty sicne the slicer machine is driven by diesel engine. It features fastness, high-effeciecy, cost-effectiveness, reliable and easy for operation. Capacity:1.5t/hr-2t/hr.
BrandhwlTagsCassava slicer machine

ProductsSachet bags Filling/sealing Machine

Sachet bags Filling/sealing Machine
Automatic filling/packing/seaming machine is widely used for pure water/liquid/milk in sachet bags in rolls. Volume packs at 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml. Capacity:1500-2200bags/hr. Features: automatic filling, convenient, easy-operation, reliable.
BrandhwlTagsSachet bags Filling/sealing Machine

ProductsMilking machine

Milking machine
Such mobile miliking machine features with convenience, cost-effective, easy-handling, less noise, high-effeciency, it's reliable. Suitable for small to medium scale milking farms of cattles/goats. Working capacity:10heads-12heads/hr; Working vacuum pressure:50KPa; Pulse-move rate:60:40; Pulse-move ...
BrandhwlTagsMilking machine

ProductsBamboo Toothpick Making Machines

Bamboo Toothpick Making Machines
These machines can be used for 2-end-sharp or 1-end-sharp toothpicksThe general spec. of a bamboo toothpick is: diameter 2.0mm and 65mm in length. 1 production line, 8-hour output 1, 000, 000 pieces, about 120 kg in total.If it produces I-end-sharp toothpicks, 8-hour output 500, 000 pieces.
BrandhwlTagsBamboo Toothpick Making Machines

ProductsPotato Chips Processing Machine

Potato Chips Processing Machine
Fresh Potato Chips Processing Machines include fresh potato washer/peeler, slicer, hot water cooker, de-watering equipment, oil frying equipment, de-oil equipment, flavor adding device, packing machine. Capacity: 80kg-100kg/hr, 120-150kg/hr, 200 kg/hr, 500 kg/hr. Application: Potato snacks food prep...
BrandhwlTagsPotato Chips Processing Machine

ProductsWater purifying plant

Water purifying plant
Our Reverse Osmosis Filter device is used to slove drinking water problems, it removes suspended matter, organic matter, abnormal smell of water, at the same time, it reduces hardness and color degree of water. After treated water meet national drinking water health standard. Raw Water: Underground ...
BrandhwlTagsWater purifying plant

ProductsWaste Rubber Crumb Pulverizer/shredder

Waste Rubber Crumb Pulverizer/shredder
We can offer waste rubber tyres processing, crushing, pulverizing into rubber powder like 20mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80mesh, etc, capacity can be 500kg/hr, 1000kg/hr, 1ton/hr, 2ton/hr,5ton/hr, etc. Application waste rubber tyres are recycled to make rubber powder.
BrandhwlTagsRubber Crumb crusher/shredder

ProductsMeat balls making machine

Meat balls making machine
This meat ball making machine is best for producing meat balls, with advanced technology, good roundness, smooth appearance, as long as the diced meat is put into the machine hopper, open the machine for running 2-3 minutes so that the meat balls are formed. the balls are tasting crisp, delicious, e...
BrandhwlTagsMeat balls making machine

ProductsDry mortar mixer plant

Dry mortar mixer plant
Dry mortar mixer plant: is widely used for fields like mixing chemicals, mines, metalurgicals, construction materials preparation. Product Feature It features high speed, high precision, cost-effective, enviroment-friendly, reliable, easy operation/maintenance. Capacity:1-2ton/hr,3ton/hr, 5ton/hr, e...
BrandhwlTagsDry mortar mixer plant

ProductsWood biomass pellets stove

Wood biomass pellets stove
Wood pellets stove are best suitable for such areas that there is lack of gas or oil for heating or cooking purpose by use of wood pellets as fuel which are cheap, environment-friendly to achieve heat as fuel. While pans can be put on the stove for cooking. Meanwhile such stoves can be used for warm...
BrandhwlTagsWood biomass pellets stove

ProductsRice/grains Destoner

Rice/grains Destoner
Rice/grains Destoner: The sucking or blowing type destoner machine are used for the rice or wheat/maize processing plant (wheat/grains/rice mill).It separate in the valley of rice. Brown rice, big rice and bean materials, wheat/corns are treated in this mahine for separating the stones/sand, inpurit...
BrandhwlTagsRice/grains Destoner

ProductsEdible Oil Filling Machine

Edible Oil Filling Machine
Such edible oil filling machine works via piston-type volumic filling by air pressure and electricity controlled. Fast, reliable in working, easy ffecive. two speed adjusting. Avoid over-filling or leakage during the procedure. Can also be matched with sealing/capping device or conveyor. It's widely...
BrandhwlTagsEdible Oil Filling Machine

ProductsPeanut Butter Production Line

Peanut Butter Production Line
Peanut Butter Production Line. Starts from peanuts washing, sorting, shell-remover, peanuts-roasting, dehulling, sorting, conveying, grinding, cooling, PET Jars packing or BOPP Sachet packing in small bags. Product Feature caapcity 1tn-1.5ton per shift. Product Specification/Models peanut oil screw ...
BrandhwlTagsPeanut Butter Production Line

Productsfrozen meat/bone sawing cutting machine

frozen meat/bone sawing cutting machine
The frozen meat/bone sawing machine is used for electrically cutting the animal bone or frozen meat into blocks as your equirements, whcih then the small pc of bone or meart cam be easier for packing in bags of 1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg, etc. the bone saw is adopted with South Korean technology and assured wi...
BrandhwlTagsmeat processing machines

ProductsSeawater Desalination Equipment

Seawater Desalination Equipment
Seawater Desalination Equipment: Characteristics: It adopts computer simulating system design; the complete system performs safely and reliably. It enables to treat seawater and brackish water meets to the World Health Organization (WHO), drinking water standard. Easy operation, it adopts PLC automa...
BrandhwlTagsSeawater Desalination Equipment

ProductsSlaughter house for cattle/sheep/pigs

Slaughter house for cattle/sheep/pigs
Cattle & sheep Slaughter house & meat processing equipment unit can process at capacity of 50-100cattles/200-350sheep, 100-200cattles/500-1000sheep (even 2000goats/sheep) per shift of 8hrs -10hours. Pigs SLAUGHTERING & meat processing EQUIPMENT WITH CAPACITY OF 100HEADS,200-300HEADS, 500HEADS, 800-1...
BrandhwlTagsSlaughter house
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