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high-strength geonet
Geonet Geonet is made of high-density polyethylene(HDPE) and the ultravioresistant agent Features 1.Aging resistance 2.Erosion resistance 3.Good Flexibility Application 1.Using the geonet on the roadbed of the roadway and railway can distribute the load effectively, improve the loading capacity and ...
BrandROADTagsplastic net,geonet,geonet for slope protection
Composite geonet for drainage
Composite geonet for drainage Tri-dimension composite genet for drainage is a new type of geosynthetics.Its made of atri-dimension geonet coated with geotextile on both sides. Network core consists of a tri-dimension thick vertical rib, and a rip on top and bottom .It can drain underground water qui...
BrandHuataoTagsComposite geonet for drainage,tri-dimension composite geonet for drainage
HDPE/LLDPE Geomembrane Liner and Installation (if required)
High quality HDPE Geomembrane Liner offered in many different thicknesses depending on the clients application and use. We also offer installation if required our team of experts will make sure that every need and want is fulfilled and the project is done as per requirement with the highest quality ...
BrandAbso-Barrier Geomembrane linerTagsGeomembrane liner, geomembrane pakistan, geo-synthetic liner, HDPE liner, LLDPE liner, MDPE liner, Geonet, geotextiles
Drainage Board HDPE Composite Dimple geomembrane
...mensional composite drainage board is a synthetic non-woven geotextile and geonet core structure consisting of a layer of a different one or two layers, with a composite structure and drainage isolation function; (2) composite drainage board used in underground garage roof planting, planting roofs, ...
BrandELITE-INDUSTagsComposite geomembrane, compound geomembrane, Composite membrane, compound membrane, geomembrane composite geotextile, geomembrane compound geotextile, composite geomembranes, compound geomembranes, composite dimple geomembrane. Composite geosynthetics, ge