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Detergent Powder
Detergent Powder - Bulk > Good Foam > Good Cleaning > Lasting Fragrance Available in Bulk Packaging of 25 kg & 50 kg woven bags. Contact for best pricing.
BrandPrizTagsDetergent Powder, Washing Powder, Laundry Detergent, Detergent, Cleaner, Clothes, Laundry
Mio Automat detergent
3 kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg, 20kg
BrandMio Detergent PowderTagspowder detergent
detergent bottles softener bottle
Any color will be available. There are more than 100 style of detergent bottles in our factory. Free samples for you.
BranddetergentTagsdetergent bottles softener bottle
Daffodils Liquid laundry Detergent In Pakistan
Detergent manufacturers in Pakistan Liquid detergent manufacturers in Pakistan Liquid laundry detergent manufacturers in Pakistan Liquid detergent in pakistan hand wash manufacturers in pakistan surface cleaner manufacturers in pakistan Detergent powder manufacturers in Pakistan glass cleaner manufa...
BrandDaffoidlsTagsLiquid laundry Detergent In Pakistan
powder detergent
... Cleaner, Multi -Wax Spray, Anti- Spatter , Moisture Displacer etc) Powder Detergent, Fabric Sofetener, Dishwashing Liquid Special Paints Special Lubricants Imported and local Trader Raw Matyerials for detergent Industry
BrandChemicals/ Organic and InorganicTagsOrganic Chemicals, Toll manufacturing detergent
Zeolite 4A Detergent Grade sodium aluminosilcate
...Chemical Industry is professional manufacturer of synthetic zeolite 4A for detergent, sodium aluminosilicate. Good for phosphate free detergent powders as traditional STPP detergent builder. It is safe for environment and waters. But its cost is lower without harm to detergency. If interested, pls c...
Brandzeolite4a for detergentTagszeolite 4a for detergent,phosphate free detergent zeolite,STPP substitute zeolite
Zeolite Detergent Grade
Zeolite Detergent Grade For Detergent Powder and soap bar Making SpecificationStandardResult Calcium Exchange Ability (MgCaCO3/g Zeolite)310 Min330 Whiteness %95min96 Ph Value ( 1% Solution, 25℃ )11.3 Max11 L.O.I (500+/-10%,1h)22 Max18 GranularityAverage Size2-4umConform ≥10um90 ≤4um2 Packing:...
BrandGMTagszeolite 4A,detergent,low price
Detergent Powder
Appearance White color powder with blue, green and pink speckles. Fresh Lime perfume or perfume as per customer choice. Tough on dirt and stains encountered in daily life. Whitening agents for extra whiteness on fabric. Anti Redeposition Property. Good foaming. Applicable for both machine wash and h...
BrandDetergent Washing PowdersTagsDetergents and Soaps
BASF Detergent agent FMFB
BASF Kieralon Wash FMFB - Detergent agents APEO-free mixture of sequestering and surface-active substances. Anionic/nonionic. Wetting agent and detergent with emulsifying and extractive active action for mobilizing and removing the impurities in cotton during all pretreatment processes. Specially re...
BrandBASFTagsDetergent agent
Daffodils Detergent Powder
Detergent powder, or washing powder, is a type of detergent (cleaning agent) that is added for cleaning laundry. While detergent is still sold in powdered form Daffodils Detergent Powder provides your clothes with great cleaning power, removing even the toughest stains by getting deep down into the ...
BrandDaffodilsTagsDetergent Powder/washing powder manufacturer in pakistan
Detergent T107B
Detergent T107B is an over base number synthetic calcium sulfonate. It has the features of excellent acidic neutralization capacity, high temperature detergency. The product can be mainly used in blending high grades lubricating oil for internal combustion engines, heavy load diesel engines, especia...
BrandHowellTagsTBN 400; lubricant additive; detergent; tbn booster
Raw Materials for detergent powder making--Zeolite 4A
Raw Materials for detergent powder making--Zeolite 4A 1.Strong Adsorption 2.Used in detergent 3.Excellent Liquidity Huiying Chemical Industry(Quanzhou) Co., Ltd was established in 1992 who has been engaged in China Zeolite 4A Detergent Raw Material Supplier and zeolite molecular sieve 3a,4a,5a,13x m...
BrandHuiYing ChemicalTags4a zeolite, synthetic zeolites, zeolite detergent grade, 4A zeolite manufacturer, Zeolite for Detergent, detergent raw material, sodium aluminosilicate, Huiying Chemical
Household Detergent Powder
12% active matter detergen powder Functions: 1. Remove obstinate stains easily 2. Dissolve fast in cold or hot water 3. Phosphorus or non -phosphorus is available 4. Fit for hand and machine washing 5. High ,middle or low density as you like 6. Harmless to hands and fabrics 7. Easy to rinse. 8. Make...
BrandOEMTagsdetergent powder
Blue detergent powder
The character of our powder is: 1 Specification as your request and OEM. 2 High quality, medium quality, economical quality 3 High foam, middle foam, low foam as your request 4 Suitable density, package is attractive in design 5 Fragrance: lemon, floral, jasmine ,strawberry ec 6 Protects Color 7 Rem...
BrandXUCTagswashing powder,detergent powder
OEM detergent powder
The character of our powder is: 1 Specification as your request and OEM. 2 High quality, medium quality, economical quality 3 High foam, middle foam, low foam as your request 4 Suitable density, package is attractive in design 5 Fragrance: lemon, floral, jasmine ,strawberry ec 6 Protects Color 7 Rem...
BrandOEMTagsdetergent powder,household products
4A Zeolite Detergent Grade, Synthesize Zeolite
4A Zeolite as raw material for detergent powder.Our 4A Zeolite quality always be stable and excellent and can replace some of the STPP as the raw meterial of detergent powder builder,and the price is lower than STPP. Pls check as below: -----------------------------4A Zeolite specification----------...
BrandHYTagsZeolito, Zeoliter, Zeolito, Zeolite manufacturer, Zeoliter, Zeoliitti, Zeolithgruppe, detergente en polvo, detergent powder
Xbrite Neo - Multi Purpose Detergent
Product Highlights Effectively cleans soiled & stained textile material Improves brightness when used on dyed fabrics Improves whiteness when used on white fabrics Removes residual dyestuff if used post dyeing Highly effective back-staining stripper Enhanced cleaning action Effective neutralizer APE...
BrandMicrogenixTagsWashing off Agent,Improves whitenes,Improves brightnes,cleans soiled
circle shaped speckles for detergent powder
We are the manufacture of colorful speckles for detergent powder,with the annual output of 30 thousand metric tons.Ring shaped speckles are our new speckles for P&G GROUP We are the provider of P&G GROUP. Our specification is, Specification: Apperance:flow freely,fresh and colorful appearance. Diame...
BrandchuanheTagscircle shaped speckles
blue speckles for detergent powder
Item Spcification Result Appearance Flow freely, No agglomeration, speckles Flow freely blue,red green,orange speckles Order No peculiar smell No peculiar smell Apparent gravity,g/ml 0.75~1.1 0.9 Time of slaking,min ≤5.0 2 Particle diameter ≥1.4mm, % ≤2.0 0 Particle diameter 1.25~1.4mm,% ≤3....
BrandchuanheTagsblue speckles
zilibon detergent defoamer
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This product is a kind of polysiloxane-polyether copolymer emulsion defoamer, which is mainly used to control the foams during the production of aqueous latex paint, especially suitable for use in the styrene - acrylate emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion, acetate ethylene emulsion. ...
BrandzilibonTagsdetergent defoamer