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gravure proofing machine for rotogravure cylinder making
The proofing machine is to test and proof rotogravure cylinders after engraving,to check its correct engraving pattern and get customers approval. Japanese type and British type
BrandHongJianTagsproofing machine,proofer,cylinder proof
Electroplating machine for rotogravure cylinder making
Fully automatic plating line is improved on the basis of the traditional plating line. The fully automatic production line realizes the centralized PLC or microcomputer program control in the whole line, which has the characteristics of high working efficiency, fewer operators and less floor space, ...
BrandhyxyTagsgravure engraving,cylinder making,rotogravure cylinder
De-Chrome machine for gravure cylinder plate-making
Product Application De-chrome is an important process in gravure cylinder plate making. De-chrome machine is used to de-chroming . If you have cylinders still in production, where the chrome is worn but the engraving is still good, we can also De-Chrome and Re-Chrome cylinders, often known as De and...
BrandYUBOTagsdechrome,dechroming,gravure cylinder, de-chrome
automatic electroplating plant for rotogravure cylinder making
...er operators and smaller occupy space. CHARACTERS: (1).High automatization,cylinder is automaticly transferred by the travelling crane;fully automatic load/unload cylinder system,controlled by the general console. (2).Chrome polisher also merged into the auto plating line (3).Less sealing tache,simp...
BrandhongjianTagselectroplating plant,plating tank,galvanic plating tanks
Fully Automatic electroplating line for roto gravure cylinder making
...ng. The line is an automatic line in which what you do is to input related cylinder parameters in computer and computer will order and finish the whole plating process.
BrandYUBOTagselectroplating line,gravure cylinder, pre-press
New design copper plating tank for rotogravure cylinder making
Copper plating 1. PP tank,more anticorrosive; 2. Titanium anode; 3. Stainless steel body frame,no paint and nice-looking and long service life. 4. DE-ION system,clean the chemical liquid; 5. High quality electric components:mitsubishi,schneider; 6. Optimized anode system. Anode vertical up and down,...
BrandYUBOTagsrotogravure, plate-making,pre-press,copper plating,copper tank
Electroplating cylinder making for prepress rotogravure printing
...ng. The line is an automatic line in which what you do is to input related cylinder parameters in computer and computer will order and finish the whole plating process. Features:   1.Base on the principle of system engineering to realize the fully automatic operation of electroplating production...
BrandYUBOTagsRotogravure cylinder,pre-press printing
Chrome Polishing tank for gravure cylinder printing
Chrome polishing machine is a new generation of fully automatic CNC chrome polishing machine developed by our company on the basis of foreign advanced technology, combined with many years of plate-making experience and modern automatic control technology. The utility model has the advantages of stri...
BrandhyxyTagsrotogravure cylinder,gravure engraving,cylinder making
Proofing machine for pre-press printing gravure cylinder making
Proofing machine is especially designed for rotogravure cylinders. The machine not only has the economical and practical features of Japanese style, but also changes the car-tridge movement from roller linear bearings to linear rail, it solves the non-synchronization problem of cartridge forwarding ...
BrandYUBOTagsproofing machine,proof, rotogravure cylinder, printing prepress
Hydraulic oil cylinder
Hydraulic oil cylinder 1. Original material standard according to the original OEM technical drawing 2. Premium quality standard guaranteed 3. Long lasting and reliable working life time 4. Positive customer feedback from abroad and domestic market
BrandSanyTagsHydraulic oil cylinder
Electroplating machine for rotogravure cylinder making
...o achieve automation. Processing capacity Type170023002500 Hollow printing cylinder length300-1700300-2300300-2500 The cylinder diameter90-40090-45090-450
BrandhyxyTagsrotogravure cylinder,gravure engraving,cylinder making
Copper Grinding Stone for rotogravure cylinder gravure
O.D.:200mm, I.D.:100mm,50mm; Thickness: 50mm, 70mm; Grade: #120--#3000
BrandhyxyTagsgravure cylinder,cylinder making,gravure engravure
Automatic electroplating production line for rotogravure cylinder making
...o copperizing, chrome plating line is used to chrome coating after gravure cylinder engraving. It implements PLC control or microcomputer program control; Semi-automatic production line achieves the single-machine automatic control program, with the advantages of long service life, convenient mainte...
Plunger cylinder Swing cylinder
Plunger cylinder Swing cylinder It is according the working principal of concrete delivery cylinder to adjust the S valve, to achieve the continuous working process. We can supply Sany, Zoomlion, Schwing, Putzmeister, Cifa, Junjin, KCP, CAMC concrete pump and concrete boom pump plunger cylinder, if ...
BrandShantuiTagsPlunger cylinder Swing cylinder
Cylinder mould for paper machine
New model Cylinder Mould for Paper Making Machiney Stainless steel Cylinder mould 1.Size: φ1500×2350×2800 Sheet winding cylinder mould 2. Material: (1)Main shaft: φ219×25 seamless steel tube,axle head φ150mm,45# carbon steel, thermal refining (2) Spoke: Inside and outside is 13 pcs in all. The...
BrandEASTTAITagscylinder mould, paper making machine
Engraving stylus diamond tool for rotogravure cylinder gravure print
Production name: Ohio engraving stylus Specification :90 degree--140degree Model: #2215/#720/#820 Ohio engraving tools including : #2215/720/820 engraving stylus, burr cutter,sliding shoe.
BrandhyxyTagsgravure cylinder,cylinder making,gravure engravure
copper polishing machine for rotogravure cylinder
HJ-PGJ Copper surface polishing machine is developed on the basis of Japanese Copper polishing machine, combined with use experience of designers and modern numerical control technology. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, the polishing head adopts rectangular guide rail to ensure the st...
BrandHongJianTagscopper polishing machine,cylinder polishing,rotogravure cylinder making machine
KOUDX Gas Cylinder Cabinet
... keyed lock prevents unauthorized access. Adopted stationary chain to keep cylinders standing vertically. Sturdy, foldable pedal on the bottom helps to load and unload easily. Alarm device will be activated flashlight and buzzer once system detects leakage of gas.
plywood cold press machine
related pressure:400t cylinder:320mm cylinder quantity:2pcs cylinder stroke:1050mm openning:1800mm working table sizs:1370*2700mm weight:11000kgs
BrandgeelongTagsplywood making machine,plywood cold press machine:plywood pre-press machine
washing machine fir gravure cylinder
...le maintenance. Lamp lighting installation, make it easy to clean and exam cylinder, roller adopts antiskid groove, a special material storage area. The machine gets the user consistent high praise. Features: Operator Panel a. Cylinder rotate speed control b. Rinsing installation, spray unit control...
BrandHJ-QXJTagswashing machine,plate-making machine,rotogravure cyinder,gravure cylinder