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Distance Spacers: Collar-Pallet
Product name: Distance Spacers: Collar-Pallet Material: galvanized steel Material thickness: 5.00 mm
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APH003 Trachea Open Collar
APH003 Trachea Open Collar * Made of molded foam with plastic parts and Velcro straps. * High density molded foam can support the cervical spin in position and provides comfort cushioned effect. * The front opening is used for tracheostomy. Size: S, M, L,XL
BrandAllbestTagsCervical Collar, Collar
ATH002B Soft Cervical Collar
ATH002B -- Beige ATH002W-- White V Soft Cervical Collar * V Shape collar design to fit mandible snugly. * Made of medium density foam to support the cervical spin in position. * Long hook design can fasten easily for tightness adjustment. *Cotton surface fabric can provide more comfort. Size : one H...
BrandAllbestTagsCervical Collar, Collar
Spiral Nail Stop Collar
Crimson Spiral Nail Stop Collar uses two spiral locking pins which when driven in firmly lock the collar into position around the casing. This Stop Collar can be used in both upset and non-upset casing Provides maximum annular clearance. They can be latched on to the casing pipe without having to be...
BrandCrimsonTagsStop Collar
Pallet collar
We offer best quality, best price and quick delivery.
Cementing tools
Our main cementing toos are: liner hanger, float collar, float shoe, stage collar, casing centralizer, stop collar, cementing plug
BrandSAIGAOTagsfloat collar, float shoe, stage collar, casing centralizer, stop collar, cementing plug
Collar lace
Cotton, polyester quality collars, can make as your designs and colors.
BrandNo brandTagscollar lace
Chainmail Collar
Chainmail collar, is also called chainmail mantle collar armor or bishop's mantle for its similarity to the outer garment worn by certain catholic clergy. The same with chainmail coif, chainmail shirt, chainmail gloves and chainmail chausses, chainmail collar is also made of small metal rings throug...
BrandBoeggerTagsChainmail Collar
Drill Collar
The Drill Collar is used between the drill pipe and the bit in the drill stem. It is used to put weight on the bit so that the bit can drill.Including slick drill collar & spiral drill collar. Drill collars are trepanned and drifted to API Spec 7. Full-length heat-treatment processes ensure that mec...
Starter/Base Collar scaffold
Use: This is designed to “base out” the Ringlock scaffold system sitting on top of the screw Jack creating a lower node point Material: High strength structural steel Finish: Hot dipped galvanized Description lbs kgs Base Collar 3.7 1.72
Float Collar
Cement Float Collar : The using method is the same as float shoes except the lower end is pin Thread. It is connected with casing. High strength concrete for maximum resistance to circulating erosion, as well as bump and back pressures . The usage of float collar is to make the casing landing easily...
BrandCrimsonTagsFloat Equipment
Float Collar
A few advantages of the Float Collar provided by our company are: 1.High strength design ensures high pressure bump and back flow resistance; 2.Withstands long periods of circulation; 3.Automatic fill up, saves considerable running-in time of casing; 4.Easy drill out with PDC bits; 5.Special non-rot...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsCementing Unit
Leather Dog Collar
Available Sizes 40mm/45cm 40mm/55cm 50mm/65cm Colors: Pink/Black, Black/Pink, Black/Black, Black/Blue,Black/Brown, Black/Red, Blue/Black, Dark Pink/Baby Pink, Orange/Green, Red/Black, Violett/Pink, Yellow/Orange We are manufacturer from Poland. We sell our products to Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Finla...
BrandCollarTagsCollar, Leather collar, Dog collar
Drill Collar
Usage: Drill collars are used to provide weight on bit so that drill pipes are kept in tension. Especially drill collars can keep drill bits centralized and hole track by large rigidity Material: AISI 4145H, 4145H Mod and Non-magnetic material. Standard: API Spec7, API Spec7-1 and SY/T Standard. ALS...
BrandSenwellTagsDrill Collar
Float shoe、Float collar
The float collar is mainly composed of spoiler,floating ball, shell and the basket.The casing float shoe is mainly composed of spoiler,floating ball, shell ,the basket and guide shoe.The cone of spoiler center hole with floating ball can seal fluid reverse. The basket can support floating ball,flush...
BrandzhonglianTagsFloat shoe, Float collar
Blouse - Short Sleeve - Lace Collar
Blouse - Short Sleeve - Lace Collar. Material: Viscoce Size: Following your specifications. Colors: Following your specifications. OEM experience. We can produce your clothing line. MADE IN PERU Original picture from our catalog. Visit our webpage to suscrite to our catalog and information about pri...
BrandPeruvian Clothes & StyleTagsBlouses, Woman, Lady
Round Leather Collar Dog hande made
Available Sizes 6mm width/35cm length 8mm width/50cm length 10mm width/65cm length 12mm width/75cm length We are manufacturer from Poland. We sell our products to Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Finland, Sweeden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia...
BrandPet collarTagsLeather Collar round, Handmade collar, Halsband
Stop Collar
Stop collar is used to hold centralizers or cement baskets on any position of casing, which ensures the positions of centralizers or cement basket to meet the design. The stop collars are available in three types: knock-on type , Spiral nail type and Set screw type. The stop collars can be installed...
BrandZhongshiTagsStop Collar
Taper Tap & Die Collar
... wall of tube dropped objects such as drill pipe and oil tube, and the Die Collar is a special external fishing tool which is engaged on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oil tubing and drill pipe. They are made with chip groove so as to make threads easily. The Taper tap and Die Collar are...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsFishing tools