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Big Sales on CIU-011 waterproof outdoor cell phone jammer
...Sep. 2013 The cellular phone is the most popular way to detonate the bomb. CIU-011 Waterproof Disguised Mobile Phone Jammer provides the most security and away from bomb attacked. From now to Dec. 02. 2013, we offered 30% discount on CIU-011. Contacts with us now, don’t miss this opportunity. info...
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4G LTE Mobile Disguised Cellular Phone Jammer
CIU-018 Mobile Disguised Cellular Phone Jammer with 4G LTE (2600MHz) is a small RF power jammer in a handbag. The jammer is designed to protect VIP person and for special agent use. Developed on explicit request of different SPEC depended on the request for military and governmental institutions aro...
BrandCIU-018Tags4G LTE Mobile Phone Jammer
Waterproof 3G 4G LTE Cellular Phone Jammer
CIU-4G26 Waterproof 3G 4G LTE Cellular Phone Jammer is a device that designed especially to be used in the EU countries and CIU-4G26 is equipped with IP68 waterproof cooling housing for outdoor/ indoor use. Because of hidden antennas, disguised design, this jammer doesn’t attract people’s attent...
BrandCIU-4G26Tags4G LTE Jammer supplier
Keypad Meter
...balance run out, tamper happen and so on. RF communication between MCU and CIU, so user can recharge or check balance at home from CIU conveniently, and CIU will display MCU’s real time data for user. 2.Technical Parameter 3P Suspension Meter Ref. voltage3*230/400V Ref. current10(100)A Impulse con...
BrandIVYTagsMeasuring Devices Meter, Din Rail Meter, Amr Meter Manufacturer
Kwh Meter
...consist of Measurement and Control Unit (MCU) and Customer Interface Unit (CIU). MCU achieve data exchange with CIU through non polarity twisted pair cable and meanwhile supply power to CIU, CIU need not external power.Furthermore , customer can check the information in home and realize remote or SM...
BrandIVYTagsMeasuring Devices Meter, Din Rail Meter, Amr Meter Manufacturer
Exams Cheating Alarm
...th earpiece, spy glasses camera or wireless invisible camera for cheating. CIU offers the Simple Anti Exams Cheating solution
BrandCIUTagsFind Exams Cheating Device
Handheld GPS Jammer Detector
Handheld GPS Jammer Detector Able to detect the GPS Jammer Give alarm when detect car thief using gps jammer
BrandciuTagsGPS Jammer Detector
Stable WiFi Disguise Camera
WiFi Cover Monitor System Are you still cabling CCTV, complicated setting IP Camera, monthly fees 3G camera ? Try our new WiFi Cover Surveillance system Ultra-small size DVR with WiFi build-in, easy to hidden User friendly no need tech support, Simple APP Real time remote monitor, view anytime and a...
BrandciuTagsStable WiFi Cover Camera
4G LTE Transmitter Body Worn Full HD Camera
This 4G Full HD Body Worn Wearable Camera DVR is ideally to live monitor an area, for example: construction area for live monitor, preventing theft, vandalism or remote support at industry inspection, installations. The pocket size light weight body worn camera design makes it easy and fast to set u...
Custom Mini Spy Camera
Customized and OEM Camera Customzed mini spy camera CIU provides wearable camera and micro camera to Police, Intelligence Agencies, and Private Investigators for years.Now we are available to offer custom-made miniature camera and camera module. Our engineers are expert in design and manufacturer mi...
BrandCMSTagscustom mini camera
Full HD Pen Camera
Features Ultra HD high resolution Low illumination High speed recording and quick light response Ball pen type design Specification Video Resolution2000P@30fps,1080P@30 fps 720P@60fps, 720P@30fps Camera SensorMegapixels CMOS Camera LensF2.4/2.2mm Field of View62 degrees Video File FormatMOV Voice Sa...
BrandCIUTagsFull HD Pen Camera
Full HD Glass Camera
GCM-02 can have one more hour operation time by exchangng the battery temple! ‧ Less obvious camera hole. Specification Video Resolution720P@30 fps Photo Resolution1600X1200 Pixels Camera Sensor2 Megapixels CMOS Field of View65 degrees under 720P Videos/Audio CodecMPEG/PCM Videos/Audio File Format...
BrandCIUTagsFull HD Spy Glass Camera
5G 4G Portable Video Transmitter
The Micro 5G 4G Video Server working with your own VMS is an advance, portable and ultra-light weight (235g) video transmitter, provides reliable and high-quality video streaming from any HDMI camera. This live video broadcasting device with powerful video recorder, 5G 4G LTE modem and GPS build-in;...
BrandCIUTags5G 4G Portable Video Streaming System
5G LTE Mini Camera System
CBW-5G Wearable 5G Mini Camera DVR comes with small 5G transmitter DVR and a wearable Full HD 2MP mini camera packed in a portable pouch bag. The 5G mobile surveillance system able to transmit live video simultaneously over multiple aggregated connections, including cellular 3G/4G/LTE/5G, WiFi and d...
BrandCIUTags5G LTE Body Worn Camera
Medical Syringe pump with drug library
...bines 4 syringe pumps and 1 infusion pump with the infusion Support into 1 CIU infusion workstation.Sharing a power interface. Stackable to maximum 8 channels. Power source: AC power supply: AC 100 to 240V( +/-10%), 50/60Hz; DC 12V for Ambulance use Built-in Lithium Battery: Rechargeable, 11.1V, 200...
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