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ProductsDrill Pipe

Drill Pipe
As the major part of drill stem, drill pipe connected with Kelly and drill collar, which is used to put torque to drill bit, and drill collar. Drill Pipe: Size: From 2 3/8" to 6 5/8"; Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135

ProductsBit Breaker

Bit Breaker
Bit breaker is a special tool for make-up and break out of drill bit.

ProductsJunk Sub

Junk Sub
Junk Sub is normally run just above the drill bit or milling tool, with a cup for catching objects too heavy to be completely circulated out of the hole. It is also run above a scraper, operators can get quicker, cleaner scraping jobs.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsFishing tools

ProductsFishing Magnet

Fishing Magnet
The Fishing Magnets are used to retrieve all types of small objects having magnetic attraction from bore hole bottoms .Such undrillable objects cones, bearings, slips, tong pins and milling cuttings can often be retrieved only by magnetic attraction .So that keeping the bore bottom is clean.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsFishing tools

ProductsLine Pipe

Line Pipe
Used as oxygen, water, and oil delivery pipe in oil and natural gas industry Material: A25, A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80 etc. Wall Thickness: 2.77mm-18.26mm OD: 21.3mm-168.3mm
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsOil tubes

ProductsMud manifold

Mud manifold
The mud manifold is applicable on land and forms a complete set with the drilling, Which working temperature is -29~121℃,medium is water or mud, and connections are threaded or flanged.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsWell control equipments

ProductsCirculating sub

Circulating sub
The Circulating Sub is a dedicated tool for circulating drilling fluid when or after running in casing. As required, there are casing threads circulating sub and union threads circulating sub available.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsCirculating Head

ProductsHydraulic Junk Retriever

Hydraulic Junk Retriever
The Junk Retriever is mainly used to retrieve small junk objects in well bores, cutting blades and hand tools etc, It is commonly called "Junk Catcher". Simple construction, easy operation, safe and reliable performance is its features.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsFishing tools

ProductsLifting Cap/Plug

Lifting Cap/Plug
The lifting cap/plug is a special tool for lifting of drilling tools in petroleum, natural gas, drilling engineering and geographical exploration .The lifting caps are available in integral type and circular type (called as lifting bail).
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsDrilling tools

ProductsCementing Plug

Cementing Plug
The Cementing Plugs manufactured in our company include top plugs and bottom plugs. These plugs offer the following advantages: Special non-rotational device design allowing the plugs to drill out quickly; Special materials designed for easy drill out with PDC bits; High temperature and high pressur...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsCementing Plug

ProductsHigh Efficiency Milling Taper

High Efficiency Milling Taper
The type of GXZ milling taper is fishing tools of newtype take anti-abrasive material of special.It used for milled window in casing or milling inside of Casing deformation.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsMilling tools

ProductsCasing and Tubing

Casing and Tubing
Seamless steel tubes for oil casing and tubing in oil wells Standard: API SPEC 5CT Material: H40, J55, K55, N80, M65, L80, C90, T95, P110 Wall Thickness: 3.18mm-14.22mm OD: 48.26mm-177.8mm

ProductsRig Hook

Rig Hook
Design Features: Equipped with a hydraulic snubber assembly to protect tool joints when making up/breaking out connections. Equipped with the reliable safety devices on the hook. The high stress parts of every hook are subjected to nondestructive testing.The hook conform to API specification 8C and ...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsDrilling Rig accessories

ProductsFloat Shoe

Float Shoe
A few advantages of the Float Shoe provided by our company are: 1.High strength design ensures high pressure bump and back flow resistance; 2.Withstands long periods of circulation; 3.Automatic fill-up, saves considerable running-in time of casing; 4.Easy drill out with PDC bits; 5.It is economicall...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsCementing Unit

ProductsIntegral Mandrel Sleeve Stabilizer

Integral Mandrel Sleeve Stabilizer
Changeable sleeve stabilizer has the functions of whole screw stabilizer. It can be suitable for different well diameters by changing different bearing sleeves, and also be extended the using life by replacing the same kind bearing sleeve.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsStabilizer

ProductsFloat Valve

Float Valve
This Float Valve is normally installed in a standard bore-back of the bit sub, to provide fluid flow control at the bottom of the drill stem. It also prevents backflow of cuttings from plugging the drill bit jets while making connections. Its 70Mpa (10,000psi) working pressure complements today’s ...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsBlowout preventer

ProductsKelly Valve

Kelly Valve
Kelly Valve also named Kelly Cock/Drill Pipe Safety Valve allowing free passage of drilling fluid without pressure loss. The valve can be used as a dill pipe safety valve or upper kelly valve to control blowout pressures, or as a lower Kelly Valve to prevent loss of drilling fluid when the kelly is ...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsDrill pipe safety valve

ProductsAnnular Bop

Annular Bop
Used in conjunction with hydraulic control system, the annular BOP seals off the annulus of different sizes when pipes are in use in the hole. An annular BOP can also seal off the hole when no pipe is in it. When used in conjunction with the pressure-regulating valve and accumulator, the annular BOP...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsWellhead equipment

ProductsAC VF drawwork

AC VF drawwork
All bearings are roller bearing, all shaft material are alloy steel. The drum is grooved. Automatic feeding device. The or air-cooled. The auxiliary brake is dynamic brake. Single-shaft drawworks. Dual stage gear reducer transmission, manual gear change. The gear is oil-lubricated.
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsDrilling rig tools

ProductsSuper Fishing Jar

Super Fishing Jar
CSJ type super fishing jar is a fishing tool that the jarring force larger than other jar with same specification. It features a closed structure, reliable performance, easy to adjust and easy to operate. It is a new type of up jarring tool used in oilfield, geological exploration and drilling opera...
BrandCHINA SHANGLINTagsFishing tools
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