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Activated Alumina Pellet Catalyst Carrier Claus
Apperance: 2.0mm diameter pallet Surface Area: ≥300m2/m3 Water Adsorption: 15~17% Application: Catalyst Carrier
BrandGophinTagsactivated alumina, active alumina, activated alumina pellet, activated alumina catalyst carrier, claus catalyst carrier, fcc catalyst carrier, catalyst carrier
spent catalyst
we are a company business specialized in spent catalyst which from Petroleum industry and contain Mo, Ni, W, Cu, Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, if your business is related to spent catalyst, please contact us with our email: jinliming2002 AT 126 DOT com
Brandspent catalystTagsspent catalyst
Activated Alumina catalyst carrier Powder
Apperance: White Powder Mesh: 200-300 Crystal Type: x-p Static Water Adsorption: 17-19% Surface Area: ≥200m2/g Application: Absorb moisture.
BrandGophinTagsactivated alumina powder, activated alumina catalyst carrier, catalyst carrier alumina powder, alumina catalyst, active alumina powder
Coal-based Activatd Carbon for Catalyst Carrier or Catalyst
5.to be used for air catalyst carrier in synthetic industry Moisture content:≤5.0% Hardness:≥90% Apparently density:350-550g/L Lodine value:400-600mg/g C.T.C:54-70% Particle size:0.9-4.0mm it could be provided according to the customers special demands
honeycomb ceramic substrate catalyst
We are Tianjin Jiete Three-way Vehicle Catalytic Converter Co., Ltd .We are a manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing, exporting Three-Way Vehicle Catalytic Converters,Vehicle Muffler, Three-Way Vehicle Catalyst with the Substrate of Ceramic and Metal.
Copper spent catalyst
We buy in bulk quantities of copper concentrated raw materials, like copper spent catalyst, copper cement, copper ash, brass ash, copper ore, We sell copper cathode 1000×600 mm
BrandCopper cathodeTagsCopper concentrated
Activated Alumina Pellet for Catalyst Carrier Claus
Type: AA-4 Crystal Type: y Size: 3-5mm 4-6mm Surface Area:≥200m2/m3 Application: Catalyst Carrier
BrandGophinTagsactivated alumina, active alumina, activated alumina ball, activated alumina adsorbent, moisture absorbent, air dryer desiccant, catalyst carrier alumina, claus catalyst activated alumina
Diethylaluminum chloride (DEAC) catalyst
...ty:0.972g/cm3(at25℃) Boiling point:214.1℃(760mmHg) CAS No.:96-10-6 Use:Catalyst in polyolefin industry, intermediate in organic compound manufacture. Technical index: No. Test items Index 1.Appearance Transparent liquid 2.Aluminum (Wt%) 21.9~22.4 3.Chlorine (Wt%) 29.2~29.8 4.Cl/Al (mol/mol) 0.97...
BrandTL-DEACTagsDEAC catalyst, polifin catalyst, polimer, alkyl aluminum
Catalyst Carrier Activated Charcoal
Coal activated carbon for catalyst carrier is used high quality coal as raw materials, refined by physical activation, has reasonable pore distribution, can be used as catalyst for synthesis gas and other organic synthesis, and also is a low-cost carrier of many organic synthesis catalyst. It has th...
BrandHaosenTagsCatalyst Carrier, coal activated carbon
EASC (ethylaluminum sesquichloride) catalyst
...1.092g/cm3(at25℃) Boiling point:211.8℃(760mmHg) CAS No.:12075-68-2 Use:Catalyst in polyolefin industry, intermediate in organic compound manufacture. Technical index: No. Test items Index 1.Appearance Transparent liquid 2.Aluminum (Wt%) 21.1~21.8 3.Chlorine (Wt%) 42.0~43.5 4.Cl/Al (mol/mol) 1.45...
BrandTLTagschemical catalyst, sythetic rubber catalyst,
Sulfur recovery catalyst
...roperty of not splitting after absorbing water, It belongs to the improved catalyst in sulfur recycling. The activity and stability of the product are superior to the currently used AL203 catalyst after the process of “mild maturing” and “harsh maturing” in the Claus reactive and the resista...
BrandhenghuanTagsActived alumina ,Catalyst carrier,Ceramic ball
Large pore alumina ball catalyst carrier
large pore alumina catalyst carrier with excellent surface properties, such as large surface area, strong adsorption properties of the surface, the surface acid sites, as well as long and short, big empty structure, widely used as a catalyst carrier, dry sorbent used in petrochemical, organic chemic...
BrandhenghuanTagsActived alumina,Catalyst carrier,Ceramic ball
Activated alumina for catalyst carrier
...lation density is low, the mechanical property is good. It is suitable for catalyst carrier. The Co-Mo series of catalyst agent made by this products has the property of good low-temperature activity ,widely use temperature range and short time of vulcanization. And it is very suitable for small and...
BrandhenghuanTagsActived alumina,Catalyst carrier,Ceramic ball
purschasing spent catalyst
...spect to you We are engaged in metallurgical processing of used industrial catalysts and are interested in cooperating with your enterprise in terms of purchasing spent catalysts based on Al2O3 with the content Vanadium Nickel Molybdenum Cobalt Tungsten Cadmium In any combination and content At pres...
Brandspent catalystTagscatalyst
17-99% AL2O3 Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball for Catalyst Support Media
Al2O3 content: 23~30% Bulk Density: 1.35g/ml Size: 3mm 6mm 9mm 13mm 19mm 25mm 50mm Application: Inert Support Media of Catalyst, Desiccant, Adsorbent in Columns.
BrandGophinTagsalumina ball, ceramic ball, alumina ceramic ball, inert ceramic ball, ceramic support media, inert support media
Pseudo boehmite
...arge pore pseudo boehmite. It is high welcomed by Research Institution and Catalyst Factory with its stable quality and excellent physical properties. It has been widely used in petroleum distillate hydrogenation catalyst, cracking catalyst( gasoline hydrofining ),chemical catalyst and other area.
BrandXRTagspseudo boehmite
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
Catalyst MEKP is used in the in fiberglass reinforced plastic sector, the offered catalyst is widely appreciated by customers for its effectiveness. Our catalyst is checked by a team of quality checkers on various stages in order to supply flawless range to the patrons across the globe. •The catal...
BrandShiv shaktiTagsMEKP Catalyst, Organic Chemicals
Diphenyl dimethoxylsilicane DDS
...ht:244.4 Boiling point:191℃(7.06kpa) CAS No.:6843-66-9 Use:Polypropylene catalyst, etc. Technical index: No. Test items Type Ⅰ index Type Ⅱ index 1.Appearance Transparent liquid Transparent liquid 2.Purity (chromatography Wt%)≥97.00 ≥99.00 3.Density (at25℃g/cm3) 1.06~1.10 1.06~1.10 4.Ref...
BrandTL-DDSTagsDDS catalyst, sythetic rubber catalyst
Titanium Anode
...mposition Ruthenium Coated Titanium Anode Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, TiO2 Ruthenium & Iridium Coated Titanium Anode Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, IrO2, TiO2 Iridium & Tantalum Coated Titanium Anode Substrate: Gr.1 or Gr.2 Titanium Catalyst: RuO2, Ta2O5 , TiO2...
BrandM K MetalTagsTitanium Anode
Polyproplene Fiber
...rocarbon diluent in the reactor to facilitate transfer of propylene to the catalyst, the removal of heat from the system, the deactivation/removal of the catalyst as well as dissolving the atactic polymer. The range of grades that could be produced was very limited. (The technology has fallen into d...
BrandFiber,Tagsconcrete Fiber