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Care Labels
Care Labels ; Usually, the product, the manufacturer, the importer, are produced by printing on different types of fabrics used to inform the consumer about the place of production or to notify the lawful warnings and instructions. https://worldlabelshop.com/care-labels
BrandCare LabelsTagscare labels, washing labels, care labelling , fabric care labels
Car Care
AK-CC5001 Carburetor Cleaner AK-CC5002 Brake Cleaner AK-CC5003 Tire Shine AK-CC5004 Wheel Cleaner AK-CC5005 Engine Degreaser Autokem car care products are high quality which are awarded the ISO9001 Certificate. for more details, please visit www.autokem.com and contact email: janewu@autokem.com
BrandAutokemTagsCar Care, Cleaner, Degreaser, Lubricant, Polish
Indian Barcode Corporation provides the high quality of the wash care ribbons. we are the largest manufacturers of wash care ribbons . Our wash care ribbons are highly chemical resistant and can be used for the dry cleaning,home washing,ironing, industrial washing and the laundry purposes.
BrandIndian barcodeTagswash care ribbon ibc in delhi,india
Klirvin® Eye Care Cream
Regular use of Klirvin® eye care cream guarantees a healthy and youthful-looking skin around the eyes. General rules of care necessarily include daily skin cleansing, as well as applying cream in the morning and in the evening. The cream: Moisturizes skin around your eyes. Helps to reduce puffiness...
BrandKlirvinTagsEye Care Cream
Klirvin® Multipurpose Skin Care Cream
...Skin hyperpigmentation. Stretch marks (striae) after pregnancy. Preventive care against stretch marks during pregnancy. Post-surgical scars, burn scars.
BrandKlirvinTagsSkin Care Cream
ID care Printer
Support solutions for the SD160 card printer featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature and intuitive operation, the SD160 card printer provides security and simplicity while protecting your bottom line.
BrandData Card PrinterTagsData Card ID Card PVC Card Printer
Sea Sponge
100% natural sea sponge for make up remove and face care. Soft and gentle for your skin , exfoliating and stimulates skin's blood circulation . Durable, reusable , an excelent substitude to cotton wool. Eco friendly and sustainable. Long lasting from Mediterannean sea.
BrandKeresoTagsfacial sponge, face care ,skin care , natural sea sponge, sea sponge, face sea sponge
Microfiber Chenille Mitt for Car Care
•This mitt is made of microfiber chenille on one side and weave terry on the other side. •Use super soft chenille side to gently wash, dust or polish the surfaces and use terry cloth side to clean or dry all surfaces without leaving any streaks.
BrandHomerysTagsmicrofiber mitt, car care item, mitt for car cleaning, car cleaning item
Misty Soft Moisturizing Skin Care Cream - 150 ml
Misty Soft Cream is absorbed easily by the skin with greaseless feel thanks to its special formula. Misty Soft Cream moisturizes the skin and protects it from the outer negative effects. It provides a silky soft touch for hands. You can also have this product under your own label and shape it accord...
BrandMistyTagsPrivate Label, Moisturizer, Cream, Skin Care
Nylon Taffeta Label Tape for Textile Care Labels
...arcode printing and easy to printing with variety color. 5.Application for Care Label,Cloth Composition Labels.Garment Sewing Labels.Toy Care Label,Bags Sewing Labels.Mattress Labels.Carpet Labels and other items required for Printed Care Label. Printing : Thermal transfer printing, Letter press pri...
BrandHunterTagsBarcode Nylon Taffeta Label Tape for Garment Care Label
D40mm labeling Skin Care Tube
This labeling skin care tube is round in 40mm with printed label outside of tube. When you squeezing the tube, the content can slowly flow out throught the head. We can produce this kind of tubes in single layer, double layer or 5 layers(EVOH) from 60ml to 150ml. Customized labeling skin care tube: ...
BrandAuberTagsLip balm Packaging , Skin Care Packaging
...eveal and enhance the natural whiteness of your teeth. Active Long Lasting Care means Fluorodine will continue to work on your teeth long after brushing. Its Anti-Bacterial formula with Triclosan deeply cleans to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar. Kind to your gums and enriched with calcium a...
BrandFluorodineTagsToothpaste, oral care, dental hygiene, personal care
Personal Care Silicone Oil RH-210(substitution of Dow Corning FZ-3196)
Cosmetic personal care silicone oil RH-210,the substitution of Dow Corning FZ-3196.RH-210 is alkyl(dodecane,caprylyl)modified heptamethyltrisiloxane.Provide smooth and dry and comfortable sense as used in personal care products. Character: Appearance:light yellow transparent liquid Viscosity:5-6cs R...
BrandRunheTagscosmetic silicone oil,silicone for cosmetic industry,personal care modified silicone oil,polyether silicone copolymer
For washing Hands leaving it fresh and moisturize with a Perfect Smell.
Ice Cleanser
EMMASH Ice Cleanser 100g Ice cleanser, its gentle, pure foam can effectively clean the face dirt.It will not cause dry skin, and help the skin to show clean and bright white.
BrandEMMASHTagsFacial Cleanser, Biological Skin Care, Gene Rejuvenation, Collagen Peptide, Swiss Edelweiss
Ice Cream
EMMASH Ice Cream 50g Ice cream moisturizes and absorbs easily, blocks melanin, diminishes pigment spots, improves dark yellow, improves whiteness and gloss, brightens even skin tone, so that making the skin bright, white and renewed.
BrandEMMASHTagsFace Cream, Biological Skin Care, Gene Rejuvenation, Collagen Peptide, Swiss Edelweiss
Cinnamon Beauty Soap
Manufactured by using 100% natural Cinnamon and other herbal ingredients our Cinnamon soap promises a complete clean, smooth and soft skin which is free from pimples, Acne,Eczema and many other infections. Also with real Cinnamon our Cinnamon beauty soap is rich with natural anti-aging properties wh...
BrandCeylon SoapTagsCinnamon, Soap, Beauty, Skin, Skin care, personal care
ANYMI SONIC is an iontophoresis in simple design which is helpful to improve skin health by relieving myalgia by heating action of ultrasonic wave and has effective ingredients of cosmetics be absorbed into deep skin.
BrandANYMI SonicTagsAesthetic device, personal skin care device, skin care, cleansing, Nutrition, Lifting, Iontophoresis
Natural  body care line
Bath and body care cosmetics line Pien-DAIRY SPA is based on unique formula invented by our experienced skincare experts. Nowadays most of body wash &care products contains lots of distilled water (70-95%). In Pien- SPA natural cosmetics water is replaced by refined milk whey concentrate, by using a...
BrandPien-DAIRY SPATagsnatural cosmetic
Multipurpose Skin&Coat Care 3.38fl.oz / 100ml
Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals. Formulated to protect the affected area with thin breathable layer of chitosan, allows the silver nanoparticles to work effectively, and amino acids to nourish the affected skin. Suitable for rapid healing and treatment of cuts, wounds, boils, burns, abrasions...
BrandQXTagsnano-silver, skin care, coat care