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Cut the apple
Title: Zinc alloy apple cutting, fruit knife, apple cutting device, segmented, fruit cutting device, core-removing device. Product description: sharp and even, sliced, quick core-removing, sliced apple
BrandbrandTagsCut the apple
Fresh Fuji Apple for sale
Fresh Fuji Apple We still have 500 tons fresh fuji apple in storage now, the size from 65mm-90mm and the first class quality, pls contact me if you are interested in them. 1. Good color, good hardness and sweet juicy taste 2. High quality and competitive price 3. Strict inspection and timely loading...
BrandHoneyTagsFresh apple, apple fruit, Fuji apple, Fresh fruit apple, Fresh Fuji Apple
Fruit trees
We are able to offer high quantities of fruit plant trees of apple, columnar apple, pear, quince, sweet cherry, sour cherry, peach, apricot, nectarine, plum, hazelnuts.Our production is more than 1 million fruit trees per year, also more than 2 million pieces of grapevine plants per year and 2 milli...
BrandFruit treesTagsFruit seedlings
Red Delicious apple
Specifications Red Delicious apple , good qulity, package hello dear sir With due regards thank you very much for your email and interested shown in our apple products thanks for talking and conecting with us! we are loading exporter &importer company fresh fruits from iran we have present fresh pom...
Brandsureme fruit iranTagsRed Delicious apple
Apple Peeling Machine
There are so many fruit peeling machines in the market, while Azeus apple peeling machine is of special design for peeling apples only. The Apple Peeling Machine is made of advanced quality stainless steel. Adopt the most advanced technology, no waste and high yield. This apple peeler machine is a n...
BrandAzeusTagsapple peeling machine,apple peeler machine,how to peel apple,apple peeling machine for sale
100% Apple juice
100% Apple juice made from fully-ripened apples grown in north part of Japan for famous for apple growing-area for a long history over 130 years and also those apples have gotten a lot of awards and a high-evaluation in the fruit market. 1L glass bottle.
BrandAomori madeTagsApple juice, Apple drink
Fresh apple
Pure growth environment. Our orchard garden, which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, rich in natural resources, such as abundant sunshine, moist climate, fresh air, surrounding pollution-free and irrigation water of drinking standand. The fruit quality meets the international standard, ...
BrandHeshanTagsFuji apple, China apple
Fruit Juice
...rism), FOB Limassol Port: (01) Orange Juice (02) Grapefruit Juice (03) Pineapple Juice (04) Pineapple Orange Juice (05) Pineapple Mango Juice (06) Apple Juice (07) Red Grape Juice (08) Tomato Juice (09) Mixed Vegetable Juice (10) Banana with Apple & Orange Juice (11) Pomegranate Juice Grape & Apple ...
BrandFontanaTagsFruit Juice, Soft Drinks
Frozen custard apple pulp
Frozen custard apple pulp matches international standards,specification in terms of every aspects of Quality. Proud to unveil . 1.Colour : Milky 2.Preservatives : Nil 3.Oil content : Nil 4.Nutrition : Intact as per natural custard apple nutrition standard and enhanced. 5.Freezed :Using Plate freezin...
BrandPMSTagsfrozen fruit,custard apple pulp
Apple Chips
Apple Chips Bulk packaging for 3kg This Apple Chis made in Japan is produced under the reduced pressure drying with vegetable oil. By this production process, water evaporation will be faster because of lower boiling temperature. Thus, it: 1, Minimizes the degradation of nutrients and flavour 2, Red...
BrandReduced Pressure Drying ChipsTagsapple chip dried fruit
apple pitting and cutting machine
Model HZL700 Capacity 700pcs/min Quantity of cutting into wedges 2-4 Power 0.5kw Weight 300kg Dimension 2700*1200*1500mm That machine mechanical and electrical integration, control and remote control computer program. This equipment can suitable for different fruit size by computer control. It can m...
BrandzhengzhouhongleTagsapple pitting machine,apple cutting machine
Fruit Concentrate
High-quality fruit concentrate and puree
BrandPrimFruitTagsFruit Concentrate, juice, Puree, apple, sour cherry, grape, pomegranate, barberry
Fruit Drinks
Available in Various Flavors and different sizes. 250ml, 500ml 1 liter pet bottle
BrandLa' NatureTagsMango, Pomegranate, Orange, Kiwi, Apple, Lychee
Fresh Apple, Fuji apple, Huaniu Apple, Red delicious apple
Product nameFuji Qinguan AppleGala Golden deliciousHuaniu Green Pink lady Jiguan AppleApple AppleAppleAppleAppleApple Original PlaceShandongShaanxIGansuGansu Gansu ShaanxiShaanxiShandong ColorRedRedRedYellowRedGreenRedRed TypeFUJIQinguan GalaGolden DeliciousHuaniuGranny SmithPink LadyRed delicious ...
BrandXing You XuanTagsapple, fresh apple, fuji apple, golden delicious apple, apple price
Raw Cashew Nut
... a kidney or boxing-glove shaped drupe that grows at the end of the cashew apple. The drupe develops first on the tree, and then the pedicel expands to become the cashew apple. Within the true fruit is a single seed, the cashew nut. Although a nut in the culinary sense, in the botanical sense the nu...
BrandRaw cashew nutTagsCashew nut
Fresh Royal Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious Apples
1) Royal Gala and Fuji Apple SPECIFICATIONS: -Variety: Royal Gala Apple and Fuji Apple -Flavor:Smooth skin with light red color, high sugar with sweet -taste, very firm and juicy. -Size: 32/36/40/44 (for 10kg/carton) 64/72/80/88/100/113/125/138/ 150/163/175/198 (for 18kg/carton and 20kg/carton) -Col...
BrandFresh Royal Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious ApplesTagsFresh Royal Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious Apples
Carrot- and- Fruit juice concentrate
Carrot-and-Fruit juice concentrate The purity is 100%, Net: 195g Freshness: A year and a half Made from carrot juice of 40% and mixed fruits such as “Citrus Unshiu”, Orange, Apple, Pineapple and Lemon etc. of 60%.This is a nutrient and easy to drink carrot juice.
BrandCarrot- and- Fruit juiceTagscarrot, fruit
Vegetable and Fruit Chopper
... 5) Tomato 6) Cucumber 7) Green Turmeric 8) Ginger 9) Green Chilly 10) Pineapple 11) Banana 12) Water Melon 13)Apple etc. One Step Precision Cutting Made In India
BrandBonTagsKitchenware,Chopper,Fruit Chopper
Triowin/ Apple processing line&equipment
Triowin's fruit reception lines are designed to satisfy the most rigorous standards of hygiene in cleaning the raw material. Then highly sophisticated mills ensure optimized mash preparation. Featuring a unique drainage system, the Triowin Belt Press with an optimizing control system gives a maximum...
BrandTriowinTagsapple juicer,apple processing equipment,apple process machinery,apple process
FD Freeze-dried Apple Slices
FD Freeze-dried Apple Slices FD Freeze-dried Apple Slices Non-fried FD Strawberry Slices, FD Sea-Buckthorn Powder Supplier SliceThickness: 5-7mm  Moisture Content: 1-5% Features: 100% Natural, Zero addtitives,  Non-fried, Non-puffed, dehydrated & crispy, excellent rehydration performance. Certific...
BrandFD Freeze-dried Apple SlicesTagsFD Freeze-dried Apple Slices