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We are company from Macedonia and our job is trading and production of agriculture products. We produce grain (mainly barley and whuit) , then water melons and melons, onions etc. Also we produce copllete animal feed. And we trade pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, tools etc.
Telephone389-43-231686AddressNada Butnikosareva 66, Veles, The former Yugoslav Republic of Ma
...s. We are also supliers of various materials for Macedonian food, wine and agriculture companies. Our goal is to search for more competitive suplies from abroad and to promote Macedonian products to foregn markets.
Telephone389-2-3074268AddressAnkarska 33/1, Skopje, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
The company is establisht in 1992 and is located in Skopje, Macedonija. The primary objectives of this company is to produce animal products like sheep whool, sheep milk and milk products. We have achived an international level of exploration, and we want to make contacts in all parts of the world.
Telephone389-02-2672203Address1558 Br.37b, Skopje, Macedonija, The former Yugoslav Republic of
We are young export - import company from macedonia. We are trying to make more contacts with the importers of agricultural products. We can export from macedonia quality fresh and dried fruit for low price.
Telephone389-43-417087AddressNikola Karev 7, Kavadarci, The former Yugoslav Republic of Maced
Atakus ltd. Is small company which provides mostly consulting and trade advice to his customers. We mostly work in agro business, but there are several projects in building industry. We are looking for new markets for our clients and provide high quality products only.
Telephone389-2-321 6065AddressApostol Guslarot 12-11, Skopje, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav R
...re an export import firm from macedonia. Our company is very succesfull in agriculture busines. We have around 300 hectares ha of land with warm water also good for many kinds off products. First of all we sell very good rice. Vegatables and many products. Because of a warm water we have, we are loo...
Telephone389-33-363300AddressStraso Pindzur, Vinica, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic
Our company, which is situated in Strumica trade with buying off and packing agricultural products and fruits. Our orientation is exporting products and we are open for collaboration with foreign firms
Telephone389-70-214017AddressUL. Braka Miladinovi 17c / 2, Strumica, Strumica, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Company that is specialized in export of onions, peaches, grapes and frozen vegetables. The frozen vegetables are HACCP certified, And the fresh fruits are one of the best rippened fruits that comes from Macedonia. If you are in need of the products pls contact me without hesitation. We will be glad...
Telephone389-43-414864AddressSolunska Glava 41, Kavadarci, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Samaria existence since 2000, working5a8 with import-export of fruits and vegetables in cooperation with companies from Asia, eastern and western EuropeExports from Greece and Turkey the following products : * Lemon * Mandarin * Meneula * Orange * Grejfurt * Watermelons * Onions * Potato
Telephone389-32-631838AddressUl. , , Vardarska, , br. 59, Radovis, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Established in 1989, Konimex Holding INC. Is constantly working on development of new products in the raw materials field, as well as in the finished products field. Our main activity is products from wild groing medicinal and aromatic plants, mushrooms and forest fruits.
Telephone389-2-246 1218AddressPrvomajska-9, Skopje, Republic Of Macedonia, The former Yugoslav
We are producers of organic chemical products as well: Liqued detergent, pouder detergent, PVC piples and folios, polyvinil acrylate, pesticides, cosmetics, pharmeceuticals, process equipment, sintetic fibres. Company imployed 2000 workers, it is joint stock company. The company exist until 1968,
Telephone389-2-2728233AddressPrvomajska Bb., Skopje, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic
We are producing and trading company with fresh and IQF wegetable and fruit. From this part of season We have from IQF assortment: IQF pepper sliced, IQF diced leekFrom fresh assortment: ApplesCabaggeLeekOur products usually are on German, Poland and Bulgarian markets. We are interested also for Rus...
Telephone389-47-228398AddressIlindenska Bb, 7000 Bitola, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
We are company from Macedonia and we pack very quality natural honey from ecologic regions in Macedonia. We have capacity to pack 200 tons honey year. Our products are: Mutiflower honey in 900, 700, and 450 grams in glass botlles. Also, forest honey in same botlles. Another product is honey in small...
Telephone00389-43-371510AddressMarshal Tito 10, Negotino, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republ
Established in 2003 as exclusive importer of Byoung Jue Agriculture tapebinders for tying grapes, tomatoes, eggplant for Macedonian market. Our main goal is to offer the best price and quality products for the demand of agricultural market. From 2007 we started production in PE tapes for the tapebin...
Telephone382-2-262727-AddressNatanail Kuceviski 39/2, Skopje, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Macedonian Ecological Export Ltd. is manufacturing Bio Organic Fertilizers - Vermicompost. We have our own cow & cattle farm in our portfolio producing high quality organic meat and milk products. The system that we are using is completely natural and ecological. We are breading cows and calf in eco...
Telephone389-72-240 200Addressst Djore Djorevski No 123, Skopje, Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
We are major importer / distributor in the food and bakery industry in Macedonia. In the last 17 years we have established our operations throughout the whole country. Our business model is based on tight organisation and efffective distribution. We sell variety of industrial products, namely, refin...
Telephone00389-2-2650-100AddressUL. Kacanicki Pat bb. Vizbegovo, Skopje, Skopje, The former Yugo