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Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment
General The Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifting Attachment is designed to lift and lower sheet materials. The device combines with a vacuum lifter with a fork truck and remote control for handling diversified types of sheet, plate and large panels such as glass, stone, metal, concrete, plastics, timber and ...
BrandAardwolfTagsVacuum Lifting Attachment
Pipe Handling Attachment
... efficient, flexible and fully automatic features enable the Pipe Handling Attachment to safely lift concrete pipes. No hydraulic power supply, slings, chains or manual assistants are needed during the lifting process. The narrow profile allows the easy installation of concrete pipes into tight tren...
BrandaardwolfTagsvacuum Lifter
Aardwolf Vacuum Glass Lifter
...red by a rechargeable battery. Slider valve with on & off position for the attachment of material to vacuum pads and release of material from vacuum pads. Specifications: Suction pad dimension 300mm dia. Number of suction pads: 4 - 8 Lifting capacities to 500 kg - 1000 kg
BrandAardwolfTagsVacuum Glass Lifter
180º Electric Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg
...º. Features 220V–single phase electric motor Gas spring-controlled hook attachment Self-adjustment and balance Attach/release materials with an ON/OFF slide valve Pressure control system automatically activates vacuum pump once the pressure is lower than the allowed limit Audio/visual safety syst...
BrandAardwolfTagsVacuum Lifter
One arm motorized anaesthesia medical pendant
...N2O: 1pcs, waste gas: 1pcs a)Different color and shape, avoidable of wrong attachment b)Service life: 20000 times c)Second sealing,three states: (connecting,close,pullout),can be repaired while in connect with gas source 9,Power Sockets:8pcs,220V,10A 10,Grounding terminals:2pcs 11,Stainless infusion...
BrandjzkTagsmedical pendant,medical products,medical equipments,medical supplier,anesthesia medical pendant