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UV disinfection faucet for kitchen drinking water
The Ultraviolet (UV) method of water disinfection and sanitizing is ideal for many applications as nothing is added to the water (Ultraviolet is SAFE CHEMICAL FREE water disinfection). Advantages of UV Disinfection Faucet Provides 2.5 liters per minute (0.7 gallons) 180,000 liters of water dispensed...
BrandLanlangTagsUV disinfection faucet, water purifier UV, tap water filter
UV Disinfection Faucet water purification
Newest upgrade of the Water Faucet! “UV Disinfection Faucet” — The last line of defense to protect your drinking water health. UV light is a component of sunlight that falls in the region between visible light and X-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum, with a wavelength range of 100-400 nanom...
BrandLanlangTagsUV Disinfection Faucet, water faucet, UV faucet
Water Purification UV Disinfection Module
UV Disinfection Module”--adding an extra layer of protection to drinking water. This is Fiona from Lanlang corp., we specialized in water purification products since 2005. ★ Klaran UVC LED lamp beads, single power 70mw, best 265nm sterilization wavelength on market, to achieve instantaneous s...
BrandLanlangTagsUV disinfection, UV sterilizer, water sterilizer, water purification
Lanlang new UVC LED water filter faucet
Lanlang® UVC LED disinfection faucet can be used with reverse osmosis or water filter under the sink, and can be used as the last line of defense for your family's drinking water health. After testing by SGS and other well-known universities and organizations, the tap can kill 99.99% of bacteria an...
BrandLanlangTagsUV disinfection faucet, UV water filter faucet