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We are a leading Trading House in Bangladesh & China serving several the Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals and Home Textile Dyestuff (Reactive, Pigments & Disperse) & Textiles Others Chemicals Importer, Suppliers & Indenting.
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Silicon Softener, Softener Flake, Fixing Agent, Enzyme & Others
We are a leading Trading House in Bangladesh & China serving several the Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals and Home Textile Dyestuff (Reactive, Pigments & Disperse) & Textiles Others Chemicals Importer, Suppliers & Indenting.
BrandDEROU & ESTILOTagsTextile Auxiliaries Chemicals
White High Purity Water Softener Salt
Xinchang water-softener salt is made from high purity PDV salt, also named Water Softener Salt in Balls, Ion-exchange Water Softener and Food Grade Water Softer Salt. When used in your water softener, our water softener salt helps remove minerals from your hard water, including iron, calcium, magnes...
BrandxinchangTagsindustry salt
Cationic Softener Oil Chemicals
Item No.:EC-TL01 Composition: Dialiphatic amide ethoxy quaternary ammonium salt Appearance: Yellowish viscous liquid Ion Type: Cationic pH Value: 3.0-6.0 at 5% solution Solid Content(%): 90±1 Solubility: Easily soluble in cool or hot water 1. Low yellowing. 2. Lower down the electrostatic prope...
BrandECTagssoftener oil, textile softener, cationic softener, softener chemicals, softener agent
Fox Water Softener, Inc. is located in united states.
Telephone1-608-244-6215Address1017 N. Sherman Ave, Madison WI 53704, Madison, WI, United States
Softener Flakes AEEA Free
Item No.:EC-TF04 Composition: Fatty acid and aliphatic alcohol Appearance: Yellowish flakes Ion Type: Weak cationic pH Value: 4.0-6.0 at 10% solution 1. Low foam, low viscosity. 2. Low yellowing, suitable for textile fabric with strict requirement of shade and whiteness. 3. Good resistance to salt a...
BrandECTagssoftener flakes, textile softener, cationic softener flakes, cationic softener, softener chemicals
Nonionic Softener Flakes Textile Auxiliaries
Item No.:EC-TF10 Composition: Aliphatic acid and aliphatic alcohol Appearance: Milk white flakes Ion Type: Nonionic pH Value: 7.0-9.0 at 5%-8% solution 1. Hydrophilic and good resistance to salt and alkali. 2. Make textile soft and plump, provide with lubricity and elasticity. 3. With no bad influen...
BrandECTagssoftener flakes, nonionic softener flakes, textile softener, softener
Softener Salt Tablet
SOFTENER SALT TABLETS CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Purity (Sodium Chloride Weight %): 99.5% NaCl Water Insoluble matters: 0.2 % Calcium Bicarbonate: 0.035% Calcium Carbonate: Absent Calcium Sulfate: 0.2% Magnesium Sulfate: 0.09% Magnesium Chloride: 0.05% Moisture: 0.09 % Reference: SGS Packaging is totally fl...
BrandRectangular and Round Softener TabletsTagsSoftener, Salt tablet, water treatment tablet
Textile Softener Oil Agent
Item No.:EC-TL04 Composition:Fat amide ethoxymethyl ammonium compound Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid Ion Type: Cationic pH Value: 3.0-6.0 at 5% solution Solid Content(%): 90±1 Solubility: Easily soluble in cool or hot water 1. Provide textile or yarn with super fluffy hand feel. 2. Significa...
BrandECTagstextile softener, softener chemicals, softener oil, softener agent, textile chemicals
We are strong on silicone softener for textile.
Telephone+862151386314AddressRoom 1715, Tonghua Building, NO.345 Jinxiang Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201206, China
Aquapro Water Softener
Aquapro Water Purification Equipment Sales Services Supply Water Filtration System Water Purification System Drinking Water System Water Softener Shower Filter
BrandAquaproTagsWater Filter
New Upgrade 5 in 1 Water Softener Media
...e life: Guaranteed for 5+ years Easy maintenance: Similar to a usual water softener. Easily modify a softener, by simply refilling the HYPERMIX media Ready solutions for residential and commercial sectors water problems. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us! HYPERMIXTM Samples a ready...
BrandLanlangTagswater softener,water filtration,ion exchange resin,water softener resin
detergent bottles softener bottle
Any color will be available. There are more than 100 style of detergent bottles in our factory. Free samples for you.
BranddetergentTagsdetergent bottles softener bottle
Comfort protects the clothes,helps them dry faster,leaves fabric smoot and soft whilst leaving effective and fresh fragrance.Making ironing easier and destroying the detergent remains on clothes.Also it prevents statics electric on clothes.Suitable for using washing machine and hand washing.
Softener flake
Softener flake FF353 is built material of long chain fatty amides. It can be used for softening finishing of cotton fabric and denim. Characteristics and advantage 1. Impart finished fabrics with excellent soft and smooth feeling. 2. Little effect on whiteness and color shade. 3. Can be mixed with c...
BrandYuanmingTagstextile auxiliary, softener, silicone oil, fixing agent, textile chemical
SILICONE SOFTENER Silicone Softener is a reactive cationic silicone softner designed for use on cotton, synthetics and blends, wovens, non-wovens, knits and flocked goods, apparel, sheeting and upholstery fabrics. It is non-yellowing and is compatible with other typical resin finishing bath componen...
BrandRDCTagscationic silicone softner, TEXTILE CHEMICAL, SOFTENER
Water Softener Salt Tablets
We can supply water softener salt tablets for water softening purpose. Specifications are as follows : Nacl : 99.50%, ca : 0.05%, mg : 0.05%, insoluble : 0.19% Tablet size : Height : 10-12mm, dia : 22mm round shape weight : 10gm each tablet. We can arrange packing as per buyers requirement.
BrandAquasoft TabletsTagsSalt Tablets
textile nonionic softener flake
[Description]:     Nonionic softener Flake FE is advanced fatty compound, applied in soft finishing of cotton, hemp and its blending textiles. It can impart fabrics with excellent soft and fluffy feeling.Especially suitable for fabric that have strict requirement...
BrandXTTagstextile auxiliary chemical , textile softener , fabric softener
water softener resin filter cartridge
Whole house 10 inch food grade material water softener resin filter cartridge for washing machine Features: Media is Lanlang® high quality, high capacity softening resin media Media meets NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certification Fits standard residential and industrial housings Higher Quality Drinking Water...
BrandlanlangTagsIon exchange resin filter, Water softener resin filter cartridge, Food grade ion exchange resin filter, Regenerable softening cartridge, Filter cartridge for soft water
Silicone Amino Softener
Silicone softening agent Amino-silicone softening agent is with high consistency and environment friendly. It can provide very good softening effect on the textiles as well as mixes well with water, so it can make up the textiles extra munificent soften, and let textiles slithery touch. It also can ...
BrandTOPCOTagsSoftener, high solid content, amino modified, Silicone, textile, finishing