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Fiber optic temperature sensor TS Trafo
...econds. The fiber optic sensor TS Trafo has a response time of 2s. With an accuracy of +/-0.2°C it allows precise and repeatable measurements. The length of the sensor cable is completely variable, without affecting the accuracy of the measurement results. All fiber optical temperature sensors can ...
BrandOptoconTagsfiber optic sensor, fiber optic temperature sensor, TS2 standard sensor, High accuracy, Stable and repeatable measurements, Resistance to extreme temperatures, Completely non-conductive, Intrinsic safety, Complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave ra
FOTEMP1-OEM, Fiber optic thermometer The fiber optic thermometer FOTEMP1-OEM is ideal for the use in microwave, high frequency and high voltage environments. FOTEMP1-OEM was designed to be integrated into your own system. Through its compact design a retrofit into existing model series is possible. ...
BrandOptoconTagsRobust high accuracy Fiber optic signal conditioner, fiber optic temperature measurements, signal conditioner, OEM manufacturing fiber optic signal conditioner, fiber optic thermometer