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Molecular Sieve
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd.'s high quality products are Molecular Sieve Desiccant for IGU (ZBXX3 serial); Molecular Sieve Dehydration for air brake system(ZB004); Molecular Sieve Dehydration for refrigerator(XH-7/XH-9); Molecular Sieve Dehydration for methanol and ethanol; Also many other appli...
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4A,5A,13X Molecular Sieve Powder.
...a's leading professional manufacturer of detergent 4A zeolite and other 3A Molecular Sieve Powder ,4A,5A,13X Molecular Sieve Powder. 3A Molecular Sieve Powder, 13X Molecuar Sieve Powder 3A Molecular Sieve Powder: Used in dehydration of ethlene, propylene and ethanol 4A Molecular Sieve Powder: Used i...
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Zeolite 5A Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Application: 1. Molecular Sieve 5A dehydration and separation of inert gases 2. Molecular Sieve 5A used removing H2S, COS from natural gas and LPG 3. Molecular Sieve 5A dehydration and purification of air, natural gas and LPG 4. Molecular Sieve 5A used removing H2O, CO2 from feed gas in air pre-puri...
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Zeolite 4A Molecular Sieve Desiccant
...n: 1. Dehydration for alkane depth 2. Dehydration fpr refrigerant depth 3. Molecular Sieve 4A used for deep air drying 4. Molecular Sieve 4A is a type of sodium aluminosilicate 5. Molecular Sieve 4A used for natural gas dehydration depth Attention: · Molecular Sieve 4A cannot be exposed in the open...
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Zeolite 13X Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Application: 1. Ammonia synthesis gas drying and purification 2. Molecular Sieve 13X removed CO2 in cracking gas 3. Molecular Sieve 13X is a type of sodium aluminosilicate 4. Molecular Sieve 13X removed H2O, CO2 in gas purification in air separation unit 5. Molecular Sieve 13X uesd for general gas (...
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XH-7 XH-9 Molecular Sieve for Refrigerant Dehydration
...Used in refrigeratory, deepfreeze and air conditioning of car & ship. XH-7 Molecular sieve is used to dehydration and desiccation for new type R-139, butane and other special refrigerants, which are used in refrigeratory, deepfreeze and air conditioning. XH-9 Molecular sieve is a common desiccant fo...
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Zeolite 3A Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Application: For dehydration of oil and jet fuel. Application of Molecular Sieve 3A in isopropanol dehydration. Molecular Sieve 3A used for professional kerosene and jet fuel drying. For dehydration of benzene, toluene, xylene and other solvents ( e.g. ethanol, methanol ). Molecular Sieve 3A used fo...
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Shanghai Desikenshi Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Songjiang Area. We focus on manufacturing a series of parts of insulating glass.Main products: molecular sieve, polysulphide sealant, butyl sealant and silicone sealant spacer bars.
Telephone0086-021-52372692Address6 XINJIAN ZHI RD SHANGHAI CHINA, SHANGHAI, Shanghai, China (Mainland)
We are Molecular sieve Manufacturer Hongkong office. Our main product is Molecular sieve. Molecular sieves are widely used in key industries such as petrochemical, chemical, environment and natural gas processing. All kinds of import and export business are welcome. Quality product and best offer is...
Telephone852-233-94414AddressFlat C 12/F, Mainway Court,32-33 Kwong To Street, Hong Kong
...rial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in synthetic zeolite powder, molecular sieve powder and molecular sieves. Since the establishment, quality has always been given first priority during our company's development. We deliver a continuous stream of reliable and stable quality molecular siev...
Telephone86-379-67758531AddressXinzhai Ind. Zone,, Yanshi, Henan, China
molecular sieve activated powder
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Company's high quality product Molecular Sieve Activated Powder have below advantages: High WAC,low LOI,very little screening,and higher purity can be used in circumstance need to the removal of moisture and keep material dried for process.
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3A molecular sieve
Mainly adsorbing water, 3A molecular sieve doesn’t adsorb any molecular with diameter greater than 3A. It is the preferred desiccant used in depth drying, refining and polymerization in oil and chemical industry.
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Weihai Huatai Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. belongs to Weihai Huatai Group which was founded in 1985. Our firm totally covers 320,000 square meters, and the construction area is over 208,000 square meters. We mainly produce carbon molecular sieves and the related products. Our annual production capacity...
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Molecular Sieve for Insulating Glass Unit from Zonebao Molecular Sieve Company have below advantages high WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear ratio which is the most cost efficient product in the market you can find.
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,China
4A Molecular Sieve for Natural Gas LPG Drying
...ir, Inert & Atmosphere Gases, It can be used as ordinary desiccant packet. Molecular Sieve type 4A is an alkali alumino silicate; it is the sodium form of the Type A crystal structure. 4A molecular sieve has an effective pore opening of about 4 angstroms (0.4nm). Type 4A molecular sieve will adsorb ...
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We are a long-history export-oriented manufacturer of carbon molecular sieve which is used for nitrogen generation
Telephone+86-15968228416AddressXindi Industrial Zone,Hefu Town,Huzhou City,Zhejiang,China
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd's high quality product Molecular Sieve for Air Brake system technical data: WAC:21.5%min; Crush Strength:70Nmin; LOI:1.5%min;Bead Ratio:98%min High quality reasonable price,welcome to contact.
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,China
...ology Co., Ltd. is one of the leader professional Chinese manufacturers of molecular sieve which was founded in 1995 in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. With more than 15 years experiences in research, development, manufacturing and service of the molecular sieve zeolites, advantaged by our we...
Telephone0086-371-68623430AddressNo.22,Changchun Road,High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou, Hena
Molecular Sieve Desiccant for I.G.U
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd's high cost efficient products Molecular Sieve Desiccants for I.G.U. have below advantages a High WAC made a considerable longer life span of the IGU bHigh crush strength and low dust made it no circumstance of leakage of dust into the IGU. cNo static electricity made...
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5A Molecular Sieve dehydration desiccant
5a Molecular Sieve Dehydration Desiccant 1.white powder 2.high exchange capacity 3.surfactant 4. ISO9001:2000,14001:2004 Huiying Chemical Industry(Quanzhou) Co., Ltd, is a world famous manufacturer for 4a zeolite and molecular sieve. During 18 years hard working, we have gained a well-known brand bo...
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