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ProductsCalcium Gluconate Food Grade

Calcium Gluconate Food Grade
...nan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation. For more info., please contact us: hasinotech at gmail dot com.
BrandHasinotechTagsCalcium Gluconate Food Grade

ProductsZinc gluconate Food Grade

Zinc gluconate Food Grade
...nan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation. For more info., please contact us: hasinotech at gmail dot com.
BrandHasinotechTagsZinc gluconate Food Grade

ProductsSodium Gluconate Food Grade

Sodium Gluconate Food Grade
...nan Sinotech Import&Export Corporation. For more info., please contact us: hasinotech at gmail dot com.
BrandHasinotechTagsSodium Gluconate Foood Grade

ProductsZirconium phosphate

Zirconium phosphate
Zirconium phosphate has good chemistry, mechanical strength and thermal stability, good ion exchange properties, and can provide a large surface area, it has broad application prospects in electrical, optical, catalysis, biotechnology field, composite materials, and other fields. Specification: Appe...
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Henan Sinotech Import & Export Corporation

Henan Sinotech Import & Export Corporation is located in one of the hub cities of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge—Zhengzhou, integrating manufacturing, marketing and technology into one comprehensive business on chemical raw materials including inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and interm...
Telephone86-371-86181678AddressNo.260, Dongming Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

ProductsTrimethyl phosphite

Trimethyl phosphite
Identification: Chemical Name: Trimethyl phosphite CAS NO.:121-45-9 Molecular formula:C3H9O3P Introduction and Application: Colorless liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, benzene, acetone, easily volatile in the air, decompose into dimethyl phosphite w...
BrandHasinotechTagsTrimethyl phosphite

ProductsSynthetic Cryolite

Synthetic Cryolite
Identification: Chemical Name: Sodium aluminium hexafluoride Synonyms: Artificial Cryolite; Aluminum sodium fluoride; Kryolith; Sodium cryolite CAS No.: 13775-53-6 Molecular Formula: Na3AlF6 Properties: white crystalline powder or a sandy-size granularity, Slightly soluble in water. Specifications: ...
BrandHasinotechTagsSynthetic Cryolite

ProductsDiethyl phosphite DEP

Diethyl phosphite DEP
Identification: Chemical Name: Diethyl phosphite Synonyms: Diethyl hydrogen phosphonate; Phosphonic Acid Diethyl Ester; Diethoxyphosphine oxide; Diethyl acid phosphite; DEP CAS No.: 762-04-9 Molecular Formula: C2H5O)2POH Relative molecular mass:138.09 Properties: Diethylphosphite is an important org...
BrandHasinotechTagsDiethyl phosphite DEP

ProductsTriethyl Phosphite(TEP)

Triethyl Phosphite(TEP)
Product: Triethyl Phosphite(TEP) Identification: Chemical Name: Triethyl Phosphite CAS NO.:122-52-1 Molecular formula:C6H15O3P Introduction & Application: Colorless transparent liquid, Boiling point156.6, density: 0.9687g/cm3, refractive index 1.413 (25), insoluble in water, soluble in most organic ...
BrandHasinotechTagsTriethyl Phosphite(TEP)

ProductsDMP Dimethyl phosphite

DMP Dimethyl phosphite
Identification: Chemical Name: Dimethyl phosphite Synonyms: Dimethyl hydrogen phosphite; Phosphorous acid dimethyl ester; Dimethylphosphit; Dimethylphosphite; DMP CAS No.: 868-85-9 Molecular Formula: CH3O)2POH Relative molecular mass:110.05 Properties: Dimethyl phosphite is a very important organic ...
BrandHasinotechTagsDMP Dimethyl phosphite

ProductsAPP-Ammonium polyphosphate

APP-Ammonium polyphosphate
Identification: Chemical Name: Ammonium polyphosphate Other name: PNP; polyphosphoric acids ammonium salts; APP CAS No.: 68333-79-9 Ammonium polyphosphate is a non-halogen and non-toxic flame retardant for plastics and rubber,coatings,paper and timber,painting,wood materials. It acts as flame retard...
BrandHasinotechTagsAPP-Ammonium polyphosphate

ProductsDEEP Flame Retardant

DEEP Flame Retardant
Identification: Chemical Name: Diethyl Ethyl Phosphonate Synonyms: Flame Retardant DEEP CAS NO.:78-38-6 Molecular formula: C6H15O3P Introduction and Application Flame retardant DEEP is a new highly efficient organic phosphorous flame retardant, it can be widely added in a variety of rigid polyuretha...
BrandHasinotechTagsDEEP Flame Retardant

ProductsDMMP Flame Retardant

DMMP Flame Retardant
Identification: Chemical Name: Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate Synonyms: Flame Retardant DMMP CAS NO.: 756-79-6 Molecular formula: C3H9O3P Introduction and Application: DMMP is a new phosphorous series additive flame retardant. Being colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, this product features hi...
BrandHasinotechTagsDMMP Flame Retardant
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