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SellKubota Hydraulic Filter

Kubota Hydraulic Filters A&S Filter Co., Ltd. can offer: Kubota micron hydraulic filter, Kubota commercial water filter, Kubota industrial liquid filters, Kubota hydraulic oil filter, Kubota high pressure hydraulic filter, Kubota hydraulic cartridge filter, Kubota inline hydraulic filter, Kubota hyd...
Telephone+86-28-65820064AddressNo. 469, Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

Products0500R010BN4HC/-V fine filter element

0500R010BN4HC/-V fine filter element
QF8103CA10HC filter QF1203CA10HC filter QF6202CA10HC filter QF2101CA10HC filter QF4204CA05HC filter QF4101CA10HC filter QF1101CA10HC filter QF9702WN80HC filter QF8002CA05HC filter QF1482GA10HC filter XW-630*40 filter XFL-190*30L filter FX-76*3H filter XFL-736*10H filter HFX-400*10H-NX filter HFX-750...

ProductsHX-630x20 line pipe with pressure filter

HX-630x20 line pipe with pressure filter
NRSL-65 filter NRSG-65 filter NRSL-02A filter NRSL-80 filter NRSG-80 filter NRSL-02B filter NRSL-80 filter NRSG-80 filter NRSL-02C filter NRSL-80 filter NRSG-80 filter NRSL-02D filter NRSL-80 filter NRSG-80 filter NRSL-02E filter NRSL-80 filter NRSG-80 filter NRSL-03A filter NRSL-100 filter NRSG-100...

Sellfilter bag,filter bags,filter bag fabric,filter bag fabrics

COX Filter Cloth has been devoting itself to offering qualified nonwoven filtrer fabric and liquid and air filter products, with reliable service and competitive price to meet the demands of yours. Filter Bags: Dust Collector Bag Liquid Filter Bag Non woven Dust Filter Bag: Nomex Filter Bag Fibergla...
Telephone86632-5290925Addressguangming road

Products300373 Hydraulic Coupler Filter

300373 Hydraulic Coupler Filter
21FC1221-60X160/6 filter 21FC1321-60X250/14 filter 21FC1421-160X400/25 filter 21FC1521-140X400/10 filter 21FC2121-60X100/4 filter 21FC2221-60X160/6 filter 21FC2321-110X250/25 filter 21FC2421-110X250/10 filter 21FC2521-110X250/20 filter 21FC5121-60X100/4 filter 21FC5221-140X400/14 filter 21FC5321-60X...

ProductsEC2 Filter Equipment Water Removal Filter

EC2 Filter Equipment Water Removal Filter
B156.33.42.08 Flush filter NWU12235250 MSF-04-07 online filter L3.1100A-002 filter YN1000.00.02 Oil return filter XHEHHY1 Filter oil filter XHEHLY2 Pump suction filter XHEHXY1 C9209008 filter CCC9209032 C9209032 YYC9209033 filter YYC9209034 filter YYC9209032 filter Ccc6049004 filter Ccc9209034 filte...

Sellnomex filter bag,nomex filter bags,nomex filter fabric,nomex filter fabric

Nomex Filter Bag(Nomex Filter Fabric) Nomex Filter Bag manufacture by nomex needle punched felt filter cloth which have high working temperature(204-240), anti-acid, anti-alkali, high filtration blow speed, low pressure drop, anti-break, and anti-abrasion. Nomex Filter Bag easily be hydrolyzed in th...
Telephone86-632-5290925Addressguangming road


XINXIANG ZWEN FILTER CO.,LTD produces pleated metal filter cartridge (pleated wire mesh filter cartridge, pleated sintered fiber felt filter cartridge), sintered metal filter basket, sintered metal filter cartridge (sintered fiber felt filter cartridge, sintered mesh filter cartridge, sintered powde...
Telephone+86-373-5807218AddressNO.425, XINHUI ROAD, MUYEQU, XINXIANG, HENAN, CHINA

COX Filter Cloth

COX Filter Cloth Ltd., especially as export teams, separated from the mother companies in the domestic market, focusing on the exporting of non woven filter fabric and dust collector bag, established based on the vast demands of filter media fabric and filter bag from several international organizat...
Telephone86-632-5290925Addressguangming road


National standard filters & filter elements,interchange of foreign filters & filter elements,filter carts series,filter equipments,hydraulic accessories and testing equipments.Our products are manufactured in accordance with the international Standard,ISO,DIN,IDF,3A,GPM,etc. Interchange of...

ProductsDL009001 Oil filter filter cellulose filter

DL009001 Oil filter filter cellulose filter
V80 gear box lubricating oil filter V85 gearbox lubricating oil filter HC9020D802.446.01 Gearbox Lube Filter B5000418 gear box lubricating oil filter SHFHC9600D821.025.18 Gearbox Lube Filter B5000417 gear box lubricating oil filter 01.RN.1000.6VG.10.B.V- Gearbox Lube Filter 01NR.1000.32227.10VG. Gea...
BrandshunfilterTagsfilter, oilfilter

ProductsWU-160X80-J Suction Filter Cartridge

WU-160X80-J Suction Filter Cartridge
Regeneration unit primary filter HQ25.300.16Z Regeneration unit secondary filter HQ25.300.17Z Diatomite filter HQ25.300.18Z Dry ion exchange resin filter HQ25.300.20Z Main oil pump suction filter HQ25.200.11Z Circulation / regenerative pump suction filter HQ25.200.12Z Filter element HQ25.10Z-1 Press...

ProductsNWU-122-352-50 double barrel lubricating oil filter

NWU-122-352-50 double barrel lubricating oil filter
21FC1421-160*800/14 filter element 21FC1414-150*915/6 filter 21FC1414-150*915/14 filter element 21FC5122-80*400/40 filter 21FC5124-160*800/25M filter 21FC5121-110*250/25 filter 24FC1514-160x460/4 filter 24AC1114-160x460/B filter 21FC1421-160*600/10 filter 21FC14214-160*600/20 filter 21FC1421-160*400...

Products10TEN1000-H10XL oil station fine filter

10TEN1000-H10XL oil station fine filter
ZALX160*400-MV1 filter ZALX160*600-MV1 filter ZALX160*800-MZ1 filter ZALX110*250-MD1 filter ZALX180*400-MDC1 filter ZALX160*250-MDC1 filter ZALX140*250-MZ1 filter ZALX140*250-FN1 filter ZALX140*400-FN1 filter ZALX180*400-MDC1 filter ZALX160*600-BZ1 filter ZALX69x252-BZ1 filter ZALX110*160-MD1 filter...

Products0110D010V sintered felt material filter

0110D010V sintered felt material filter
21SC1114-150*710 Separation filter 21FC6121-110*120/180 filter element 21CC1224-150*710 coalescing filter 21CC1114-150*500 separation filter JJ915 Separation filter 1201723 Coalescing filter element 1200498 LCS4H1AH coalescing filter 1201652 Separation filter Coalescing filter JLX-10-4 Coalescing fi...

FTB Filtertechnik Brockmann GmbH & Co. KG

FTB Filtertechnik Brockmann GmbH & Co. KG is located in germany, we are the air filter, oil filter, roll filter, filter cartridge, filter bags, hydraulic filter, maintenance box, filter pads, pocket filter, panel filter, filter elements, horizontal belt filter, pressure belt filter, compact belt fil...
Telephone49-931-9913021AddressRobert-Bosch-Str. 19, Veitshoechheim, Bavaria, Germany

COX Filter Bag Fabric

COX Filter Cloth is an enterprise who specialise in manufacture and exporting of filter fabric, filter cloth and filter bags, established based on the vast demands of filter cloth from several international organizations since 2005, subsidiary of COX Group Limited and has become one of the most impo...
Telephone86632-5290925Addressguangming road

SellBriggs & Stratton Air filter

A&S Filter CO.,LTD ,specialized in the filtration system of technical research, sales and after sale service work, is a proficient and experienced supplier of filters as well as filtration system technical solutions expert. With years of developments and efforts, it has gained popularity in the inte...
Telephone+86-28-65820064AddressNo. 469, Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

ProductsHC9601FKP8H hydraulic system filter

HC9601FKP8H hydraulic system filter
ZALX140*250-MZ1 filter ZALX160*400-BZ1 filter ZALX160*400-MV1 filter ZALX110*160-MD1 filter ZALX110*250-BZ1 filter ZALX110*250MZ1 filter ZALX160*600-MV1 filter ZALX160*800-BZ1 filter ZALX160*800-MZ1 filter ZALX110*250-MD1 filter ZALX180*400-MDC1 filter ZALX140*250-FN1 filter ZALX140*400-BZ1 filter Z...

ProductsFRT081 anti-fuel filter element

FRT081 anti-fuel filter element
21FC5121-140*250/6 filter 21FC5121-140*250/10 filter 21FC5121-140*250/14 filter 21FC5121-140*250/20 filter 21FC5121-140*250/25 filter 21FC5121-140*400/4 filter 21FC5121-140*400/6 filter 21FC5121-140*400/10 filter 21FC5121-140X400/14 filter 21FC5121-140*400/20 filter 21FC5121-140*400/25 filter 21FC51...
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