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Naphthalene Manufacturers

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Eurochem Enterprises Naphthalene
We, Eurochem Enterprises Naphthalene are major Seller of Crude and Refine Naphthalene. our company established in 1986.we sell Crude and Refine Naphthalene.We, Eurochem Enterprises Naphthalene has been doing well in business.
Address: 29b Kasr AL Aini St, Cairo, Cairo, EgyptTelephone: 20-365-7966
[Products] Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde-PNS
Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde-PNS
Sodium LignosulphonateCalcium LignosulphonateSodium GluconateSNFSodium Naphthalene SulphonateSodium Naphthalene FormaldehydeJudyTel:0086-13217202770Website:Hubei zhengdong chemical co.,ltd.Email: yongchemical@yahoo.com
Address: xiangfan city,hubei chinaTelephone: 008613217202770
[Sell] Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde
Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde: SNF-5 is a naphthalene based superplasticizer. This product is made by industrial Naphthalene, Beta-sulphonate, Formaldehyde and Alkali via sulphuration, hydrolyzation, condensation and neutralization reactions. It belongs to non-air-entraining superplasticizer. SNF-...
Address: NO.40Rd,hongshan,xiaoshan,hangzhou,zhejiang,chinaTelephone: 86 0571 82893970
[Products] SNF-sodium naphthalene sulphonate/construction concrete
SNF-sodium naphthalene sulphonate/construction concrete
sodium lignosulphonate,calcium lignosulphonate,sodium gluconate,sodium naphthalene sulphonateSNFsodium naphthalene formaldehyde
Address: xiangfan city,hubei chinaTelephone: 008613217202770
[Sell] SNF-sodium naphthalene sulphonate/construction concrete
sodium lignosulphonatecalcium lignosulphonatesodium gluconateSNFsodium naphthalene sulphonatesodium naphthalene formaldehyde
Address: hubei chinaTelephone: 0086-13217202770
[Sell] Sell Refined Naphthalene
Product Description:Refined Naphthalene is the most important condensed-nuclei aromatics in industry. Its Molecular Formula is C10H8, Which is the coal tars most abundant constituent, and usually it is produced by recycling from distilling coal tar and coke-oven gas or by thesecondary purification o...
Address: 2110A West Unit Minsheng International Line Museum, No. 94 Qinxian North StreeTelephone: 13731172658
[Products] Industrial Naphthalene
Industrial Naphthalene
Product name: Industrial Naphthalene Molecular formula: C10H8 Physical and chemical properties: White or light yellow, flaky or powdery crystals. Easily volatile with special aromatic smell , highly sublime, do not dissolve in water, can dissolve in benzene, alcohol, ethers, chloroform, carbon disul...
Address: Middle changjiang RoadTelephone: 86-0635-2111628
[Products] Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate(SNF) High Range Water-Reducing Adm
Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate(SNF) High Range Water-Reducing Adm
Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate(SNF) High Range Water-Reducing Admixture is mainly used in :1. Sodium naphthalene Sulphonate produces concrete with extremely workable characteristics referred to as high slump. PNS also allows concrete to be produced with very low water/cement ratios at low or normal ...
Address: xiangfan city,hubei chinaTelephone: 008613217202770
Shree Rang Rasayan
...e rang rasayan, are one of the leading manufacturer/exporter of sulfonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate powder/liquid, naphthalene based chemicals, naphthalene balls, construction chemicals. We are traders for sodium lignosufonate, sodium gluconate, dye intermediate chemicals like, beta napht...
Address: 2a, Hem Prakash,90/92, Kasi Sayed Street, Mumbai, Maharashtra, ITelephone: 91-022-23435120
[Products] 1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate (NDI)
1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate (NDI)
...yanate (XDI) Takenate 500 3634-83-4 25854-16-4 200kgs Drum MSDS CT1002 1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate (NDI) Desmodur 15 3173-72-6 40kgs Drum MSDS CT1003 3,3-Dimethyl-4,4-biphenylene Diisocyanate (TODI) Nacconate 200 91-97-4 40kgs Drum MSDS CT1004 p-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate (PTSI) Additive TI 4083-64...
[Sell] sell naphthalene water reducing admixture
...r of concrete admixture in China. Our main product is concrete admixture1) naphthalene series water reducing admixture/superplasticizer2) polycarboxylene series water reducing admixture/superplasticizer3) modified melamine water reducing admixture/superplasticizer
Address: Unit A 8th Floor No 1375 Central Huaihai Rd Shanghai ChinaTelephone: +86 21 64332077
[Company Review] Eurochem Enterprises Naphthalene
We will be very appreciated if you let me know the relevant CFR Price to Bandar Abbas of Anhydride Phathalic which you are producing and advise your terms and condition for putting an order.
Address: 29b Kasr AL Aini St, Cairo, Cairo, EgyptTelephone: 20-365-7966
[Sell] sell sodium naphthalene formaldehyde
we are manufacturers of sodium naphthalner formaldehyde in china.if you interested in this product,please let me know.thank you.
Address: shandong provience ,chinaTelephone: 0086-13963487573
...art on 1984 in India at Gujarat state in Ahmedabad we manufcturer. Refiend naphthalene powder. Naphthalene ball. Moth ball. In all size as per coustmer requirments we alsoManufacture paradichlorobenzene, paradichlorobenzeneballs. Deodorant channels blocks paradichlorobenzene deodorant toilet blocksW...
Address: 14, Aashiyana, B / H Municipal Mkt, Navranpura. C. G. Road, AhmeTelephone: 0091-79-26405420
Changzhou Jincheng Pharmaceutical&Chemical Co., Ltd.
...2,2,4-trichloro acetophenone2,4,5-triamino-6-hydroxy pyrimidine sulfate1,5-naphthalene disulfonic acid1,5-naphthalene disulfonic acid disudium salt2,7-naphthalene disulfonic acid disodium salt2,7-dihydroxy naphthalene1,6-dihydroxy naphthalene1,6-dimethoxy naphthalene1,6-naphthalene disulfonic acid d...
Address: Jincheng Garden, Xingbei Area, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)Telephone: 86-519-8985108
Xian Full-Link Trading Co., Ltd.
10e5 We are a trading company specialized in import of naphthalene, export intermediates for dyestuff for 7 yearsNow import naphthalene regularlyWe also export beta naphthol, tobias acid and bon acid
Address: Room No.804, Shijia Plaza, No.85, Nanguan Street, Xian, China, XTelephone: 86-29-86518469
Hebei Shenzhou Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
...s, employing more than 300 people. Our annual production is 40,000 tons of naphthalene superplasticizer, 30,000 tons of industrial naphthalene, 3000 tons of anthracene and 2000 tons of refined carbazole. With high quality, our prices are lower than equivalent products. Our products are exported to E...
Address: yongnian country north 3kms handan city hebei china, handan, HTelephone: 86-310-6895999
... countries.Since 2006,our company has been developing and producing sodium naphthalene formaldehyde (SNF/FDN),sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, and etc. We also produce and supply meticulous chemical products, such as sodium gluconate ,crude naphthalene ,refined naphthalene ,polycarbo...
[Products] sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde SNF FDN
sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde SNF FDN
FEATURES1. Naphthalenesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt can reduce the amount of cement in concrete strength and slump 10-25%.2. Naphthalenesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt if the water-cement ratio is constant,the initial slump of concrete will improve more than 10cm, water reduction of up to 15-25%.3. Naphthalen...
Hubei Zhengdong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: xiangfan city,hubei chinaTelephone: 008613217202770
Ravi Enterprise
Our company established on 1999 and we ar regularly import here naphthalene crude.Our demand of naphthalene is 200 m. T. Per month. We are also exporting sesame seed, acetic acid, reactive black 150, acid red 18, acid blue, acid green and other chemical dyes veriety.We beleive in best quality always...
Address: Samuel Street, Shreeji Bhavan, Masjid Bandar, Mumbai, MaharashtrTelephone: 91-22-22678453
Jinan Jihua Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
...y of 100,000 tons of coal tar and 40,000 tons of high-performance concrete naphthalene superplasticizer. Our company supplies modified asphalt products, industrial naphthalene, anthracene oil, wash oil, phenol oil, naphthalene and superplasticizer P.O. intermediates, with an annual output value of 6...
Address: NO1 of south road of meilihu road,huayin district of jinan, jinTelephone: 86-0531-81252761
Srinivasa Chemicals
Being a major supplier of Crude Naphthalene and Formaldehyde, we have launched SuperFlo (Sulphonated Napthalene Formaldehyde Condensate) Powder and Liquid to cater to international construction chemicals producers. We toll convert Crude Naphthalene with our supplies of other Raw materials like Forma...
Address: OPP W-221, Phase 2, Midc Estate, Dombivli, Mumbai, Maharashtra,Telephone: 91-251-2870034
Prakriti Trading Co. LLC
...mpany mainly deals in byproducts of steel like zinc dross, crude & refined naphthalene, coal tar pitch, iron oxide, etc
Address: P.O. BOX 51017, DUBAI, RomaniaTelephone: 40-21-2116358
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